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What have you got to trade dude? I've a used copy here that be not worked up the willpower to bring to the table, and I'm starting to think I have enough card games.

Hey Pelek, have the following to trade -

Dungeons and Dragons the fantasy adventure board game -


Star Wars monopoly EPII -


Labyrinth -


Kings n Things - (mine is the old games workshop version, is pretty battered but complete)


Star Wars Risk Original Trilogy (One corner of box slightly water damaged) -


Colossal Arena -


Zombiegeddon -


The Haunting House -


Block Mania with Mega Mania expansion (No block mania box so all in mega mania box) -


Judge dredd -


Talisman 3rd edition - (No adventure or tower cards but can be printed out)


Also willing to trade these with other people if anybody sees something they like, just lmk!!

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Oh wow Kings N' Things, I used to play that with my Dad and Sister in the 80s, memories :wub:

Yeah i used to have it too as a kid and played it to death, was so much fun. Managed to get another copy a few years ago and still sometimes play it with the kids :)

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Dungeon Run

LotR The Card Game (nothing to do with the sets I'm selling LaParka and Xibxang)

Elder Sign

Heroes of Graxia (tear on front of box)

Escape From Colditz


Need to check Kingmaker and Colditz have all the pieces, but everything else is in tickety boo condition. Would like to trade for:

Flash Point

X-Wing Miniatures

Hopeful, I know. I can't actually think of anything else at the minute because I have a shit memory but suggest and I can only say no.

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Got a bunch of stuff that I'm looking to trade or sell. My boardgame collection is getting quite big, so I'd actually prefer to sell most of this stuff. If you're interested, let me know and I can give you a price.

Saying that, I'm sure I could be tempted to trade for a few choice games...

My wishlist: http://www.boardgame...ist/donpeartree

Duel of Ages: Worldspanner - £25 delivered

Gosu - £18 delivered

Gosu: Kamakor - £18 delivered

Head to Head Poker - £10


Quarriors! Quarmageddon

Quarriors! Rise of the Demons} All the Quarriors stuff - £50 delivered

Tichu - £7 delivered

Wits & Wagers Party - £25

edit: For clarity's sake, I'll stick prices up for anything people have asked for.

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Umm. Not really. I mean, my Amazon wishlist consists of:

Star Wars miniature game

Mage Knight

Descent: Lair Of The Wyrm

Escape: Curse of the temple

Gears Of War



7 Wonders

Kind Of Tokyo

Manhattan Project

Lords Of Waterdeep

Which seems optimistic. Will consider anything. The box on Dominion is a bit tatty, but contents are perfect. Happy to chuck a few quid on top if need be.

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Just say theoretically that you'd paid £100 for Space Hulk 3rd edition on ebay a couple of months after release because your nostalgia gland regularly overides your wallet gland, but you ended up only playing it twice and weren't really all that fussed with it. If you were going to sell it on your favourite forum so it went to an appreciative home rather than trying to make your money back on fleabay, would asking the original RRP of £60 (+p&p with it being so heavy) in your favourite forum's trading folder make you a dick?

Basically, I'm struggling to come up with a fair price because I was stupid enough to get ripped off.

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