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SimCity 5 - What a load of rubbish


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So after 8 years and an awful, unsuccessful spinoff, there's a new SimCity in the works, which will actually be 3D! And will be named "SimCity" like all the cool kids are doing these days.

Constructible Worlds

Immersive 3D worlds and tactile interactions give you the power to shape the city you envision. Customize buildings to unlock additional functionality and offer additional gameplay benefits. Experiment and place buildings in different locations and watch how it affects your city. Play with new enhanced design tools like curvy roads and zoning to create the city you always wanted. Complete missions to unlock better buildings and create the most impressive city in your region.


Work together with friends to build a region for the first time! The cities in your friends' region will directly interact with each other. Want to be a good neighbor? Send fire trucks to help your friend in an emergency. Want to be a bad neighbor? Produce mass pollution and watch your friends' Sims become sick. Team up to share resources and accomplish great feats like launching shuttles into space. Participate in global challenges like lowering the total pollution output in the SimCity world to unlock a trophy to place in your city. Check regional and global leaderboards to compare your city with your friends. Every decision in your city and those in your friends' cities will impact the greater SimCity world.

Specialize in What You Love

Create a unique city each time you play by specializing in a specific industry. Build a casino resort and watch as your city becomes a major tourist attraction. Invest in schools and become an educational enclave. Or transform to a manufacturing powerhouse that fuels your region. Watch as these specializations influence the look, feel and core personality of your city.

GlassBox Engine

SimCity introduces GlassBox, the revolutionary simulation technology that gives you the power to impact individual Sims lives, manage city level simulation, and balance multiple city simulations at once. Now every Sim has a purpose in the SimCity world, a home to go to, a job to work at, even stores to shop in. Experience city level simulations including power, water, traffic, unemployment, taxes and much more. Within a region of cities, attract new Sims into your city, compete for precious resources, and protect your Sims against disasters. It's city planning at an epic scale!

Sims Matter

The Sims in your city speak to you directly and it’s up to you to respond by completing pledges. Unlock rewards and earn achievements by meeting your Sims basic demands, like providing water and electricity, but soon they will ask for better schools and bigger parks. How you manage your city and the Sims living in it is entirely up to you. Build hospitals for the sick and provide entertainment for leisure and your Sim population will grow and be happy. Will you listen and be the toast of the town or abuse your power for fame and fortune?


So missions, specialisation (which I imagine will take the form of a "perk" system) and an emphasis on social networking aspects of play. I'd wager it ends up an Origin-exclusive F2P social game, which is up there with "classic franchise returns... as a shooter" as "things you don't want to hear".

Then again Anno 2070 basically has loot, quests, persistance, online global challenges, multiplayer and a social networking element and that doesn't stop it from being any less entertaining. The proof will be in the implementation, I guess.

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I loved SC4, theres something so cool about tinkering around with your own tiny little city. Tho unpatched SC4 was ridiculously hard, all my cities were absolute shitholes past the first few years down to how hard they made it to balance the books.

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SimCity 2000 is my fav for some reason. Never got into 3000 and SC4 i never really tried. But this is looking amazing and is adding stuff SimCity has always needed. As much fun as it is to build limitless cities, having challenges and scenerios like the Roller Coaster Tycoon games is what will hopefully make this even better. Being forced to do things a certain way and then expanding upon it or having to revive a dying town are always enjoyable.

Hopefully they'll make a Sim Copter 2 as well.

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I'm a sucker for little city management stuff that stays as such, I never played any of the settlers past the bits where you just get your little settlers to potter about. As soon as fighting is introduced, it gets on my tits a bit. I loved SC2000 as well but not tried 4 at all, I might hunt it down. I've always been a huge fan of Civ and even colonization back in the day too, so as long as this lets you just tinker with stuff without it getting too annoying (like connecting the water and that in 2000) I'd be interested. Would be good if you could have ministers to do some of the little tasks which don't particularly interest you until you decide to dabble.

Although it's never got a thread on here ever for one reason or another, I've also really enjoyed Tropico 3 & 4 (although 4 is essentially just 3.5 but still, I can spend an age just making little cities for mans to pootle about in).

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Are these in-game images?





Always loved me some Simcity but the latest one I bought, which was four I think, had me a bit baffled and therefore never played much of it. Hope this improves some stuff with regards to noobs such as myself.

EDIT: on second thought, those pics look more like concept art to me.

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Technically, that's not tilt shifting. :P

Man, hopefully this'll be a simcity I can actually make further than the first few years. Thank god I'm not the only one who finds it so hard!! I reinstall it once in a while to try again but always go wrong fairly quickly.

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I think I liked 2000 most because of Arcos. They gave you something to aim for, whereas in 3000 and 4 once I had a well running city I was kind of lacking in other things to do until it got blown up somehow.

New SimCity though? God yes. I think I'm gonna need a bigger PC.

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I didn't even know there was a Sim City 4. I've only ever played the first one a few times either on the PC or the SNES but not much. I remember seeing 2000 in a Nintendo magazine and it looked so much better than the first. I don't know if anyone actually knows anything about this oddball Sim City game which may not have even been released and was certainly Japanese only, but somewhere I have a Nintendo magazine (official one) which shows a game I never forgot the name of, going by the name Sim City Limited, or at least thats the line in the mag and I'd assumed that was the title. It was more of a short preview of a game in development towards the end of the magazine and had screen shots too. The biggest difference was that it looked a lot more cuter and cartoony but there was some mention of being able to visit people's houses to see how they are and this had a screen shot to it as well. I seem to remember a shot of an animal rug in a house with a family in or something along those lines. This title comes up with nothing in google though, so what am I actually thinking of here?

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Let me ask you a question.

Do you like Micro Managing a city...or....like me,

do you like trains?.


Get A-Train 9 of Ebay.

If not get SC4.

Societies was a bit of a mess although its apparently been patched - but its focus is about society rather then a city.

(Personally i just wanted a game with a good transport system).

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Which is the better of the two news ones to play? I only ever played 2000, and that was a very long time ago.

I'm doing all that PC gaming shit now.


In many ways, 2000 is still the best by quite a long way. Of 4 and Societies, play 4. I recall that it ran like a dog even on fairly powerful systems when it came out, not sure what it's like now. 4 is now a pretty old game itself, though.

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SC4 still runs like dog shit on my monstro PC so a new game is much welcomed from me.

Just don't tie it into The Sims too much.

I don't have a monstro PC. So that's a no from me, then. Sad.

What about the one after 2000?

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Thats actually Simcity64 i think


Nah it's definitely not a 3D 64 game. The title was on the snes. After checking a rom site I think I found it but it's called Sim City Jr and not Sim City Limited which may have been an eventual name alteration upon release as this was an early preview for a Japanese game at the time.

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Thats pretty clever stuff there. I love how you can see those agents making people go to work. Clever stuff under the hood.

The fire ones are amazing. I've never seen at process as an animated action.

You could almost think of game mechanics using them alone (in a non sim game).

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