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House of the Dead 3 + 4

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Sega have announced HOTD3 for a Feb 7th release on PSN (in the US I guess), and HOTD4 as "spring"

Both games will be with mandatory Trophies and HD, and will have Move support. No sign of 3D and I doubt they will bother for HOTD3. HOTD4 has never been ported to home console before so they may put in more effort for 3D. No news on a disc release.




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is the Move actually any good out of curiosity? And what about as far as light gun games go. I mean like, as far as a waggle thing goes, i'm not into using that as a gun alone so I take it another peripheral would be needed and i'm guessing it isn't gonna be cheap either to get both and then the games on top.

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It's fine for gun games, not used it for anything else enough. You're looking at £40-50 for the starter pack, which has all you need for the gun games except for an optional plastic holder. I use the official one, it can be found quite cheaply sometimes.


You can get Time Crisis Raizing Storm (also includes TC4 and a pirate thtmed gun game) for £10-15, and about the same again for House of the Dead Overkill.

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Last year's Cabela's is pretty good as well. Providing you don't have a problem with shooting bears in their faces.

Isn't it funny how that seems so much more shocking that shooting people in a game? I remember watching my little brother playing Resi 4 and smiling fraternally at him blowing the villagers heads off then he shotguns the cow in the barn and I'm positively aghast.

But yeah, Move. Tops for gun games. Dead Space Extraction is a good 'un too.

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HOTD III came out this week at a low, low price (not sure off hand as it has a PS+ discount, but it's under a fiver in some form). Has anyone picked it up?

I got it yesterday and it is a tidied up version. It plays and looks better than the Wii version and the Move controller works well. There is a short video interview and a hard mode unlocked after you complete the game, which has two modes, score attack and time attack. You can play free play or ranked play which has an online scoreboard.

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