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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


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There is a super solider, called big boss (even though I'm also thinking that was the main female enemy in MGS3) and he dies. So Russia create 2/3 clones (snake and liquid - and solidus?). Snake is nice, Liquid/Solidus become corrupt.

The main female enemy was The Boss since Naked Snake killed The Boss he got the title Big Boss, he doesn't die despite Solid Snake killing him. I thought there were 8 clones made of big boss but the other 5 failed.

Everything is because of some secret conspiracy.

The Boss had to die because of a secret conspiracy.

Her protige, Snake, became angry and started his own country as Big Boss.

A secret conspiracy cloned Snake to make Solid Snake and Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake because they wanted to study why Snake was so cool. (Eyepatches.)

A secret conspiracy made Big Boss so angry that he made his own secret conspiracy so Solid Snake fought him for another conspiracy.

Solidus became part of a secret conspiracy.

Solid Snake fought Liquid because of a secret conspiracy.

Then Solidus fought a secret conspiracy.

Seriously though Kojima actually said that he came up with clones just because he needed somebody who would be a convincing ultimate enemy for Snake and he immediately regretted it as soon as he needed to do sequels.

The secret consipracy is nano machines

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The minute you read that a character was angry so he started his own country all logic is out the window. MGS started with a lot of promise regarding its story but Kojima clearly needed professional editors to make this mess even remotely comprehensible.

Still, the games are more or less amazing.

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The 'Golden Joystick Presents: Metal Gear Solid' magazine is out now in stores for £9:99 or from here -


Celebrate the history of one of the most innovative, influential and ambitious series in video-games. Discover the past, present and future of the legendary MGS saga, ahead of the release of the highly-anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

With rare interviews, archive material and fresh insight, learn what drives legendary developer Hideo Kojima as MGSV concludes his his epic story of war, technology, philosophy, family and legacy, 28 years after Solid Snake first infiltrated Outer Heaven on the MSX console.
The definitive guide to the series that redefined stealth gaming, subverted the rules of storytelling and disrupted the real-world cycle of pre-release hype and promotion – told by the journalists, developers and gamers who helped shape its place in history. This is the first entry in an exciting series of books from the creators of the biggest – and longest running games award show in the world, The Golden Joystick Awards.

What’s in it?
  • The 50 greatest moments in MGS history – as nominated by the Golden Joystick audience
  • The complete MGS anthology – archive reviews, director insight, full game catalogue
  • The Evolution of Snake – a visual history of the most iconic action hero in video-games
  • 48 hours inside MGSV – an unrivaled hands-on with Kojima's latest action epic
  • The ruse cruise: How MGS's marketing destroyed everyone's sense of reality
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Incase anyone is interested I bought an Nvidia MGS key from here for £26, arrived within 24 hours.


Just bought from this seller. £22.99 for me. Usual caveats apply: if he rips me off, Snowbind is 100% legally liable etc. etc.

So glad they moved the release date forward - am on holiday that week. Push the ceiling.

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