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To The Moon


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I had a couple of (non repeatable) crashes on OSX (to desktop) throughout the gameplay. Nothing that the SavePoints didn't sort out though. I suspected it was some kind of wrapper - as this was a RPGMakerXP game. Things such as not being able to tap on trackpad to click (had to proper click) point to some weirdness behind the scenes.

Lovely 'game' though - and on HumbeBundle obviously a complete steal. I enjoyed my time with it a lot.

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Firstly - how do you play the mini episode? I've got this on Steam and can't seem to find it.

Secondly, I've just finished the main game. It was quite touching at times, but I felt that it was the music that was the real tear jerker.

I've heard great things about it, but think it was merely good.

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I played this (two-sittings) the other day and I think I must be one of the only people in the world who didn't love it. The music was nice, sure, but the game itself just felt like I didn't really need to do anything. I wouldn't even go as far as calling it an interactive movie because the player barely has to interact - just sit and watch.

Maybe I'm just a negative nancy - I also didn't like the Walking Dead games because of similar reasons - but sure the story was good and kept me going for three hours, but boredom definitely kicked in a couple of times.

One bugbear is why was the close up of Dr Rosalene a pixelated mess, yet the close up of John and River on the bench completely different graphics? I didn't get why they did that.

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Yeah that's been fair critic actually, both 'games' focus on narrative primarily and if the story wasn't much cop it would have broken apart instantly for me. It does have the usual 'observe stuff in the room' thing going but that isn't much, certainly.

Play Bird Story regardless!

News-wise the next game will be Finding Paradise, no doubt taking his time to reduce us to endless tears.

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Finished it earlier. Streamed it.


It has it's punches, much like TTM did. For me it was particularly the last 30mins.


It's not better (because it's not the first one to do it) nor is it worse, as it gives your mind plenty more to chew on and think about compared to TTM on the subject matter.


You will still weep.


Worth every penny.


I hope we won't have to wait 4-6 years again for the finale.

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1 hour ago, Shoes said:

I can't ever understand streaming a narrative game. 


I pointed out the same to my friend, for what it's worth. People just love hearing impressions of any kind, no matter the game. Thankfully not much weeping.


The more professional streamers give voices to the characters, which also gives some (needless) novelty.

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