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4 minutes ago, HiggsBoson said:


If the same applies for Gloom of Kilforth then I'd be interested in that!


No, that's a different situation.  I was checking though it and found some of the health tokens were missing.  I've probably appropriated them for something else, guessing it would never be sold.  I can have a look for them, or find substitutes, and think about a price - its got all the additional KS content, but is a little "used" in feel owing to card shuffling.  Watch this space!

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  • 5 weeks later...

We're moving house (yay!!!) which means we're going to be living somewhere a bit smaller and that means I'm going to have to slim down my collection a bit. I'm going to be sorting out the games that I can let go and I'll give you lot first dibs before they go onto the facebook groups. It won't be for a few weeks yet as we're in the middle of getting ready to move chaos.


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So far this is the pile of games to go. For collection only I've also got Mechs vs Minions and The 7th Continent +What goes up must come down + the replacement cards but this is exceptionally heavy so not wanting to post. (my partner wants to keep 7th Continent for the minute)


Untold comes with the extra dice sets. Dr Who, Batman and Scooby Doo. 

One Deck Dungeon has the playmat. 

Star Realms has 3 small expansion packs. 

A La Carte contains the Dessert expansion in the main box. 

I'll try and work out some prices soon but let me know if there is stuff you might be interested in.

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Could I have a price for Res Arcana and/or Menara please.  (Though I'll have to check my recent spending before I commit).


And I have to say, there are some good ones in that collection (that I already have).

I doubt anyone would regret owning/playing any of these: (though mileage may vary of course).

Fugitive - if you like abstract two player things, with a very slight theme (but art that is so beautiful you forgive it)

Hour Of Glory - old, but great, WW2 action point game with a really interesting 'time' mechanic.

Star Realms - great Deck Building 

Epic The Card Game - if MTG is too much of an investment and tournament play / pay-to-win infuriates you.  I love this game, despite the theme (which I'm not into)

Hive (and it's spiritual cousin Army Of Frogs) - though it makes my brain ache, and I'm crap at at

The Duke (if you like chess-y-ness, but harder).

and 7th Continent is great too (just be aware what you're getting in to, as it might not be the game you expect!)



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5 hours ago, Kzo said:

Any good 2 player games there that are reasonably light? Heard Star Realms is great but don't think my partner would be interested in the theme.


Roll through the Ages (The Iron Age) would work for two. Shazaam is a 2 player game of dueling wizards. Getaway Driver is 2 player as well. Give them a look on BGG

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Here are some initial prices, let me know if they work for you.


@PadsterFugitive: £20 inc postage

@uglifruitRes Arcana and Menara: £20 inc postage for each of them or £38 for both?

@Glasgowchivas Flashpoint + 2 expansions: £35 inc postage, Photosynthesis: £20 inc postage

@revlobFirst Class: £35 inc postage

@keptbybeesYomi 2 decks: £13 inc postage


pm me if you want to discuss prices/delivery


We are in a state of upheaval with packing and everything else so I can't promise to get these posted as quick as I normally would. I will try and get things posted as soon as I can. 

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No expansions sneaking in the Hive box? 

Very much depending on price, I’d be interested in Army of Frogs, Getaway Driver, Sensor Ghosts and Lux Aeterna, plus a couple that have been spoken for. 

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@Lochenvar Ok, we'll see what Rev wants to do. Roll through the Ages has been taken out of shrink but never played. Would you do £25 inc postage?


I'll look into how much Mechs vs Minions would be to post as it's nearly 6kg on it's own. I think at that sort of weight it would have to be hermes insured as Royal Mail get silly.

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11 hours ago, Alexlotl said:

How much would A La Carte + Dessert be, including postage?

Would £30 inc postage work for you? It is a German edition although I've printed out the rules in colour. The expansion was an international version so it has printed english rules. There is also a small expansion that came with spielbox magazine. Everything is in the main box.

4 hours ago, michael said:

Let us know how much The Duke would be as well? Shipping to sunny Belfast!

Assuming postage is the same to the rest of the UK? £25?

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