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RPL Wanderers - Season 16


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Also Pilot, CDM will likely be your main position this season, but how do you feel about being our Any? My RM is only effective if i give him my full attention.

CDM sounds good pal

Usually I would jump at the chance of any but I've barely touched Fifa 12. If it's only 2 players and keeper then fine I suppose.

Is everyone still using tele cam zoomed out? cause I quite like the new default cam but not sure what everyones using now?

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Zoomed out all the way and the highest angle for me. I think other people tend to prefer the angle a bit lower than max, so it might be worth trying out, but I've used those settings for god-knows how many seasons now and haven't felt the need to change it.

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Well played last night guys, thought everyone did really well.

Obviously the defence were awesome, only conceding 1 goal in 3 of the cup games (i think).

In my opinion we still need to pass the ball a bit quicker, and try to make the right decision when playing a pass, I am guilty for this too, but we so often play the wrong ball, instead of just doing a quick scan of the pitch to see who is in a better position or making a good run.

I reckon we are in for a good season :)

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