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The Kickstarter Group Thread

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Agree, it seems a huge amount to put out but that "all in" deal is such good value. I'd wager that even if you didn't like it you'd be able to sell it for what you pay. My friend backed Everdell when it first came on the scene, I played it and loved it and regretted missing out on it. I've backed all the others so far and really like the expansions, probably the most recent two better than pearlbrook but there will be a tonne of gameplay from that box for sure. It's up there in my top 5 for sure and I'd see other games move from that top 5 before everdell.


If you've got the cash to spare and don't mind the wait I'd go for it.

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Not sure if anyone else has jumped on this, but for some reason this appealed to me...


Missed out on the first book, so have pledged for both :)


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Good decision in my opinion @MalevolentPandadon't think you'll regret it.


It's great value, I was £107 for the expansions, big box, resource holders and wooden tree. You're getting all that except the resource holders I think but get the base game and 3 expansions with deluxe components that have cost me probably £150 if not more. Not to mention I also still have to buy the base game upgrade pack which will cost me about 30 quid if it ever comes in stock again!

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I saw a prototype of Iron Forest on display at the 2019 UK Games Expo, and it immediately went on my mental wishlist. I imagine it's undergone a good deal of refinement since then, but the premise was: what if you took ICECOOL, but instead of penguins you had MECHS, and instead of a flat arena made of boxes, you had TWO LEVELS to flick your pieces around on. There was also launching device that you'd slam your hand down on to catapult your weeble out of a tube.


It was all very exciting and I've been desperate to play it with my kids since I first saw it.

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Yeah V-Commandos is really good. At first I was a bit wary that you could lose your stealth on a 1/3 die roll, but theres enough ways to get around that and overall its a bloody great game. 


I'm in for the new Ghost expansion and the Secret Weapons one since I didn't have that - but cant justify piles of minis especially since the current counters work so well. 

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I'm in for the Ghost expansion, and I agree entirely about it working with counters (I'm not a miniatures fan myself).  At least this KS is a game first with minis added later (unlike lots of them that seem to be a box of miniatures with a game tacked on to justify them).

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It's all kicking off big time here now.  Cloudspire last week, Middara this and now Oath coming next week.  :omg:  


This post however is to link y'all into Hexplore it.  https://gamefound.com/projects/hexploreit/vol4#/   The challenge facing the team is to spread the uptake of the game beyond the core fan base.


$65 (+20) for the base game is absurdly good value for money.  I know I'm a nutter and a huge fan and all that but if you are either a solo or 2 player gamer I would ask you to take a look.  Not sure about playing with bigger groups since you move as one party (default game) and there is a lot of text to read on cards - a party of 3 or more could have a cracking game of versus though (this is included in the "return to" expansions).  


In my opinion these games might appeal if you

  • like games with memorable moments^ rather than a routine VP race or completion of defined missions.  
  • welcome unpredictability (links to above) - large encounter decks, enemy action tables, random order of tiles in play (and placement of initial quadrants).
  • like role playing games where you can choose your character's attributes and let these guide the gameplay.
  • like levelling up in-game (there are 6 different difficulty levels).
  • dislike RPGs or dungeon crawlers which either require huge numbers of tokens* or provide no means of recording key details (that's you Shadows of Brimstone, hence the laminator).
  • enjoy the character interplay with Gloomhaven or maybe some deck builders where you have say a whipmistress subduing an holding an enemy and an assassin moving in with a poisoned blade to weaken and finish them off.


* Sword & Sorcery excused for it's enemy AI and character progression, but it makes a huge and immovable mess on the table whilst missions are in process

^ e.g  a dangerous lynx takes up occupancy in your treetop hide-out, a routine mech fight almost pushes you into the boss's lair, the sandwort destroys the city from which you hoped to set up a chain of casinos...


Having said that the phrase "managing spreadsheets" is also applicable.  Basically you are increasing your stats and leveraging these into increased powers (masteries) and survivability, so a fair bit of mental maths.   There is an app available but it seems to be a bit flaky.  The white boards are fine.

Also lots of text to read, although Vol 4 has more artwork on the cards.  There is however beautiful artwork in the story book and on the back of the role cards.


Anyway, if interested I would urge you to take in some of Jonathan's video playthroughs - he posted one of this volume in two parts recently (including an unexpectedly catastrophic ending).  They give you leisurely but good feel for the gameplay (I don't know where he finds the enthusiasm) without really spoiling anything since there is so much variation.  All the games play in the same manner, just differ in the settings, roles and some points of detail (SoS being a bit of an outlier). Earlier volumes are also available for $64/$84 which you won't find matched at retail.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Just a couple of days left on this.  Not likely to convince anyone I suppose, even I realise the scenario pictured below doesn't represent fun for most.  However, exciting to see the total raised is 150% of that for Shurax.

In other news, I'm trying to stay away from big projects but miniquest adventures has taken off well and looks decent value for money.




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It's not that I haven't looked into hexplore it or that I don't fancy it, quite the opposite actually. You've definitely sold me on the idea of it with your posts, sadly it's more that it's out at a time I'm sinking 600 dollars into a marvel united KS (I'll get some money back from a friend for the stuff I already have from original KS though), 100 into my father work, 35 for Canvas Reflections and 54 for transmissions and need to stop myself from backing any more for a long long time.


The Isle of cats expansion will probably be my only exception ;)

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15 minutes ago, Munkienut said:

It's not that I haven't looked into hexplore it or that I don't fancy it, quite the opposite actually. You've definitely sold me on the idea of it with your posts, sadly it's more that it's out at a time I'm sinking 600 dollars into a marvel united KS (I'll get some money back from a friend for the stuff I already have from original KS though),


I hear you on Marvel United - going all in and grabbing the previous expansions has broken my wallet.


Plus Phase 2 of the Hellboy board game Kickstarter which I didn't know about till last minute.





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1 hour ago, Spatial said:

Your fault @Cosmic_Guru since you first mentioned it in this thread, but I've been uhm'ing and ah'ing over backing Hexplore it (and now I'm running out of time to decide).


The settings and crazy range of characters etc is really appealing but I'm worried it might be a bit too crunchy.

I would ask yourself 3 questions.

Do I prefer a prescribed story / mission / victory path or do I like ad- hoc improvisation and creating my own narrative?

Do I prefer planned strategy or randomness?

Do I enjoy seeing how classes combine and reinforce each other (video game, card game, whatever context).

If the answers are the latter, the latter and yes, this could be for you.  

Crunchy yes,  but arguably neater and  easier to control and record than other card or token based products.


Thankfully I'm totally immune to the charms of Marvel.

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It definitely ticks the boxes. The free-form style was definitely part of the appeal as I've been doing some solo-RPG'ing with all the narrative creation that involves. This looks like it will give a bit more structure to that form of adventuring.


Did I see somewhere they will do one more expansion after this? Rather than going all in I have considered getting Noctis plus the first release in order to save some cash for other Kickstarter money pits. I could always grab the others if they come around again in the future (though the FOMO pull is really strong).

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