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The Kickstarter Group Thread

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I have today received my first really large (in volume terms) Kickstarter - Etherfields.  Awaken Realms has developed into a really slick KS operation these days after a rocky start (judging by comments made some time ago in this thread).  


They have included promos -  graphic novel and a crew member dog tag for their next big project - a co-op with a space exploration theme - ISS Vanguard.


Obligatory photo




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1 hour ago, uglifruit said:

I was very tempted by that one.  I hope it plays as great as it looks.

I'll post as soon as I've had a play through - to be honest, reading the rules doesn't give one a very good sense of the actual gameplay.  I'm no big fan of miniatures generally, but these are insanely detailed.

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I've just been emailed to say Etherfields late pledges are open.  I'll post my full impressions inthe playing thread shortly, but suffice to say here, two dreams down, it's extremely enjoyable and intriguing, ideal for 1 or 2 players.

 It reminds me a little of This War of Mine - the clever use of cards in that to tell a story, and getting multiple uses from decks, and of 7th Continent in terms of growing a map which you need to pay close attention to (and also in maintaining a filing cabinet's worth of card and tile decks), and finallty to good legacy games where you add cards to all your decks as you open tuck boxes (although so far as I know this isn't a legacy game).

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