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Been back on the PC version again while I've been off work (amongst other bobbins), and today has been.. Eventful?

With a bunch of mass trading and a couple of lucky drops, I finally traded enough currency for a Kaom's Heart, the final piece to put together most life-based builds in this game.

After trying to use it to brute force my way through the Endgame Labyrinth with another character (and failing miserably), I stuck it on my Righteous Fire Marauder, as you generally don't need a lot of links. It was all going very well - generally mapping, a few good drops here and there.

Oh hey, there's a Diviner's Strongbox, let's chuck a couple of mods on it and see what ha-




Now, let's explain some things. Headhunter is a bit fucking good. So good, in fact, that even cards relating to getting a headhunter is worth a lot of in-game currency. Perspective for the current PC version marketplace:

Typically, a good unique (yet common) endgame item, or well-rolled rare item, will sell for 1 Chaos Orb. Anything less is Fusing, Alchemy, Chisel, etc.
At the moment, 66 Chaos Orbs is equal to 1 Exalted Orb in terms of currency trades on PC.
Kaom's Heart, which I just bought this morning, cost me 5.8 Exalted orbs (so I handed over 5 Exalted Orbs, and about 50 Chaos).

A single The Doctor card is worth 10.9 Exalted.

Edit: And after a few hours and some dumb offers, it finally sold! Rightfully, to a dude which has now completed his stack of Doctor cards.


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...So, who's ready for an expansion to Endgame after getting through the new ten act system?


- 32 new Maps

- A new system that pits the existing Uber boss, The Shaper, against a new Uber boss known as The Elder

- New 'Shaper' and 'Elder' Base items, allowing powerful craft options (Support Gems to socketed Gems, Increased base stats, etc.)

- Ten new Gems - Four Skill Gems for Necro builds, Six Support Gems that effect everything else
- A new League that grants you a new type of Jewel for your Skill Trees

Should hit around 8th December.

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So, 3.1 came out. As per Grinding Gear Games' protocol, everything got nerfed.

- Vaal Pact has finally been poleaxed from it's position as the most outstanding way to mitigate damage - Life leech rate has now been doubled, instead of being instant. It will still be useful for Duelist Slayers (as seen by it's relocation nearer the Duelist), but it's no longer a staple for 90% of builds.
- Dark Pact's hilarious self-casting radius bonus has been removed, and 19% less of the damage bonus from self-casting.
- The mana bonuses locked behind Mind Over Matter have been reduced significantly.
- the Vulnerability curse has been effectively split into two curses - one magic-orientated, one melee-orientated. Witchfire Brew now only applies the magic-orientated curse, now called Despair. 
- One of the two 'chase'' items from Uber Atziri has been neutered - the gloves, Atziri's Acuity, no longer leeches instantly on critical strike. So, uh, it's not worth running Uber Atziri unless you REALLY want the axe.
- Damage reductions on Doomfletch and Doomfletch's Prism, Queen of the Forest no longer has a massive amount of evasion, and Rise of the Phoenix doesn't let you instantly stop your Righteous Fire from damaging you (aka. Max Fire Res properties have been reduced). 

Of course, this all sounds like doom and gloom. But, as always, there's always something overtuned brought in with a new patch.

So, the flavour of the next three months is: Corpse explosions!

- Detonate Dead has been reworked significantly - It now does more damage (using Spell Damage in addition to damage based on corpse life), cast speed reduced to only half a second, and crit damage chance increased.
- Desecrate now generates five corpses, instead of three. That means if there was some way to cast it three times, you'll hit the 15 corpse cap in one go..
- New Corpse-based skills - Volatile Dead, which consumes multiple corpses to create fire projectiles, and Cremation, which consumes a corpse to create a mini volcano.

And finally.. new Support Gems, namely Spell Cascade. This new, frankly amazing support, turns spells to repeat another two times in a wave (think Bladefall, or Glacial Cascade).

Read back on Detonate Dead and Desecrate.  Both of these skills can use Cascade, which means you can summon 15 corpses the second you get Desecrate, and then blow up all of those corpses within 2.5 seconds for about 1000 Tooltip DPS - at about level 40.

It's probably the most fun I've had with crowd control I've had for some time, as after you've blown up those corpses to kill mobs, you're likely to blow up those mob corpses, extending your range and basically chaining explosions across an area. combine that with using Volatile Dead and Cremation to maintain single-target DPS, and it's a whole lot of fun.

The fun doesn't stop there in terms of builds, of course - Righteous Fire is still maintainable, even with the RotP shield limitations. Spell Casdade breaths some life into Firestorm. Summon Raging Spirits has had a nice buff to damage, and both Earthquake and Reave's AoEs have been increased, with Reave's being quite significant. Something to look into using fast one-handed swords with Slayer, combined with the new Vaal Pact to synergise with Slayer's ability to leech beyond max life. Contagion has an AoE buff which in turn helps Essence Drain. There's likely some bullshit going on with bows, as there's a new support gem that gives you a spectral archer above you and uses the same bow attack after you've triggered it.

The new Abyss league is also very fun - It's a good level of urgency and difficulty that matches Breach, and the rewards are interesting - Not only do you get new types of Jewels that have different properties to current Jewels (example being flat life gains instead of normal Jewels which give a percentage), but there's a new type of belt that drops - with the unique ability to socket those new jewels to the beltThey're craftable, too, which is a welcome change from Breach Rings and Talismans that had a corruption on them to prevent re-rolling them.

Anyway, the server's back online, so I'm off again. Bye!

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Just in time for me, as I've only got a few areas left before endgame maps.


A huge QOL upgrade to pay for, if you've been playing the game for ages (you end up holding pages and pages of trash maps, even when making a conscious decision to not pick up low tier maps after amassing a pool).

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I forgot to update after posting about PoE in the GOTY thread - There's some new content on Friday - Bestiary!

Includes all this shit:

Bestiary League - Capture monsters and build your own little adorable Animal Hospital - except you can then sacrifice them at an altar to get specific crafted items, or a chance at beating the shit out of the new Spirit Beast bosses to get new Uniques.

Said fancy Bestiary League uniques - It seems as though they revolve around 'Aspects' - special one-at-a-time auras granted by gear, that give you two decent buffs that alternate every four seconds or so. The Spirit Beast uniques empower them further, including a chest that makes one of the Aspects free, and grants you all your frenzy and power charges when it ticks over. Yeah.

Uber Elder - The newest superboss to fight. Except it's not just the Elder - You have to fight the Elder and Shaper at the same time. Soz.

Ascendancy Class Review - All 19 Classes are getting rebalanced, with a majority of the underutilised classes getting some wild shit - Hierophant can get up to Quad Totems and/or permanent Arcane Surge, Assassin has been "restored to it's former glory",  And Pathfinder... well, didn't get anything really. Because everyone used it.

SHIELD THROW META, BOYS - There's three new gems - Two active, one support. Nobody cares because you can now chuck your shield into people's faces just like D3 Crusader.

More Fated Uniques - Vendor trash now comes with prophecies to muddy the chance to get Monstrous Treasure and whatever else is valuable from Nevali! Well, some of them might be good. Who knows? Who cares?

REALLY FANCY SUPPORTER PACKS - Because that's just what happens every league.

Oh, and in case you wasn't around at the time, GGG did bring out another special tab - for Fragments! ( Normal and Uber Atziri / Council Keys / Shaper Set / Uber Lab Offerings).

See you Thursday when everyone reads the patch notes and find out their favourite builds got shat on!

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Patch Notes came out yesterday, actually. If you use Path of Building, you can now update it to play with the new ascendancies.

Here's the real take-home stuff from the patch notes:

- You can get to Zana's level 8 a lot quicker - the Shaper/Elder storyline stuff gives her EXP. She's lost the ability to mod maps to have Breaches, though - Harbinger has replaced it.
- Abysses are in the late portion of the game onwards! 10% chance in a map like Breach, Sygian Belts and Eye Jewels are a lot harder to get (as they only drop in the depths and chests).
- You're twice as likely to get a drop of a map you don't have on your Atlas yet. This is amazing for people who play Solo/Console.
- Monster damage modifiers in endgame maps is no longer additive, but multiplicative. Be prepared to get hit harder.


- Honestly, not a lot. You'll be using the same OP skills this league as last league, so refer to any 3.1 builds if you need ideas.
-  Most traps now detonate after their duration by default, and the time to detonation is slashed significantly. With Sunblast, it's something silly like 0.8 seconds.
- Minions attack more, but deal less damage.
- Shrapnel Shot is slightly buffed, and Herald of Ash now works with spells in addition to melee attacks.
- Anything that taunts enemies now 'Taunts' on both sets of Guardians, Elder and Shaper, but doesn't strictly mean it will retarget to you. This is so that Duelist's Champion taunt-based buffs will proc, making him a legitimately great choice from now on. 

- All loot finding meta has been shafted this league.
- You can now only have a maximum of 5 Sextants on your atlas, and that's after doing a ton of things for Zana. You start at a max of 1.
- Vault has been neutered - the gold piles at the end now drop a normal amount of loot, the boss is harder and the skills he does to destroy those gold piles is more often.
- Bisco's Collar is still the best Magic Find amulet you can get, but it's effectiveness is as good as halved.
- Oni-Goroshi's 'get a six-link with four hours of mindless farming' bollocks is also bollocksed.
- Honestly, people did this to themselves.

- Pretty much every one of the 19 Ascendancies has been buffed, or kept the same with some slight differences. THIS IS VERY HANDY FOR A COMPARISON.
- Highlights include J U G G, Occultist, Hierophant, Champion, and Trickster.
- Elementalist is still a bit shit unless you have tons of currency to spend on a Golem build. If you want pure ele spell shit, go with Inquisitor or Ascendant Elementalist/Inquisitor hybrid.

Kind of got a bit of choice paralysis in terms of what I want to do. Either J U G G with Tectonic Strike, or some form of Chaos Innoc. Occultist and maintain that stun prevention and an infinite pool of Energy Shield.


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Really appreciate your info on PoE @Siri cheers


I have settled on the marauder so far (level 66), and had a lot of fun with modifications of this 2H Ancestral Warchief build with Berserker ascendancy (and trying to get hold of a Brain Rattler from the auction house for less than an exalted orb).


Just looking forward to trying the maps out when I get there, but do you have to unlock the Templar Laboratory after Act 10 in order to do so, or is there a way to start running maps earlier? I believe I read earlier that you have to reach level 70 but not sure how that works.

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From what I remember, your first character in a league has to beat Act 10 to meet Zana and get all the map stuff up and running. I can't remember the restrictions set on the portable map device you can get for your hideout, though.


Before Acts 6-10 were released, it was possible to get into maps before the end of Merciless via the eternal laboratory in Act 3, but that doesn't work now in the equivalent (Act 8).

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Alright thats the one I was thinking about. I did those quests at Merciless at level 55 or something but I think the map device in the Eternal Lab said I needed to be level 70 to use some maps I had found.

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Hot PoE news: Everybody thought Bestiary League was rubbish. As a result, none of it is being implemented in the main game.

Actual hot PoE news: the new league got announced! It's out June 1st on PC, June 4th on X-Box. And it's called...




Fuck up an aztec temple unlike anything you've seen before via short breach-like encounters, and through multiple encounters change the course of a full endgame run and the rewards it provides!

The new league also brings:

- Roughly twenty skill revamps to make them more effective in present-day Path of Exile
- Changes to Vaal Skill mechanics to make them more effective (aka. a corrupted gem how has BOTH the normal skill and the vaal skill, making more sense to get them in a 4+ Link, and the attacks themselves can provide different utility)
- Six new Vaal Skills
- Five new Trap Skill Gems

- One new Trap Support Gem
- The "usual shit" (28 new Uniques, 20 new Divination Cards, new Vaal Corruption implicits
- Fancy supporter packs that are definitely not based on anything you've seen before


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I really need to start playing this again. I remember having an amazing time with my arrow lady.

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Either this month or next month is a good time to play, to be fair - Bestiary died on its' arse. Partly from slightly clunky mechanics that stopped you from killing everything, partly from the endgame being locked behind a pretty convoluted and initially absurdly scarce resource, and partly because they had to turn off one of the core mechanics early on in the league to stop people being able to dupe certain base items (namely the Shaper/Elder items) - the intended idea was to make 6-link armour cheaper as you could effectively get a 6L rare with six mods, and then split the item to make two 6L armours with three mods on each. Except they forgot that Shaper/Elder bases were highly sought after, regardless of mods. After that happened, it kind of soured the experience.

This month, they're running a Flashback Event - Basically a 30 day temporary league, during which each area in the game gets a random roll of three past league mods. It's rather intense because of the sheer amount of enemies you can fight (and if you're playing Hardcore, incredibly easy to RIP), but it's also very easy to play as a Solo Self-Found character and try out any of the revamped ascendancy classes with not a lot of time investment. That, and getting to certain level thresholds puts you in a raffle to get some free MTX, which is nice.

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I gave the Bestiary league a fair whack, but it was too fiddly on the xbox at least to manage the capture mechanic as well as keeping a good flow of the combat.

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It's a strange situation, and obviously the reddit contingent of the PoE fanbase (which, amusingly, GGG listens to more than it's own forums) is freaking out.

Personally, I'm not that worried - Tencent has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, that seemingly do their own thing anyway. Also, the agreement stated in the article that GGG has put out sounds a lot like what they're doing already with Tencent when they released the Chinese Servers (ie. putting an auction house in the game, and letting players pay cash money to revive in Hardcore Leagues), and it's still... just staying in the Chinese Servers.

I've always been someone who buys low-end supporter packs because of the value it provided - I get some points to buy a bunch of stash tabs, and get a nice set of skins/effects to put on my characters and/or an OST for that league as a bonus, with the occasional early beta access of major releases. Will that change when they get bought up by a conglomerate? Probably not - I'm still going to hoard all the shit I find as they regularly update the game with content I want to play. Likewise with any of the 'fancy' tabs they bring out that are a major convenience and/or space saver for each league, like the Map Stash Tab.

Of course, if you're the type of person who pumped hundreds of dollars into the highest tier of 'supporter', it's a way harder sell - GGG hasn't been a small company for a while, but at the same time people were willing to give money to a games company that.. well, had no publisher behind it. Now there is, and there's some expectation that they don't need handouts. To be blunt, the pricing of standalone armour sets always felt... a lot more expensive than they should be, and I would hazard a guess that a lot of people spent the cash because it went to a small outfit in NZ.

You can see that GGG are already boxing clever, though - they've already stated this league before the Tencent buyout that they were only releasing $60 supporter packs as the highest tier, because it's what the majority of the playerbase go for. I can see them going with this moving forward, and hopefully slashing the cost of MTX to aim towards more people buying in smaller amounts, as it's really the only way they can go now until the next major expansion (where they could probably lump a tenner on top of the pack for Beta access).

But, yeah. Hopefully GGG realise that they simply can't justify charging $50 for an standalone armour set any more. And if they think they do, then... well, they're probably going to be reporting poorly to their new owners, and nobody really wants that.

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3.3.0 Incursion Patch Notes!




I'd explain it this evening after work, but the most important change is that you can now toggle skills to activate like you're holding the shift key (attack without moving) by default. Which is easily the best thing in this game now.


They also finally changed Tabula Rasa so it doesn't look like a baggy sweater :D

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Yeah I bought the First Blood pack (xbox) + some extra credits on top to invest in all the stash tabs (around 20 pounds in total), which is not a lot to pay for this kind of game, but its disappointing that its so hard to find any in-game armor that looks cool. Its mostly differently colored metals, compared to the extravagant armor sets that some players rock, and which they have paid top money for.

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TBH, I use the left over credits to pick up a couple of Mystery Boxes after a tab sale - I usually end up getting a few Skin Transfers from that, which in turn lets me use cool-but-useless armours (like Bronn's Lithe, Daresso's Defiance and Victario's Influence) on the actual good stuff. 

Speaking of actual good stuff: Patch rundowns!

- Incursion League. It's there. So that's good.


- The progression of traps has changed - You get a new starter trap skill, the original starting skills have been buffed and moved to a similar tier as Sunder (Intermediate, bread and butter), and you'll get a new 'Advanced' trap that's designed for big damage to throw on top of your Intermediate for burst damage.
- The Starter and Intermediate traps HAVE NO COOLDOWN. Advanced traps have a cooldown, and adding certain supports uses up 'stockpiled' cooldown stacks.
- The old 'Trap Support' gem that you attach spells to ALSO HAS NO COOLDOWN.
- The amount of active traps you can have has gone up from 3 to FIFTEEN. PLEASE USE TRAPS.
- Ice Trap got nerfed in damage. Nobody knows why.

- No, really. 11 underused skills have had serious mechanical changes. Another 27 have been given minor alterations.
- I'm not listing them - Most of them have been buffed, go nuts.


- If you get a Vaal Skill gem, it now holds BOTH the Vaal Skill and the Original Skill. Two skills, one gem setup.

- Vaal Souls to power Vaal Skills can now be generated by taking a percentage of life from Rare and Unique Monsters, in addition to Kills (there is a 1 second cooldown with each soul obtained this way).
- Vaal Skills no longer increase in cost after Act 5 and 10.
- Vaal Skills prevent you from generating Vaal Souls for a set amount of time when you use them. It depends on the skill.
- Vaal Skills have been reworked dramatically because of these changes - They're typically now a lot stronger, and do something entirely different to the original skill that complements it in some way.
- I'm not going through them, either. There's 30 Vaal Skill changes, and six new Vaal Skills entirely.

- Passive skill tree has been changed - namely the Shadow's start to include more trap related stuff. YOU'RE PLAYING A TRAPPER THIS LEAGUE OKAY GOOD.
- There's 39 new Lab Enchantments due to the above stuff, and a lot of the Trap Enchantments have been changed to simply do MORE DAMAGE OH GOD THE TRAPS
- Too many unique items to mention now have 3D art to go with the 2D art. A lot of them are good, actually.
- Although the one that matters is TABULA RASA DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A JUMPER ANY MORE. It's more of a... Toga-like thing, actually. Tasteful.
- 31 New unique items.
- 22 New divination cards.

- Prophecy chain targets now show up on the minimap. THANK GOD.
- There's now an option to lock a specific skill as 'Attack without moving' in your toolbar, meaning movement skills, certain melee skills and your pinky finger has been saved. GREATEST PATCH EVER.
- Maps now have.. Multiple sub-areas. In other words, Abyssal Depths, Zana maps, Uber Lab trials and Elder Guardians can co-exist. No, I didn't know that was a thing, either. Just be careful, as accessing multiple causes an instance timer, and unlike instances you can't go back when it's elapsed for obvious reasons.

- Normal and Rare enemies in a breach now drop 'significantly' less items. Because, just like sextant blocking, THAT'S WHAT YOU DESERVE YOU DEADBEATS

And.. That's it! Path of Building's updated with most things outside of the new skills and stuff. Pretty sure loot filters will be done before launch. See you all in three months!

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I just loaded up the XBox version and it seems to be on the bestiary league still. Wasn't it supposed to be changed to a flashback event? Might install the PC version to be honest.

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X-Box starts on the 4th June. Flashback ended on Tuesday for both formats.

In case anyone wants some ideas for this league, take a look at these videos from the most prolific PoE streamers. Although, tbh, a majority of the meta will be the same because everything got buffed. The only unknown is how effective the new traps will be, in addition to how Vaal Skills are going to factor in.


Personally? I''m thinking of starting with Triple Herald Blade Vortex, on an Elementalist. Like this! The only thing wrong last league was that it was a bit clunky due to having to having to 'charge' 20 blades on bosses and still have not a lot in terms of tanking bosses. The skill changes means you throw half the blades for slightly more damage than a full charge, AND if you do alright with Vaaling a skill gem, get a nice additional skill that lets you step back from bosses defensively and/or pile on the damage.

At the very least, it should mean I sidestep the trap meta that will be expensive as shit early on. Shimmeron wand prices are going to be bollocks.

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Right. PC version selected. Just waiting for the update to finish at 8pm. Consider me a total beginner who's going to play a ranger. What should I do as a new player? Just play and eventually fuckup and call it a learning experience?

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Alright, @Flub. I'll try and answer as best as I possibly can while I've got the update going, because I went out without keeping the PC on.

TL;DR - There's no shame in just playing, but the game is complex enough that it could sour your experience if you get stuffed at a boss and you don't actually know why. Have a look at some builds on the PoE forums - notably, ones that define themselves as 'cheap', 'League Starter', 'beginner friendly' or even 'SSF'. Like Neversink's Guide on generally being a ranger (although it's dressed up as a tornado shot build)

Oh, and get a loot filter. It filters loot.

Outside of that, expect waffle!

Playing and fucking up is.. fine, but I wouldn't call it enjoyable. I'd be proper mad if I simply couldn't beat the Act 5 or 10 bosses and just kept dying. There isn't as high a 'penalty' as there once was, because getting certain, ranger-specific skill gems at your approximate level is always possible through the vendors throughout the acts now, so don't be too afraid to try out new shit.

It is, however, better to have some sort of overarching plan. What weapons would you like to use, and how would you like to blow up packs and how would you like to damage single targets, like bosses? Do you like physical damage, convert that physical damage to an element to hedge your bets, or hit them with pure elemental damage? If the enemies are tougher, how do you prefer to break down their defenses? and most importantly, what's going to stop them from killing your character - making your character have a massive pool of life, stacking armour, or converting the incoming damage to an element that you're resistant too?

You're not going to know the answers straight away, and - as well as playing the game - the best way to understand this is to look for a build that sounds alright, and follow it. Maybe not word-by-word, but have an idea about what equipment they have, the skills they're using, and why they think it works so well.

The rule of thumb at the start of any league is that nobody has any currency, or amazing gear to use or sell. As with any well-to-do person, you'll probably want that, and that's why a lot of people use League Starter builds like the videos I've posted. They require little or no specific items to make it work, and they are effective enough that the skills themselves carry you to endgame - All you have to do is keep an eye out for gear with any big numbers or lots of gem links, and attempt to shoehorn it in if you can. I mean, you can do that anyway, but these sorts of builds let you get any with ANY old shit you find, and you just have to stack it as high as you can.

Rangers are kind of funny, because they have great skills and can mash most things up, but getting a good bow for skills is... tricky. It's perfectly possible to get by on rares, but the Uniques that can drop early on are so good that it's criminal to use a rare, and getting a unique at the start of a league is luck of the draw. 

Don't let it dissuade you, mind, because that's pure min-maxing the experience. Get your bow, kill hillock with burning arrow (understand that's your single target attack), get split arrow and the pierce support gem at the start of the game to murder packs, maybe even Onslaught if you find a good bow. Get LMP and put it on something for kicks. Use that shit and get on the new rain of arrows skill when you hit the end of act 1.

Now that I think about it, you can just play the game. PoE does really give you a logical setup as you complete the quests.

This doesn't help, really. Oops.

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None of the build guides I've found for my ranger (Who'll be using a bow) give any idea how to spend points as you level that I can see. Loot is going to be as random as fuck as you level as well.


Gonna play some later when I get done with Dauntless

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The new league has been announced - Betrayal!




Basically, a complete revamp of the forsaken masters and mastercraft system.


- Most of the masters have been replaced - with the NPCs from previous leagues, like Bestiary's Einhar and Incursion's Alva Valai.

- Their missions are based around previous leagues - including capturing monsters (which has now been simplified)

- The old masters have 'mysteriously disappeared'. Everything's pointing to them being major NPCs of the Betrayal league's cult. Which you can manipulate/kill for different loot.

- More endgame maps!

- More skills!

- More skill reworks!

- Veiled suffixes - take them to the new Betrayal league's NPC and choose between three powerful randomised suffixes!

- Hideout revamp - new system, shared across all leagues!

- Jokes about Immortal things getting murdered!


All this and more, for the low, low price of Free. December 7th!

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As I didn't include it before as I was at work, here's the trailer:


But, of course, you're here for NEW, HOT, HEAVY, SCARAB RELATED NEWS:


- Scarabs are in the game.
- Master levels (or now 'favor') no longer have a tangible benefit, and is used as currency for Master-specific decorations.
- The new Hideout system lets you move your waypoint instead of it just being stuck in the middle! Trust me, this is important.
- You can now pick between the portable map device, or the massive fancy map device in your hideout! I also realise this will enable map device decoration MTX, and that means we're all now broke.
- You'll meet Alva, Nico, Einhar and Jun at certain parts in the story, along with getting your first hideout in Act II. As usual, you'll see Zana after Act 10.
- Alva will now always open up to three Incursion portals when you see her, to make up for not seeing her every other area during the Incursion League.
- Nico's Delve league activity can be extended by buying Sulphite with Sextants. and Scarabs.
- There's roughly 100 veiled mods. Once found, you can mastercraft that veiled mod on other items!
- There's a new support skill type - Banners. Dual-purpose Auras - walk around with it for a lesser effect, or active it by sticking it in the ground and getting a much stronger effect.

- Scarabs.

- One of the new veilied mod types is called Focus - an instant cast skill that is a fixed 4-second active effect, with 12 second cooldown that's entirely dependant on what mod you have. Anything from triggering skill gems in sockets, or effects similar to flask utility (like 1% of evasion rating regenerated as life, critical strikes are lucky, etc.). As it's another active skill on a strained tool bar, I can only see this being handy in fringe cases, but it's nice all the same.

- As Master levels are dead, so are daily missions. You now get handy indicators pop up on the Atlas for a guaranteed Master encounter, as well as bonuses from Sextants, Prophecies, and S C A R A B S.

- You can now CTRL-Click Vendors to get a stack of consumables. You will no longer break your LMB.




As you can gather from the links - Nobody actually knows what Scarabs are, at least in PoE, outside of GGG mentioning them during updates. Or when upsetting Reddit.


The current theory is very straightforward - Zana, like the other masters, will no longer have master levels or favor that adds to gameplay - in her case, levelling Zana to have the ability to modify maps with League-Specific modifiers (Breach, Perandus, Nemesis, and so on).


Scarabs are the solution - Single-use items that you include in the map device, along with the map, which in turn will add even more modifiers - namely, the above league modifiers, and/or additional chances to spawn masters.


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Looks like the PS4 version of the game will be released sometime in February, according to the official listing on the PlayStation site


Release Date: 02/2019

Genre: Action / Role Playing Game (RPG)

Developer: Grinding Gear Games

Publisher: Grinding Gear Games

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Nah, now March.

Which, funnily enough, is when the new league starts!



- A complete rebalance of nearly EVERY Spellcasting skill in the game
- New Holy based spells, and additional suite of Chaos based spells to go with the usual Essence Drain/Contagion/Blight meta
- Brand new support gems to empower self-casting, including turning single shot spells into something that's channeled and then cast multiple times
- Synthesis League, where you help a dude piece his memories by timed Incursion/Abyss hybrid randomised runs
- Piece together those memories to reach areas with special loot, bosses, and encounters
- Find 'Broken' Rare Items that have a locked Prefix/Suffix, which can help with crafting
- Don't like your broken items? chuck them in a machine and get a Base/White Item with a completely different implicit, including very special ones (spoilers: you can have permanent Onslaught on your boots)
- The usual addition of new Divination Card sets and Unique items.

Betrayal League ends 4th March, Synthesis starts 8th March on PC, and later for consoles. Don't ask about mobile phones, that shit's old now.

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PoE Synthesis Patch Notes

I know, it even has a table of contents because OH GOD LORD THEY DID ALL THE THINGS. Thankfully, well known PoE player ZiggyD was fucking knackered after reading the fucking thing and presented them in a much more digestible summary:

PoB's updated, Neversink is taking everyone's energy for the loot filer, and most of the stalwarts of the community have released their bets for good league starters:

Pohx's videos - Bane Occultist, Storm Burst/Divine Ire Trickster, Crit Ice Trapper Sab, Freezing Pulse Assassin



And if you want to actually want a PLAN to do shit, here's a good guide from someone that talks sense.

Just don't listen to his plan for six links, because I'm following one particular strategy of his that's fantastic. I'm not saying what it is. Fuck you.

See you all at 8pm! Well, as long as you're not on a console.


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