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It's not a patch on the proper miniatures games in terms of the time taken all-in though!  It can be whipped out (phwooaaarrrr), a couple of games had and be packed away within an hour-an hour and a half.  Perfect.  I briefly spoke with my gaming chum about thinning the X-Wing collection the other night but I think for now we're going to keep it as it is, as we have a few old mates who are into board games so it gives us the option to have a three or even foursome when/if they ever visit.


Have you anything in mind to trade for SWIA? I'm happy to sell it if not.

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I have the following to trade (i'd also be open to reasonable offers). 


Moto Grand Prix - Only played a handful of times. Just wasn't for me. 

Smallworld - Absolutely brilliant game, but doesn' get enough table time with our group. 

Ice Flow - Just another game that isn't going to get much table time!

I'm not looking anything concrete, just whatever tickles the fancy!



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Big clear out from me - listing in the trading folder and also putting on eBay later this week. Only looking to sell, unfortunately, as I need to clear space and raise some funds. Forum prices include P&P, with the exception of Dungeon Saga.

  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise Of The Runelords Adventure Card Game - box is a little dented at the top but all cards etc present and correct otherwise. £25
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise Of The Runelords Adventure Card Game add on packs, £10 each:
    • Character Add-on Pack
    • Adventure Pack 2
    • Adventure Pack 3
    • Adventure Pack 4
    • Adventure Pack 5
    • Adventure Pack 6
  • OR; buy all of the above for £70 all in. SOLD
  • Warhammer Discwars core set. The box for this is damaged. All punched but all in great condition otherwise. £20
  • Captain's Wager card game. £10
  • Formula D main game. Used but in good condition. £22.50 SOLD
  • MERCS Conflict Dice Game. BNIB. £10
  • I've also got an assortment of Zombicide Black Plague retail add-ons from the Kickstarter:
    • Deadeye Walkers - BNIB and shrinkwrapped. £15 SOLD OFF FORUM
    • Hero Box 1 - BNIB and shrinkwrapped. £15
    • NPC-1 Notorious Plagued Characters - BNIB and shrinkwrapped. £15 SOLD OFF FORUM
    • Special Guest Paul Bonner Hero Pack - BNIB. £15
    • Special Guest Marc Simonetti Hero Pack - BNIB. £15
    • Special Guest Naiade Hero Pack - BNIB. £15
  • Dungeon Saga - this is a mahoosive set which I'll likely split if I take it to eBay. It includes:
    • The Dungeon Master Pledge Level from the KS
    • Warlord of Galahir expansion
    • Infernal Crypts expansion
    • The Tyrant of Halpi expansion
    • Plus a load of other bits (extra furniture and book boxes (4 in total)
    • The reprinted Adventurer's companion
    • All of the above is pretty much BNIB, although some bits have been punched.
    • £110 all in, but we'll need to arrange delivery separately as it's a mass of heavy stuff. Happy to do collection or I work near the NEC and can meet there? SOLD
  • I also have the Huntsman and Knight Pack Kickstarter exclusive add-ons for Zombicide Black Plague 2. Looking at eBay I'd price these at £80 and £50 respectively to sell direct on here.
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Need to clear some space following the Christmas receiveathon:  


Hey, That's My Fish! - jonnyalpha

The Resistance 



I'm hoping to get some physically small bits in exchange, so X-Wing or Imperial Assault expansions?

Edit: Ooh, added Carcassonne

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I've got a few things I'm looking to get rid of (mainly to fund my constant buying from Pelekophoros....


Dicemasters X-Men Starter + Dungeons and Dragons Starter + Laminated Playboards + Extra cards/dice (a pencil case full!). Nothing particularly valuable, but loads to get you started - £20


One Night Revolution (Kickstarter Version) - sleeved cards and extra roles over the retail game - £12


Legend of Drizzt - inlay replaced with carry case organiser. All minis painted. One of the first sets I did a long time ago now. They're OK, could probably do with a coat of matt varnish, but certainly good enough to make the game look considerably better on the table. Think there's a couple of extra D20s in there as well - £40 (I can PM photos)


Doom Expansion (for the original FFG game, new and sealed) NOTE the expansion is French. This makes no difference to the minis/tiles but obviously the cards have French text on them. You can paste over them on BGG, or play in Francais - £15


Dreadball Xtreme (as new) - £15


LOTR - The Card Game (FFG LCG) - box is a bit crushed, and no insert, but all cards sleeved and bagged - £17


Open to offers on multiples. Inc postage from myHermes.


Also have Talisman expansions - Cataclysm, The City, Sacred Pool and The Reaper for trade. All sealed and new (4th edition). 

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Because of my Final Fantasy fanboyism, I bought a couple of booster boxes of the TCG... *sigh* Glad I got out of Magic, at least.


This means I've got a lot of duplicates. So if anyone was after a cheap way of getting a mass of cards to give it a try, does anyone want around 200 cards for, say, £20? There aren't any super expensive cards in there, so mostly positioning this as a way of sating your curiosity and getting playsets of the common and uncommon staples. Can take photos later on, if so desired.


In London Mon-Wed, and Bristol out of that so happy to meet up for delivery.

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I have a copy of the Knizia LotR co-op game that can be found everywhere, but inside the box is also the Sauron expansion that is less widely available.


Yours for postage (£4-5?)


I also have the main box for Super Dungeon Explore, inside which are all the monster cards, tokens and board tiles plus whatever extras came in the Kickstarter. But! No minis.


I've no idea why anyone would want this, but if you want it yours for postage again (£4-5?).

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On 18/02/2017 at 20:22, Alex W. said:

I bought the Pillbug for Hive Pocket, and it came with the full size version too. It'll take about £1 to post it as a large letter so £3.50 all in? I'll photocopy the instructions and put those in too. PayPal please!

I'd love this if it's still available. PM me!

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8 hours ago, Pelekophoros said:

I have a copy of the Knizia LotR co-op game that can be found everywhere, but inside the box is also the Sauron expansion that is less widely available.


Yours for postage (£4-5?).

@Pelekophorosis this still available? I'm Interested in taking it off your hands :)

On 27/12/2016 at 12:56, cavalcade said:



On 27/12/2016 at 12:56, cavalcade said:

LOTR - The Card Game (FFG LCG) - box is a bit crushed, and no insert, but all cards sleeved and bagged - £17

@cavalcade I'd be interested in this. Don't need the box or the baddie cards, just after the player cards :)

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I've got a couple of games I want to move on so I don't have to keep looking at them, depressed I can never find the time to play them;


Forgotten King + Caverns of Roxor (That is assuming there is anyone on here who didn't buy it in the Amazon sale!) - Played the tutorial but that is it.

Arkham Horror - Played once but can't find the time for it.


I'd prefer to trade for something slightly shorter and suitable for 2 players but if there are no takers and someone wants to buy them then i'd say £30 each.


I also still need to shift Machine of Death and Warhammer 40k Conquest (If no trades then £10 and £15 respectively)


I live near Oxford and work in Andover so i'm happy to meet up / deliver in most of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire (the closer to the A34 the better!)

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Looking to move on a few things that just don't hit the table:


Pandánte - Poker/bluffing game by Sirlin Games. First edition, lovely big cards though ruleset has since been updated. £5


Killer Bunnies - Blue/Yellow base set and Orange Expansion. £5


Ace of Spies - Ticket to Ride-ish set collection game about bluffing and spies and designed by the forum's very own Michael Fox - £5


Photos available on request. Not looking for any specific trades though am open to offers. Games that are good in two-player get the most play so more likely to trade for something that fits that bill.


Postage not included - will be happy to drop off at UKGE in June, though I'm only attending on the Friday.

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