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On 17/08/2021 at 20:04, jonnyalpha said:

Big sale post. I've tried to set the prices reasonably but am open to offers. Postage will be £3 for the first item, £2 for the second and £1 for each thereafter to a maximum of £8. I've divided the games into categories although some might fit into several. Days of Wonder, Larger boxes, 2 Player games, Smaller boxes and solo.


Message me if you have any queries or would like any photos. Postage will be Royal Mail under 2kg but probably Hermes/DPD if heavier than that. Pick up from Newcastle would be possible if anyone is local.


Some people have already expressed interest in certain items so will get first dibs on those.


I'll look to move things over on to the FB groups at the weekend.


Days Of Wonder:


Pirate's Cove - £25 Great condition.

Cargo Noir - £25 Unplayed.

Small World + Be Not Afraid + Cursed! + Grand Dames + Necromancer Island + Leaders + Tales and Legends + small hardback rulebook - £50

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects - £25 Box has a small rip in the base of the box. Great condition otherwise.


Large Games:


Dominations + Silk Road + Provinces + Hegemon + Dynasties + Rise and Fall + Deluxe slipcase. Deluxe Kickstarter - £75

Rise and Fall and the Slipcase are from the 2nd KS which has not fulfilled yet. I like the game and ordered it, Fay is not so keen so we're not playing it. I will change the address on the pledge manager so the items get sent to you when it delivers.

Spy Club - £20

SOLD Kingsburg 1st Edition - £20 

Olympus - £20

Raccoon Tycoon - £35 This is the deluxe edition from the 1st Kickstarter

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game + Heroes of Asgard - £40 Unplayed

Pyramid Arcade - £30

Mechanica + Inventions + Overlords inc. in box as KS edition - £20

Cottage Garden - £15 Some bowing to the box lid

Madame Ching - £15

Bumuntu - £15 Small crump on one corner of the box

Cloud CIty - £10

The Great City of Rome - £10

Blue Lagoon - £10


2 Player Games:

Sola Fide - £15

Mr. Jack + Mr. Jack Extension in the main box - £20

Mr. Jack in New York - £20

Mr. Jack Pocket - £8

Santorini + Golden Fleece expansion - £25

Haleakala - £15

Caverna: Cave vs Cave + Era II - £20

All Creatures Big and Small - £10

SOLD Glasgow - £12

Trambahn - £15

Mandala - £12

Patchwork - £10

Le Havre: The Inland Port - £10

Starship Catan - £20

Catan: The Card Game + Expansion Set - £18

Hera and Zeus - £12

Sensor Ghosts - £12

Ankhor - £10


Small Games:

Hoppladi Hopplada - £5

Pocket Mars - £5

Coach ride to Devil's Castle - £5

Fairy Tale - £5

The Fox in the Forest - £5

Codinca - £7

Province - £5

Tschak! - £5

Metro X - £7

Avignon: A Clash of Popes - £5



SOLD Lux Aeterna - £7

Friedemann Friese' Fire - £7




Hi, do you still have SmallWorld?

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On 28/05/2021 at 13:31, Alex W. said:

EDIT - Expansions sold, two Cores still available for £15 each plus postage, separately or together. That'll just be the cores, no card or token organisers.




Love the idea of being thrust in to a world of arcane mystery and supernatural terror? Enjoy deckbuilding? The senile gods of the old world have cast me in to a universe of crazed torment for the last time and I'm passing the savings on to you!


You get:


Two Core Sets of the Arkham Horror Card Game, with all the cards, tokens, and instruction books you need for up to four players, plus the outer boxes!

The cards and scenario text for the Dunwich Legacy deluxe expansion and all six Mythos Packs!

A long box and dividers, containing the complete playset of cards from the above, pre-organised for your convenience!

A token organiser preloaded with the tokens from one of the Core Sets!

Two small token boxes with the spare tokens from the other Core Set!

A spooky drawstring bag!

The original cardboard insert and zippy bags from one of the core sets!

Just the outer sleeve of Dunwich Legacy if you want it for some reason!


All of this for the low low* price of £120 £80 plus postage, which will probably be about £10. (Collection available in Cambridge.)


I'm also advertising this locally and will update this post promptly if it looks like I'll sell it elsewhere.


  Reveal hidden contents



*Price based on guesswork


Updating this - I got a buyer for the expansions so now I'm trying to shift the Cores without any organisational stuff, £15 apiece plus postage.

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Hello gents, selling a few games that will go towards Wedding fund for next year. Will pop this in the main trades sub-forum too.

All prices include delivery w/Hermes, payment via PayPal. All are in great (or better) condition! Links point to BGG pages. Any Qs hit me up :)


Captain Sonar - £22

Burgle Bros - £28

Welcome To (German language but is language indepedent, includes English printed rules inside) - £12

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (in shrink) - £22

Harvest Dice - £10

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle - £25

Gloria Picktoria (in shrink) - £8

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Is anyone interested in


HeroQuest Advanced Quest 



I have this board game boxed and complete with everything (minus one certain Spell card that has been lost and thus replicated in pen/paper) 

Models are unpainted.


I'm moving house next month to a shared house because of finances so im selling this if anyone has an interest.


I listed it as £200 but am open to offers because I need the money, thanks all 🙂

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£5 for any game in the first picture. £10 for any game in the second. Then for the next picture £15, then £20 and £25 for the complete Small World collection which includes other expansions in the box.

Postage would be extra starting from £3 under 2kg using Royal Mail. For over 2Kg I'll use Hermes.

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Not an exchange, but I've just realised I must have ordered a second copy of the promo pack for The Quest for El Dorado with Binoculars, Brute, and Powerful Paddle cards at some point.  If anyone wants the spare set fire me a PM.

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Anyone interested in any of these?I'm thinking of using Hermes this time (included). All VGC unless noted. Will post on ebay next Tuesday.


Tidal Blades - retail edition £35 SOLD

Shadows of Kilforth - KS version fully pimped (box insert removed) £55 SOLD

Tales of Evil - not sure what edition. One hero card imperfectly laminated and one fear token (of 24) missing £30.




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Before I subject myself to the horrors of Ebay, anyone interested in the complete campaign cards for Arkham Horror: The Dunwch Legacy campaign?


All the cards are sealed and from the newly release campaign box format, so will include all any errata changes.


edit: Gone via Ebay. Took 2 Additional Horror in the process.

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Having a bit of a clearout. All prices inc. postage to UK mainland.

(Open to offers, especially if ordering more than one thing)



The 7th Continent - £70 - Kickstarter Survivor pledge level - 963 cards, 4 curses. Plastic character figures. Base cards all sleeved (about 150, with some spare sleeves). And one more curse that was print and play.

Burgle Bros 2 - £30 - includes 'Casing the Joint' variant.



All in this picture - £20 each

Hunted: Mining Colony 415

The Networks: Executives and The Networks: More Executives (as a set) - unpunched and cards still sealed

Roll through the Ages: The Iron Age

Memoir '44 - Minor damage to the rule book, where some pages were stuck together. Nothing that obscures the words though.

Memoir '44: Pacific Theater - Unboxed but otherwise as new

Memoir '44: Eastern Front - Unboxed but otherwise as new



All in this picture - £15 each


Mask of Anubis - box has minor damage inside, but everything else is in great condition. Needs a smartphone and free app: Android/iOS

Doodle Dungeon

Chronicles of Crime - Needs a smartphone and free app: Android/iOS

STEM: Epic Heroes - all cards sleeved

Black Sonata

Memoir '44: Terrain Pack - Unboxed but otherwise as new. 1 shield is only printed on one side. 


TIME Stories - a little worn but all complete and perfectly playable



All in this picture - £10 each

TIME Stories: Lumen Fidei



Getaway Driver

Memoir '44: Winter\Desert board and Blitz Rules

Infernal Contraption and Infernal Contraption 2: Sabotage! (as a set)- The box for 2 is a little squashed, but everything else is in great condition.



Everything in these next three pics is for charity. Either donate to Haribo or your favourite cause.


7th Continent 2nd edition cards - suggested donation of £30 -  these are still sealed and were issued as a replacement for the initial set (above). I think it was just something to do with the colour of the backs not quite matching the expansions. It's all the cards that would be in the base game, so if you substitute some tokens for characters and dice, you can play the whole game.

Unfair first edition cards - suggested donation of £15 - this is the same situation, but these are the cards that were replaced. If you don't plan on playing with expansions though, they're perfectly fine. Includes the board too, so you'd just need some cash tokens.

Abalone - donate what you like



Spielbox promos for 7 Wonders (Stevie Wonder and Mannekin Pis), A La Carte and Castles of Burgundy - donate what you like.



Gloom and two expansions

Various old CCGs and some (opened) boosters. boxes a bit tatty,  but only including in case someone goes "I've been looking for that for years!" :D

Again, donate what you like.

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1 hour ago, Nathan Wind said:

If you’ll post to the exotic far away land of the Isle of Man, I’d like Eastern Front, Pacific Theatre and the winter board, please!

I think I can coax the pigeon to fly that far. 

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On 08/04/2022 at 19:17, Lochenvar said:

Having a bit of a clearout. All prices inc. postage to UK mainland.


BTW, I'm open to offers on all of this lot, especially if you'd like more than one thing, as I can combine postage. All the prices were total guesswork anyway.

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