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Good new horror films


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Rewatched Ready or Not and liked it a lot more second time around. Didn't vibe with its tone first time but was in a different frame of mind the other day so gelled better with it. The ending is delicious*. Samara Weaving really holds the film together, she is excellent. Similar to Jessica Rothe in Happy Death Day, who properly leans into the film and makes the ride much more enjoyable as a result.




Love Grace's reaction to all around her exploding. After all the pent up fear and the nightmare she goes through, her delirious glee is quite something.


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On 04/12/2019 at 22:51, APM said:

The Hole in the Ground. Pretty good so far. Babadook vibe. Will see where it goes.


On 04/12/2019 at 23:17, APM said:

Yeah, wasn't bad. Good atmosphere and well shot. 


Watched this last night. Thought it had some promising moments but overall lacked the tension to make it anything other than a bit average.

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On 30/11/2019 at 22:33, Monkeyboy said:


Watched it and was a bit disappointed. Definitely not as good as You're Next.



It's not even in the same league as You're Next which is one of the great home invasion movies. 


Has anyone mentioned I Trapped The Devil in here? Watched that a few weeks ago and it was a great little movie - seasonally appropriate too..



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Saw The Nightingale earlier, hard to say I 'enjoyed' such a film given the act of violence that forms its core, but it was one of the better survival horror movies I have seen.   The total lack of any soundtrack I found to be quite effective, and notable in its absence.

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Color Out Of Space really delivered for me. It's batshit crazy, really brings the horror, looks and sounds great and has that old school feel where nothing really adds up but it doesn't matter because it's just going hard out for it. Some genuinely scary moments, some primo Nic Cage and just a good old time. Really enjoyed it.

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