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Fable: The Journey


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Eurogamer - Fable: The Journey is, without a doubt, the biggest and most ambitious game yet for Kinect. It's no aerobic festival of mini-games but a full-length action-adventure with epic narrative aspirations, played from the comfort of your couch. It has lavish production values: beautiful graphics, superb animation, fine voice-acting and a musical score that tracks the action from moment to moment, like a movie's.


IGN - Fable: The Journey – It Just Works


OXM - Fable: The Journey - Lionhead's Kinect spin-off does Fable justice




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A nice write up & Video from Stephen Totilo at Kotaku:

There are 19 million Kinects in the wild and very few good games to play on them. I think most people will say that Dance Central is the best (partially because it seems to work more than 75% of the time). What's second best?

It could be this holiday season's Fable: The Journey.

Keep an open mind and give it a look.


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There is a prerelease demo coming so anyone with kinect can try it before hand. It's the first fable game since the first one I've not been involved in, so it's slightly strange following all this from the outside (although many of my friends are working on it so not truly from the outside).

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I have played the demo of this. It looks nice, sounds nice, could have played ok, but as usual Kinect can't go as fast as you want it to, it just cannot keep up, so ultimately it is frustrating. It is frustrating to me as I really think the game is fun, but the Kinect hardware is lacking.

Another failed kinect game, but only really because of the hardware.

The only one left now that might be ok is Crimson Dragon and after that there is nothing. Kinect will go down as a massive fail for me, and will only be remembered for one great game, Dance Central.

And yes, the advert is terrible lol.

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I didn't have a problem with the demo. Thought it demonstrated some of the best controls of any Kinect title, in fact. And pulling limbs off Hollow Men is properly fun. Trailer's abysmal, obviously - I mean, do they think people are really that stupid? - but the game's actually pretty good.

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I've mentioned to my ex-colleagues The way they've edited the trailer makes it look like they've got something to hide - not showing interaction and screen in the same frame. One of my friends was at comic con with the game when they filmed this and he says they're all real people that came to the booth, I believe him. Don't like the trailer though, but I can see why they're taking this approach - try it, you might like it - given all the negativity surrounding it from people who haven't even tried it. Same reason for the prerelease demo, get it out so people can try it for themselves.

(I've never played it)

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