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RPL Wanderers - Season 16


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Well, what an interesting tranfer window it has been for wanderers. Firstly, bye to Dan, Jazzy, Pilot and Quinn, you four where all nice blokes and will be missed. Welcome Rogue and Tommy, i appreciate you not getting tapped up Rogue, if your still tempted by Rovers or Town all you have to do is ask mate.

I imagine most Wanderers players will probably be dissapointed not to get to play alongside outsider next season, i did ask if he wanted to play for us and specfically if he would get tapped by another club, but i guess he had a change of heart, probably down to playing with myself, my bad. Something i don't understand is why pompey didn't give me the 10m that he offered me for outsider, or indeed why outsider didn't just tell me he wanted out, but lets not let it get us down lads. He's not the first to surprise us with a tap, Ryanski the most recent to leave without a word, i'm sure he won't be the last either. Lets look forward to our good team pick and not dwell on what might of been, it just a game after all.

Most of you know this will be my last season as manager of wanderers, after yesterday possibly my last ever, and i don't want it to start on a downer.

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How can i stay mad at that little cheecky dutch scamp, it was my first taste of getting a player tapped though. As the longest serving manager, i am looking forward to getting away from all this business, can't deny it has been good entertainment for the community though.

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Gotta say I was really surprised with the tap! Thoroughly enjoyed my two seasons here and thought the team was taking shape nicely. I'm sure outsider had his reasons though. Best of luck for next season mate.

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I feel bad now, I thought I might have actually been doing Wanderers a bit of a favour by making the swap with Outsider to allow you to freshen things up. I turned away PMs from Gerry and his team mates over a week ago saying I wasn't going to leave, but after a few days I came to the conclusion that it might be in the best interests for all of us if I moved on, it's not like I'd been putting in outstanding performances every week* and Outsider could have been the spark you were missing.

I had 5 long seasons at Wanderers and they have been by far the most enjoyable ones in my BAP career to date. Despite not achieving our goals every season it was always a good laugh and with two league titles and a couple of team of the season appearances accrued during that time I'd say it has been a relatively successful stint.

It is a shame to leave you all, and hopefully you'll have a fantastic season. Mackenie looked like he was putting together an excellent squad here that could be up there challenging for the title next year, especially with 2nd team pick to go with it. I can't imagine why Outsider felt the need to move on after only just stepping through the door.

Good luck for the coming season - and I'm sure there will come a time again when I'm back under Mackenie's management, which club that will be at, who knows!

*I'll blame that on Ricky for missing all my assists though :hat:

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When he's not puking from twirling around too much, he's passing that ball and passing it well. He's way ahead of anyone else, so tris takes another category!

Position  Player		Passes  Passes PG  Completed  Completed PG  Success rate
-------- ------------ ------ --------- --------- ------------ ------------
1 (--) tris3d 298 14.90 206 10.30 69.12%
2 (/\) Meerkat 192 10.66 133 7.38 69.27%
3 (\/) SaintM 218 10.90 147 7.35 67.43%
4 (/\) Jamin 422 11.40 249 6.72 59.00%
5 (\/) TheOutsider 276 9.85 165 5.89 59.78%
6 (\/) Gerry Helmet 198 9.00 129 5.86 65.15%
7 (--) Ryanski 119 8.50 69 4.92 57.98%
8 (--) Razzle 99 4.95 72 3.60 72.72%
9 (--) TigerDave 32 4.57 20 2.85 62.50%
10 (--) Rogue Soul 91 4.55 55 2.75 60.43%


p.s happy birthday Dan :)

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