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The Last Of Us


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So if you've been planning on a second run at TLOU is it best to do that first before this DLC or is it a prequel of sorts? I've been spoiler-free up to this point so no nothing about it

There are only very minor spoilers about game mechanics in the review - a screenshot or two shows locations, if they count. Otherwise it's spoiler free.

Started downloading it from the store this morning. Set my PSPlus update to kick in at 13:00 so that it's ready by the time I get home :-)

I thought if you ordered it from the store you were charged twice? Or is that XBL?

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If you have any interest in multiplayer whatsoever, the Season Pass is only £14 via Amazon.

The online isn't some tacked-on throwaway but just as accomplished as the singleplayer, albeit even more tense as you're fighting other humans; if anything I'd peg that as the reason for people not being able to enjoy it. It got rather overlooked with reviewers tripping over themselves to praise the offline portion, but I'd say it's easily one of the best multiplayer modes of the last generation.

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This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I think it took me three hours, though it's probably doable in two. It's fairly light on combat compared to the campaign, but...well, I don't want to say too much because it's best left unspoiled. But yeah. I admired TLOU greatly but perhaps didn't quite love it. I *loved* this.

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