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OK, time for a bit of a New Year clearout - suggested prices include postage, would be cheaper if not posting separately. Always open to trade/part ex suggestions - in particular I'm on the look out for CycladesEverdellGizmosMemoir '44Orleans & Viticulture at the moment. All are in as new condition, a few plays, well looked after. I'm posting this in trading as well.


Nina & Pinta £25

Cottage Garden £20

Haru Ichiban £15

One Night Ultimate Werewolf £12

Tides of Time £9

Gubs £10

Welcome to the Dungeon £10

Palm Island £15



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Spartacus board game with both expansions all in main box. Mint condition, played once - £50 delivered


Dead of Winter the long night, sleeved - £30 delivered


Random X wing ships bundle - Millennium falcon, T70 X wing, Tie defender - £18 delivered

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I'm taking some games to Airecon in a couple of weekends time so I'm putting them up here with slightly reduced prices before they go in the bring and buy. If you're going and you see a game you want let me know. Just to clarify, I'll only be there on the Sunday.


It looks like I need to pre-register the games on the Airecon website. I won't do that until a few days before.


1960: The Making of the President Z-Man 2nd Edition  £25

Tikal Rio Grande Games Edition £20

Bandu (newer version of Bausack) Zoch £20

Orient Express Rio Grande Games £15

Rise to Nobility £18

Patchistory £20. Sold

Viva Java The Coffee Game £10

Artificium £8

Sun Tzu £8

Chariot Race £10

Rhino Hero Super Battle £10

Dead Panic £10

Sentinels of the Multiverse (First Edition) and Rook City Expansion £15

Spookies £10

Deckscape Heist in Venice £7


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EDIT : And sold. Glad it's going to a good home


Selling my Space Hulk:Death Angel as it has been used maybe twic and I am short of cash! Seems a waste it sitting on the shelf when someone on here might appreciate it.


£20 delivered seem fair?


Also got a copy of Netrunner, played once, but postage would be hefty on that, so not sure it would be worth someones while.



1 - 1.jpg

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Went through my collection today as it's time for The Great Cull of 2019. Basically, I need to save up for a scooter/wheelchair, so hopefully getting rid of a bunch of things will get me a good start on that! I'll be checking contents and pricing them up tomorrow, then I'll put a thread in Trading, but if you want to get a heads up on the list, here it is:



Power Grid - The Card Game


Carnival Zombie (first edition)

Dark Tower (the MB Games one)

Shadows: Amsterdam

Cosmic Encounter (Avalon Hill 1999 version, looks like an explosion in a plastics factory)

Broom Service

Saint Malo

Scoville (with Scoville Labs expansion)

Ambush! (with several expansions)



Spring Meadow

Ave Caesar



The Prodigals Club

Urban Sprawl

Mice and Mystics (with Heart of Glorm expansion)

Solarius Mission

Galaxy Trucker (with Missions and Latest Models expansions)

Whistle Stop

Fog of Love

Flamme Rouge


Camel Up Cards

Last Will (with Getting Sacked expansion)

Bring Your Own Book

Codenames Duet

Waggle Dance

Dice Forge

Bora Bora

Saloon Tycoon

Dungeon Petz (with Dark Alleys expansion)

Dream Home

War Chest

8-Bit Box


Ponzi Scheme

La Granja: No Siesta


Big Dig

Blue Moon (base game with six extra expansion decks)

Century: Spice Road

La Isla

Istanbul: The Dice Game

Kune vs Lakia

Mord im Arosa

Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League

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Pricing stuff up now, should have the post up shortly. Using the Price History on BGG as a reference, aiming around or under the most recent sales prices. Also, if you're happy to wait until UKGE, I can bring some stuff there for the first folks who ask. 

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Few bits for sale.. I have put them up in the usual places but knocked a few quid off for this thread. Collection at UKGE Friday to Sunday preferable. PayPal or can do cash on collection if you would like to collect from me in Southsea.


Escape Curse of the Temple (played a couple of times) £20
Skull (played once) £10 SOLD
Pandemic Iberia (excellent condition) £20
Carcassonne (excellent condition) £10

Arkham Horror TLCG core set (some very slight shelf wear) £17 SOLD

The Dunwich Legacy expansion (box opened but cards still sealed in cellophane) £17 SOLD

The Miskatonic Museum (unplayed, unopened) £8 SOLD
Essex County Express (unplayed) £8 SOLD
Carnevale of Horror (unplayed) £8 SOLD
Curse of the Rougarou (unplayed) £8 SOLD

My preference is to sell all of the AH TLCG stuff as a bundle for £55. SOLD


Dropmix Electronic pack £5



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Having a minor clear out, and will be putting these in the Trading folder shortly (thought I'd give first dibs here). All prices are including postage.


Lords of Xidit: Shrinkwrap removed, but contents unpunched and unused. £15

Union Pacific: Dutch edition, but language-independent, and English rules are included. Box bottom has some minor damage. £15

Android Netrunner: First edition. Box has some shelf wear but game contents are in very good condition. £15

Settlers of Catan: Mayfair Games. Think it might be the first English edition. Box has shelf wear but contents are in very good condition. £15

Ticket To Ride: Europe: Excellent condition. £20 @keptbybees

Chinatown: German version (Filosofia), but language-independent, and English rules included. Very good condition. £25  @frumious

Splendor: Box split on one edge, repaired with Magic Tape. Contents in very good condition. £12  @keptbybees

Beer Empire: Excellent condition: £15

The New Science: Shrinkwrap removed, but unplayed. £15



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