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RPL City - Season 16


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Great games last night lads, First game i thought we were real quality could have had aload more goals aswell! Defenders were top draw!!

In fucking incite we should have just carried on with the first game rather than having a re start as the same thing happened with rich, The we wouldnt have had the bastard snow and all the fifaisms dont think we had a bounce go our way in this game, But on the same note we had out chances in this game as well.

More of the same and i think good things will happen to city this year

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It felt as though the little things in the second game we didn't do right. We weren't able to find the easy ball as well in the first game. Also numerous occasions instead of passing it around we opted for an over the top ball, 9/10 they never come off in the snow, it just skips away from the player.

Happy with Cavani though, he's a great player and 4 goals no headers? I've been Necid and Torres and relied on heading over past two seasons i've played. Let's see if i can finish top scorer w/o headers this time :ph34r:

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This weeks results

bap_3.gifRPL City 3 – 1 RPL Wanderersbap_6.gif

Gaffer Tomox had a full squad available at his disposal for the opening league fixture of the season. The City boys set up with their familiar 4-3-3 formation against their notorious bogey side in Wanderers. Prior to kick-off, the self-confessed carnivore TommyMAT had to stall proceedings whilst taking his fix of meat, in preparation of roaring along side Seanfl9. Ham consumed...game on..

City spent the early parts of the match adjusting to the stark contrast of using the World Champions, to then using The 'Guays. Though the quality in personnel had dipped, the City boys knocked the ball around quite comfortably, familiarising themselves with Uruguay’s danger men. Wanderers threat of Rossi & Ballotelli up the top, immediately caused headaches for the City back-line. The early pressure paid off, as the Italians punished a lapse in concentration early on to take the lead. City remained undeterred at the early setback, and set about putting the pressure back on the Italians. A superb double-chance between TommyMAT & Sean saw the post & then the keeper hold the Italians lead, and sadly Tomox, half chance saw him blast over row Z. Just when it felt like City were going to regret those chances spurned, Sean picked the ball up inside the Wanderers area, turned, and with pinpoint accuracy, curled the ball into the top corner of the net from 16 yards. City were galvanized by the moment of genius, and carved out further chances, with TommyMAT unlucky not to capitalise, rattling the post with a fine effort. Honours even at half time.

Tomox' half time pep talk was simple.....much of the same. And the City boys were only too happy to oblige. City's midfield began to control the game, with Tobert, Tomox & Charliemouse providing the defensive cover & attacking threat in a finely balanced manner. Mick kept the City back line together, limiting Wanderers to less-than-half chances, and TommyMAT, along with Richmac were sweeping down the flanks to provide the much needed width. It was only a matter of time before City paid their dominance pay, and finally did it with the El Classico combination of Tomox providing for Sean, who controlled the shot past the oncoming Italian keeper, to finally give City the lead. Wanderers expectedly pushed forward in numbers looking for the equalizer, and in doing so, suffered the fatal City counter, with Tomox providing from inside his own box! On initial inspection a 'Ave It! style clearance was a rush of blood to clear the danger, but upon closer viewing this was merely a smokescreen for the 120 yard through-ball to Sean, who broke clear of the two remaining Italian defenders to slide home, and claim the first hat-trick of the season. City comfortably held on to take 3 points at the first time of asking this season, and finally ended their voodoo curse with Wanderers.

Hat-trick hero Sean explained after the game his pre-match ritual;

I stand in the mirror, eating raw ham off the bone, breathing incessantly...and let out the almighty City RROOOAARRR!!

Newboy TommyMAT Tweeted afterwards;

S**t, I thought it was Tesco wafer thin ham....that's where I went wrong.


Mickmarmalade received a vote for his ever-reliable defensive shift, but there was only one horse going to win this race!! With a whopping nine votes from his team-mates,Seanfl9trophy.gif will need to be upgrading his trophy cabinet again this season, picking up the first league MOTM award of the season, with his match winning hat-trick. Hats off to the roaring City striker!

Seanfl9 – 9 votes

Mickmarmalade – 1 vote

bap_6.gifRPL Wanderers 4 – 2 RPL Citybap_3.gif

So three points against your fiercest rivals to kick off your campaign? Not to shabby, and as such Sir Tomox saw no need to make any changes in the return encounter. FIFA however, following an initial restart, did feel the need to change something...........the weather! Time for the orange ball.

It seemed from the outset that the Uruguayans hadn't practised much in the icy conditions, with the success of the first games passing a quick distant memory. The long balls being played were constantly skipping out of reach of the recipients, and City relinquished possession time and time again. This was compounded with some questionable refereeing decisions, with innocuous tackles resulting in free-kicks around the City box. The constant pressure was too much to resist, as Wanderers fired in a powerful cross to head home from close range. With little in the way of response from City, the Wanderers attack of Rossi & Ballotelli once again became troublesome for the City back-line, with their speed causing the defenders to lose shape, and inevitably allowing the Italians to break free and double their advantage on the counter. City pushed to respond though struggled to find the right final ball, until TommyMAT stepped up on the left, and from little option, whipped a phenomenal cross behind the Italian back-line, for the waiting Tomox, to control his volleyed shot home. Though City's fightback was quickly thwarted by a swift Wanderers attack, with the City defensive for the second time in the game, losing shape and being overrun with Wanderers players, allowing them to open the two goal lead once more.

City had it all to do in the 2nd half, and whilst they showed a marked improvement on the first 45 minutes, they still fell short of their previous best, with final balls not making their targets. Tomox in the middle park did his level best to create chances for the City front-line in front of a stubborn Italian defence, though chances were few & far between. It was infact Tomox who broke through the solid defence for a glorious one-on-one chance, only for the keeper to block the gaffers shot. City's defence continued to absorb the Wanderers pressure, and City looked to play out from the back and recapture their form. The inspirational Tomox again played in Sean, who with Cavani, managed to fire in a crisp shot, giving City hope once more. As the 'Guays pushed for the equaliser, they were once more undone again by the pace & power of Ballotelli & co. The Italians attack down the left wing, cut inside to finish the game off, and put out of reach for the City boys for the final time.


Unlike game 1, the MOTM award was not a foregone conclusion this time around. TommyMAT 's assist & Gus' shift earned a vote a piece, and in a close 2nd place, Tobert received three nominations for his integral role in the middle of the pitch. Though it was the City gaffer Tomox02trophy.gif who stole the award this week, with his formidable play-making skills moving forward, constantly carving chances out for the City front-line. A well deserved award Sir Tomox!

Tomox02 – 4 votes

Tobert – 3 votes

TommyMAT – 1 vote

Big Gus – 1 vote


It didn't take long for last seasons golden boot winner to kick off this campaign. Tomox02 received three votes for his volley, set up beautfully by new boy TommyMAT, but the remaining seven votes were reserved for Seanfl9golden_boot.jpg, whose first goal of the season has stolen the limelight. Not only did Sean treat the City boys to an awesome curled finish, but this turned out to be City's focal point for their revival in game 1.

Seanfl9 – 7 votes

Tomox02 – 3 votes


The Homer Simpson “U R GAY” Award

After last weeks inaugural running of the all-new “U R Gay” award, the City boys weren't short on nominations this week! Some comical 3-pointer blasts from Tomox, as well as Toberts passing coaching with TommyMAT both received dual nominations. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that was certainly the case with poor ole' Richmachomersmall.jpg. Despite trying his utmost to turn up on the night whilst being away, the internet proved to be the ultimate villain, with City requiring a restart for game 2 due to his immediate drop, and subsequently playing in the snow....to which Richmac......dropped before kick-off again!

Richmac – 4 votes

TommyMAT – 2 votes

Tomox02 – 2 vote

The Defenders – 1 vote

The Ref – 1 vote

Season 16 Running Stats

Previous weeks

The Athletico Cup

Man of the Match Awards

Big Gustrophy.giftrophy.gif – 6 votes

Seanfl9trophy.gif – 9 votes

Tomox02trophy.gif – 6 votes

Charliemousetrophy.gif – 3 votes

Tobert – 3 votes

Petey – 2 votes

Mickmarmalade – 2 votes

Richmac – 1 vote

TommyMAT – 1 vote

Big Gus – 1 vote

Goal of the Night Awards

Seanfl9golden_boot.jpg – 7 votes

Richmacgolden_boot.jpg – 5 votes

TommyMAT – 3 votes

Tomox02 – 3 votes

The U R GAY Award

TommyMAThomersmall.jpg – 6 votes

Richmachomersmall.jpg - 4 votes

The Goalkeeper – 2 votes

Tomox02 – 2 votes

The Defenders – 1 vote

Tobert – 1 vote

Mickmarmalade – 1 vote

The Referee – 1 vote

Edited by kiko kylz
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Great write up there Keeks, loving the new season format! Congrats to Rich for his first U-R-Gay award!

Thanks for the votes guys, hopefully this week we can show some consistency and put in two more good shifts. More of the same really and we will be there or there-abouts. See you all Thursday :hat:

May be on for practice, will let you know on the day.

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Great work again kiko and some nice goals there lads.

Well thanks for the votes for the Ur-Guay award lads, got to say even voted for myself on this one and sorry for the SNOW :facepalm: !

Sat staring at the screen during the 2nd game, cursing and drowning my sorrows.......................


just wasn't my night ;)

Well back home now so see you all next week!

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Awesome work Kiko, however one small point; "The elephants" are Ivory cost, according to Wikipedia Uruguay are

The Uruguayan national football team represents Uruguay in international association football and is controlled by the Uruguayan Football Association, the governing body for football in Uruguay. The current head coach is Óscar Tabárez. The Uruguayan side is commonly referred to as La Celeste (The Sky Blue [One]) or Charrúas.

I would probably go with the We-r-gay-uns...

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Awesome work Kiko, however one small point; "The elephants" are Ivory cost, according to Wikipedia Uruguay are

I would probably go with the We-r-gay-uns...


Thank you Tobes....not sure where my head was at there! I was going to come up with some Suarez anti rascism quip, but really it was me being an arse!!

I've settled for the 'Guays....painfully close to 'The Gays'. :eyebrows:

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Sorry for my mixed performance, it was a case of some stupid mistakes and increasingly stodgy lag, I thought we did well across the games so it was heartbreaking to draw the second, it kinda felt like Portugal had the rub of the green in that one a little

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Two dropped points tonight. Saying that, 4 points from two games is always a good thing, and I didn't feel like we played anywhere near our best tonight. Obviously losing Petey was a huge blow for both the games, and we didn't pass short or quickly enough.

7 points from 4 games is a cracking start, up to second! Town up next!

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