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BAP Managerial Waiting List


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11 hours ago, gooner4life said:

I'll be manager and Hogg can be my assistant if it's ok with @Luseth I'm not going to play this season, I'll give someone else a chance to win the golden boot or top the assist charts but I don't mind picking a team and doing the reports.


I'm ok with that on the condition @Theholyhogg is a manager on his own next season :)


Then we just need 1 more for this season and we can arrange the draft.

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Thanks to those who have volunteered for manager :)


So far we have -


1) @Alison94

2) @Jamin

3) @gooner4life / @Theholyhogg (Gooner is currently manager only but we are all expecting him to announce he is continuing for another season :D )

4) alfromsleep


So still waiting on one more before we can think about starting the new season. I'm not sure if @tomakasatnav is still waiting on anything/ anyone? before he can close out the last season and hand over ^_^ But once we have the last manager we can set a date for the draft and a date for the pre-season cup :)


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1 hour ago, Luseth said:

Thank you @AlfromSleep & thank you @tomakasatnav for your hard work the last few seasons :)


@gooner4life thanks for the heads up. I'll wait for the next patch before initiating anything then. Have they just said that they are working on it? (No idea of a timescale i'm guessing)


VFL said on Twitter that Rob Hodson has said the fix is in the next patch but not given them a timescale on delivery yet.

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On 27/10/2017 at 02:45, Jamin said:

I'm out as a manager for the new season, sorry Luseth. Struggling to enjoy the game as it is and I have a busy few months ahead so I'll skip S1 (when it happens!). 


Is that management or the league altogether?


For those who are waiting for me to start the league, apologies for the delay. I'm just not sure it's worth starting until the new patch for 2 reasons -


1) Hopefully it will sort out many of the issues that are causing people to dislike the game i.e. dodgy keepers

2) I would rather us not have to mess about every Thursday for half an hour before we can actually play the games that week, it will only put people off.


Hope you guy's agree? If you do all want it to start moving I can do but it just seem's like it's not worth it just yet.


That said, if you ever see me on i'm always up for some games of an evening :)

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