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So from GAME's point of view, how is this sustainable?

It isn't, which is why it's an offer.

Presumably the idea is to have people build up large chunks of credit again, given that most would have cashed out in the run up to administration. For instance I now have £48 remaining on a gift card so I'm guaranteed to go in at least once more, which for them is an opportunity to sell me things they otherwise probably wouldn't have got. I imagine it's also beneficial from an image perspective, as such offers keep stores busy.

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Guys, it didnt work for me. Just 4.40 a game, not the £10 on top. Cardiff shop. Not sure if I got ripped off or what.

They spread the £10 across the value of the three games. In this case the games you traded would have only netted you £1 each if the offer wasn't on.

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Just got the below prices on trade...

Mass Effect 2 - £18.40

And yes, you've read that right, nearly £20 for Mass Effect 2.

Presumably their website is out of stock because everyone's buying copies to trade in!


EDIT: Piss off, HTML weirdness, breaking links and whatnot.

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Another list!


Condemnded 2 - £4.40

Resistance 1 - £6.40

Kane and Lynch 2 - £4.40

Heavenly Sword - £4.40

Dead Space - £5.90


Obscure 2 - £6.40


Rise of the Argonauts - 6.40

Fear Files - 5.90

Beautiful Katamari - £6.40

Fifa 09 - £4.40

Army of 2; 40th Day - £7.90

WRC - £11.40

Venetica - £7.90

Red Faction Guerilla - £4.40

Just Cause 2 - £13.40

COD:Black Ops - £15.40

DeBlob 2 - £8.40

Mafia 2 - £11.40

They took a pound off one of them saying it would need cleaning (go figure) and they refused to take Pure/Batman and Trivial Pursuit/Burnout Paradise as they were bundle games (even though on further perusal, both of those games were in there pre-owned section). They also refused to take Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, saying it was too badly scratched, which is bit annoying as I bought it either on here or NTSC-UK and haven't even played it yet so it was sold to me in that condition.

Anyway, I got £134.20 for that lot of mostly tat. Not too bad.

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I took a trip to CEX today. Bought 6 of the cheapest tat games them had for £9 including FIFA 11 and 8 for the ps3. Took a dander to GAME and got £27 for them. Not the most impressive story to come out of this offer but for a bit of walking I made 18 quid.

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Well I've drawn up a huge list of games to trade in, and... can't think of a single thing they sell that I want to buy for that money.

Oh, for the days of a retro section.

most of my stuff is well old. 2005-2010, at best, I could use the credit to get the big releases from the last two years...

or something

but it does mean going down big yellow, and getting all the cases out of storage first.

25th of april you say?

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I traded a bunch of stuff today, won't bother to list but the guy said, without their deal, I would have got £153 for my trade ins. I actually got £285.90.

The notable one (aside from the Mass Effect games as mentioned) was Spiderman 3 on 360 which is, for some reason, worth £13.40 on trade in!

EDIT - More things found. I bought 4 bits with my newly traded in cash. Skyrim and the Guide, Shogun 2 and a preowned copy of Madden 11 as I enjoy a Maddening but aren't arsed with up to the minute rosters or online so the previous year's is fine.

Shogun 2 rang through OK. There's 2 copies of the guide on my receipt, which is cheaper than the game, obviously and saved me a fiver. Also, I have a new Madden 12 disc in my used Madden 11 box as well as an online code for same I just redeemed.

Umm, thanks Game!

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'Cause it's a slow and boring Sunday night I just took a few hints off here and CeX and decided to estimate prices for my games list. Any tips on how accurate it is?

Final Fantasy XIII £11.40

Mass Effect 2 £11.40

Pokemon Black £10.40

Metroid Other M £8.40

Resi Evil Revelations £7.40

Prof Layton £6.40

Prof Layton 3 £6.40

Resident Evil 5 £6.40

Castlevania DoS £5.40

Kingdom Hearts 365/2 days £5.40

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded £5.40

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games £5.40

Sonic Olympics £5.40

Sonic Unleashed £5.40

Sonic Classic £5.40

Virtua Fighter 5 £5.40

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom £5.40

Dragon Age Origins £4.40

Eat Lead £4.40

Trauma Centre: New Blood £4.40

Link's Crossbow Training - No Zapper £4.40

WWE Slapdown 2008 £4.40

Monster Hunter Tri £4.40

Tekken 6 £4.40

Halo 3 £4.40

Ghost Squad £4.40

Guilty Gear Core £4.40

Goldeneye £4.40

Ninja Gaiden 2 £4.40

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword £4.40

Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise £4.40

TOTAL: £175.40

Also hoping to pull a few "Buy three sports games for £3 from CeX and sell to Game for £13" combos to get enough for a new PS3 and a PSP Go for my brother.

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I'll do a breakdown list later when I get home from work but got just over £330 trade in for just over 40 games. Very happy with that. Stuck down a few preorders for Diablo 3, Max Payne 3 and Dragons Dogma. Here's hoping they don't go bust again :P

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LOL, people never learn do they? Two weeks ago it was all "only a mug builds up store credit", now it's a "let's accumulate the most store credit" competition.

I wonder if it could be different people doing those different things?

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Alot of the points earlier on regarding game were saying that one or more of the below should take place to "fix" game.

Higher trade in prices, encouraging people to use service and buy more

Lower preowned prices to encourage trade

New prices to be closer to online ones

Now they have tried point one and all that has happened is that everyone is taking the piss and profiteering... So where is the incentive to even try points two and three? For an unprofitable business how in the hell is the above business model going to work at all, let alone when everyone goes into it trying to rip as much money as they can out of it...

whenever you try and offer the general public a decent deal their immediate response is to see how far they can exploit it. Go and see That hot deals den of inquity for evidence...

We just don't deserve nice things do we :)

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I noticed at the weekend how games like Tiger Woods '09, FIFA 08 and PES 2008 were £1.98 instore.

So I could have bought those for £6, traded them in for at least £13, then waited until they got put back on the shelves and done it again.


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