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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


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This is like a MGS4 plot line.

Trailer is shown of a bloke in a British hospital. It's then revealed that the new Developer is called Dick. Reveal Trailer is announced to be shown last night. Now proven to be a lie. Man on twitter reveals he's dying of prostate cancer. Man shows up in bandages could be Hideo Kojima. Or Swedish. Something about Doritos, Dominoes or Mr Miyamoto. The trailer is now no longer a lie, it's a pre record.

Now Cliffy B is revealed as the possible face of The Patriots.

I love Kojima. :wub:

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The thing that's funny about it is the whole ruse is knowingly terrible. It's hilariously obvious that it's Kojima being silly, and they know that. It's like an affectionate joke that everyone is in on, and there's not enough silly fun in the games industry. I'd love more of this kind of joking about.

What is interesting is that they've promised to reveal all at GDC, where they've already confirmed a full unveiling of Ground Zeroes. Again, that's a whole lot of next-gen MGS if they're not the same game or two sides of the same coin.

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So, /v/ posted a theory.

Joakim is 100% CGI in that trailer. This is an elaborate tech demo for the Fox Engine.

- It explains why the two are never in the same frame together

- It explains the bandages

- It explains why the game being on the Fox Engine was the big reveal.

If you look at his cheek during the interview, the shading seems suspicious. And the closer you look at it, I have a hard time believing he is actually there.

Pssh, riiiiiight.

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