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I recieved this for Christmas as well and fell asleep during the long unskipable intro. Well it was late and I was very tired.

I prefer my other game, Burnout 2.

Press Z. Skip any movie in VJ. It's in the manual you know <_<

You shouldn't have to read the manual of a well designed game.

Thanks though. ZZzzzZzZZzZZZzzzzzzz!

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How do you kill the boss in the lava arena?, becasue frankly its fucking difficult!!!. l mean 2 hours solid l was trying as well!!

Just stock-up well with boomerangs (make sure you slow-down when the boss is hit to increase damage). This method works for most of the bosses thus far. In fact, because of this, very little strategy seems to be required, which makes the boses somewhat dissapointing.

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Is there any reason not to use the slo-mo when fighting all the skeletons? All of them can be easily dispatched using it. It essentially makes the other abilities redundant.

Fine, but thats like critising Ikaruga because all you have to do is leave it on for 7 hours and then keep pressing start until you have completed the game.

It might not be for you, but to claim the other abilities are pointless shows just how little you delved into the game.

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that shark boss hold the award for the most intolarable and tiresome boss I've even dealt with. I just hated every attempt to beat it.

On the Sub it's upside down and something or other. Havent played for about 2 months and dont have the disciplin right now.

Apart from that Shark boss though, I didnt really find it that hard, and I am playing on adult.

Thinking about it though, that bit where you have to blow open the door with the bomb, after balancing it on the chandeliers - that was fucking annoying.

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The shark boss is easy, just keep jumping around and throwing plenty of boomerangs at it. Like I said, this method seems to work for all the boses thus far, although the one after it was a little tougher. I'm not sure why they bothered putting the boses in it, they are just an annoying distraction from the occasionally interesting level designs.

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I just got this game the other night, and I think it's pretty amazing, actually. It's got about as much depth as a dried up puddle, but I'm a firmly believe that this game is less about what you do but how you do it.

It's not really anything like it, but I keep having flashbacks to Go!! Go!! Troublemakers, and it produces a similar sort of brainrush for me. The only problem is that I hated Go!! Go!! when I first bought it, and had to persevere until I loved it (my motivation being that I'd just spent a big chunk of money on it, at a time when I really didn't have an awful lot), whereas I've loved Viewtiful out of the box.

Will I love it long term?

I don't know... All the music that I've loved long term I've hated when I've first heard it, and maybe I can apply the same theory to gaming.

Regardless... Viewtiful is a game without too much in the way of pretentions, and it just pure, unadulterated fun. And the fact that it's gorgeous helps. My only issue is that I can't make out what anybody's saying because the music is too loud, and the speech is too quiet, even on headphones with usually sorts it out.

What does he say when he transforms? "<something>, baby".

~ Crack, smack whomp ~

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You only need Slo-Mo to jump the gap with the bus. Slo-Mo until you're at the end of the ramp and let go.... wheeeee!

I was already at level 5 (Midnight Thunderboy) when I blew my fuse... all that fucking lava-platforming. Deleted my save and started again, got to Hulk Davidson and smashed his face in. Frustrating but great.

Viewtiful Joe is my friend.

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I keep thinking how fun it'd be to win the lottery, then rent out a whole cinema to play the game, from the perspective of a memeber of the audience, with a Wavebird.


Surely how the game was supposed to be played...

Yeah, that's what was said about Virtua Cop. And HOTD and Time Crisis and so forth.

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