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4 hours ago, Indy @ S.E. said:

Finally my wife and I have finished Schitts Creek.


Exactly the kind of show that's needed at the moment IMO as its just positive and nice, no bastard characters just pretty much straight up happiness. I can't even recall any scenes of mild peril.


Comedy is pretty subjective and some of the OTT characters and scenes probably has the ability to grate for some but we really enjoyed it. Just got the script reading special to go and thats that.


I never found it laugh out loud funny, but it's incredibly sweet and characters become very endearing.

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I finished watching that over the weekend, liked it a lot. Stayed away from most of the tropes you get in these types of films and was just watching a game unfold on screen.


Some pretty ropey CGI though but it just adds more character to it.

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Here is the full list of new movies coming to Netflix in 2021.





Army of the Dead



Outside the Wire (January 15)

Red Notice

Sweet Girl



Fear Street Trilogy

No One Gets Out Alive

There's Someone Inside Your House

Things Heard and Seen



Blood Red Sky


Escape from Spiderhead




Night Teeth

The Swarm

The Woman in the Window






A Castle For Christmas

Fuimos Canciones

Kissing Booth 3

Love Hard

The Last Letter from Your Lover

The Princess Switch 3

To All The Boys: Always and Forever

Untitled Alicia Keys Rom-Com





Bombay Rose


Concrete Cowboy

Fever Dream

Malcolm & Marie (February 5)


Penguin Bloom (January 27)

Pieces of Woman (January 7)

The Dig (January 29)

The Guilty

The Hand of God

The Power of the Dog

The Starling

The White Tiger (January 22)

Unt. Alexandre Moratto Film

Unt. Graham King



The Harder They Fall



8 Rue de l'Humanité

Afterlife of the Party

Bad Trip

Don't Look Up

Double Dad

I Care A Lot (February 19)

Moxie (March 3)

The Last Mercenary

Thunder Force


For The Whole Family

A Boy Called Christmas

A Winter’s Tale from Shaun the Sheep

Back to the Outback

Finding ‘Ohana (January 29)

The Loud House Movie


Robin Robin

Skater Girl

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Wish Dragon

YES DAY (March 12)



A Week Away

tick, tick...BOOM



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Night Teeth! The name's got me curious at least.




How did I not realise it's vampires, duh



A young chauffeur picks up two mysterious women for a night of party-hopping across LA. But when his passengers reveal their true nature — and a dangerous underworld lurking in the shadows — he must fight to stay alive.


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Caught up with Challenger: The Final Flight the last few days.

Heartbreaking at times. Was five at the time of the disaster and recall it being one of the first truly downbeat memories in my life. Had a bit of a fascination with it ever since. The archives brought a lot back, including happier memories of visiting The Kennedy Space Centre in 1988 (the Apollo rockets are MASSIVE)


Netflix do these docs well, and felt sick watching the footage of the launch. All that hope needlessly wrecked. Just awful. Only four episodes so an easy one to get through in a night. If you have any kind of passion for space travel it’s a must-see. The shuttle won’t fly again but this at least does have moments of inspiration amid the tragedy. Godspeed, Challenger.

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The documentary 'CRACK, cocaine, corruption & conspiracy' is well worth a watch.


Not a happy watch at all but fuck me, the US justice system well and truly  shown up for the racist pile of shite it is. 



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On 12/01/2021 at 11:02, Disgraced Toblerone said:

In Lupin? Absolutely not a single trace of any bonking. There is one kiss.


And I thought it was absolutely awful, like a fourth rate Sherlock. Dialogue is awful. The plot is awful. Characters are awful (I especially found the journalist ridiculous- a dog named "j'accuse"??? Come on). 


Omar Sy is good, but it's the only thing worth watching.


Sadly, I have to agree. It has an almost kids TV vibe to it (except they swear a lot so it isn't). Very simplistic, one of those dramas where the omniscient hero makes complicated plans where everybody does everything he expected them to do at just the right time, and even the things that look like fuck ups are part of the plan.

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Night Stalker is pretty good if a little over-egged. Some nice visual bits and pieces, but lots of needlessly lingering shots of rats and bloody hammers falling in slow motion to constantly remind you they're talking about unpleasant subject matter. Also, seems to have quite a flattering portrayal of the jolly fat detective and his hard boiled partner considering what a notoriously bungled investigation it was. Still, passes the time doesn't it.

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Episode 1 put me to sleep, but ep2 was a bit better. Will keep going with it. We watch just about every true crime doc that Netflix churn out on their production line, expecting them all to be the next Making a Murderer. Most of them are shite you'd expect to find on an obscure Sky channel I would never watch normally.

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Yeah agreed. The two long form ones that stand out are definitely Making a Murderer and The Staircase, which are both incredible entertainment and good character portraits too. As a shorter series, The Innocence Files is a genuinely brilliant, thought provoking series of stories but the rest of them are average to rubbish. The stupid cat one is especially mind bendingly trashy and proper C&I channel level dreck. This is just OK. The case is a doozy and doesn’t need quite so much razzle dazzle to make it interesting. Tone down the colour grading and screeching ominous tones and it would be much better.

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Just finished The Legend of Korra, which appeared on Netflix before Christmas. It has been a real treat, yes it's aimed at younger people but it's better written than most things aimed at adults.


Intrigued to see how Netlfix's remake of Avatar will turn out, but worried the original show runners have left.

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Thanks to the person upthread who recommended Sky Castle.  We're just two episodes in, but loving it.  I must admit the scenario didn't appeal at all, and I wouldn't have started watching without the recommendation, but funnier and more cynical than I was expecting.

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2 hours ago, Ste Pickford said:

Thanks to the person upthread who recommended Sky Castle.  We're just two episodes in, but loving it.  I must admit the scenario didn't appeal at all, and I wouldn't have started watching without the recommendation, but funnier and more cynical than I was expecting.

Yeah, I remember watching the first episode bit bored at first wondering what all the fuss was about. Why was everyone in Korea going nuts over a show about rich people trying to get their kids into college? Glad you're enjoying it!

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On 13/01/2021 at 22:51, Professor Puzzles said:


It's not Japanese, but Sweet Home is worth a watch if you like Resident Evil style horror.

Finished that last night. Really enjoyable! Thanks for the recommendation.  :)

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23 hours ago, cassidy said:

How's Demon Slayer. It can't be that shit if everyone in Japan is watching right? 

Of course it can. I’m watching some “inspired by Nickelodeon” drivel this evening, that so far has had one arse-fucking joke to go with its 15 rating.


(Fate: the winx saga. Which is as bad as it sounds. And yet still better than season 3 or 4 of Sabrina).

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