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I was awful last night! Missed some sitters - I ALWAYS fuck up that par 3 17th hole on that course too.

I'm getting a bit frustrated with the Legacy of Golf course, the greens are totally insane, never mind the approaches surrounded by downslopes and OB sections. Dino Park from HSG 2 level hard.

That course it's mental.

The fairways are stupidly thin requiring precision play and, as you said, the greens are crazy. I slightly over hit a 2m putt and the ball rolled past the hole, off the green, over the rough and into some water. Argh.

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Well it was just me, pfspleen and ox1973ox in the lobby at 8pm. We did the forum proud though with some high placed finishes in a couple of games. Would be great to get back to 10+ forumites online again like the first few nights. In case people are new, the usual venue is Tiger Lobby, Room 3, 8.00pm sharp, which usually guarantees entry in a round beginning at 8.15.

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I'm often playing at that time, but forget to join. Will set a recurring alarm on my phone I think.

How's everyones single player unlocking going? I'm halfway through Gold and dreading 18 holes of Legacy of Golf, but other then that it's all been OK. The alternative characters are very hard to get - I'm still stuck on Isabelle - it's a points match, meaning that even if you both par it, she'll often win as she'll have got closer to the pin or whatever. Cheats a bit too - she eagled two par 4s when two games behind yesterday :hmm:

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i couldn't get on yesterday, but there was a few of us there tonight for one game.

theres some tough competition though. its surprising how quickly a parr, or even birdie becomes "shit" when your playing the easy courses.

in the single player i've hardly done anything. haven't unlocked the 3rd versus match yet. just doing the three daily tournaments, and an online match is about as much time as i can spare. presumably i'll have to do more to buy membership for more courses, as even though harvest hills has started turning up more online i can't enter them.

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