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Fortnite: Battle Royale - CH4S2: - it’s #MEGA


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Chapter 4 Season 2 - MEGA



What’s new in Chapter 4 Season 2? It’s all gone Akira!




Neo Tokyo Mega City awaits. They’ve left Breakwater Bay and the tactical pistol in, so I’m happy whatever. Hearing that the kinetic sword is a pain in the kidneys.

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As I said - this concept already exists as a flash game. Scavenge by day, hold off the zombies by night.

die2nite? Addictive! Turning that concept into a proper game rather than a browser game could be decent.

What makes die2nite so good isn't the game itself - the mechanics are paper-thin - it's the interactions with the other players.

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Not that different though, nowadays it seems like every fucker is making either zombie games or tower defence games or both!

Different for Epic, obvs.

I feel like Epic are a tech company who have slowly worked out how to make great games (unlike id, who went the opposite way). It's good to see them have a crack at something outside of their comfort zone.

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A little bit more on it, along with the chances of “weapon crafting/traps, lvl system, underground exploration, Boss fights, team survival mode, rare loot?” being high.

My initial reaction to the video was that's Minecraft with TF2 graphics, but looking at it there's lots of things going on, influences from lots of game types being thrown in, many of which I enjoy, so defiantly seems interesting so far.

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Epic confirms Minecraft inspired Fortnite

Epic Games has admitted that Mojang's indie virtual world Minecraft in part inspired Fortnite, the game the company unveiled at the Spike VGA on Saturday.

Little was revealed at the award ceremony. The game has two phases - exploring and fort-building during the day, and fending off an advancing horde of undead by night - with Epic's design director Cliff Bleszinski saying the studio had "decided to switch things up a bit and do something different and fun." In a series of tweets since the announcement, lead designer Lee Perry has revealed a few more details.

Perry admits that "Minecraft was an inspiration for sure," but stresses that Fortnite is no straight lift from Mojang's game. "I see lots of questions asking if Fortnite is freeform construction," he writes. "It is. It's not scripted or just boarding up existing structures.

"Minecraft lets you build anything, we are focusing on constructing buildings specifically."

Perry won't be drawn on target platforms or release plans, and is vague when asked who is heading up development of the game. "Fortnite has been a crazy organic old-school war room of passionate devs," he writes. "It's like an indie group set up shop in the corner of the building."


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Fortnite is the first UE4 engine game. It's currently a PC exclusive. It looks and sounds great.

I'm really glad Epic are trying something new. They need to outgrow their dudebro stuff, they're incredibly talented but always hamstrung by naff art direction (don't get me wrong, I love Gears etc). This on the other hands looks tops.








Gameplay vids should be up tomorrow.

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I agree that it's great that they're trying to outgrow the dudebro design, but the artstyle in this looks just as naff in its own way. I generally like cartoony / comic book style graphics if they're done well, but this looks a bit... amateurish? Imho and all that.

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FORT NITE. Get it?

I like the art, it reminds me of the good dreamworks films



Everyone looks spindly and lanky, a million miles away from Gears tree-trunk men:


I expect seeing it in motion will either make or break it. If they move stiffly it'll look poo. If they're all elastic and expressive, it'll be cool.

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  • Pistol changed the title to Fortnite: Battle Royale - CH4S2: - it’s #MEGA

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