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RPL Wanderers - Season 16


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Right chaps, with Mackenie away this week I'll be setting the team up and inviting everyone to the games at 10:15. If possible try and get online by 10pm so we can all make sure everyone is happy with which player they're going to be controlling, as I'm not 100% sure on the exact players Mackenie has been using in each position.

First things first Ricky, I hear from Jamin that Balotelli is going to be injured and unavailable for this week's games. I was going to offer to take one of the defensive spots if we don't have both centre-backs on tonight, but seeing as we'll all be expected to play at the back at some point this season perhaps you could get your week out of the way now Ricky, while Balotelli isn't available for you. Obviously Jazzy dropped back there last week and I'll do the same next week.

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Formation wise, I'm looking at going with an organised 4-2-2-2 tonight. I want a solid back-four with two CDMs sat just in front of them keeping everything tight, two wide wingers hugging the touchline and two strikers to alternate dropping deep to collect the ball from the back spreading it out wide and making runs in-behind.

These are the players I had in mind, but I'm open to suggestions, especially if there's a someone you'd like to keep from a previous game...


(4-2-3-1 was the closest formation I could find for the diagram, but with the strikers dropping deep it'll look like this at times anyway)

Try and aim all long balls and free-kicks from the back towards Jazzy who has Pazzini, he'll be the target man with Balotelli out injured tonight.

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Is anyone likely to be missing do we know?

In the event that everyone turns up (bar Mackenie, obviously) we'll probably start the first game like this:

LB - Matthius

LCB - Any

RCB - Poppa

RB - Cary

LDM - Hannay

RDM - Pilot

LW - Ricky

RW - Quinn

CF - Jazzy

ST - Any

If anyone wants to play further forward me or Ricky will drop back for a change, just let me know.

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Well played guys, unlucky not to get the win in the second game after leading for so long with a few good chances to increase it.

I'm not sure if Mackenie is back or not for next week but I'd welcome feedback on the system we tried tonight. I know there were teething problems in the first match with everyone selecting the right players etc, but in the second especially I thought we were creating some good little moves up front and finding a lot of space to break into down the wings. We looked pretty solid at the back too for the most part, considering there were 3 anys in the back 6 for the second match.

Cheers for the games anyway. Looking forward to next week now, whether I get to set the team up again or not!

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