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Rllmuk racing wheel thread


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I know a lot of people on here are still using the MS wheel, and if yours is anything like mine then it may well be on it's last legs.

I found this guy on YouTube a little while back that made a video guide to replacing the bearing around the steering column, which basically eliminates all the wobble and play that starts to get worse and worse over time.

Anyway he also makes the replacent bearings and having not had any in stock all summer has just added some to his eBay site here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200658359531?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

I'm not vouching for this guy or anything (haven't got a clue who he is) but I've just ordered myself a replacement bearing for £13.50 delivered. If it does what it's meant to do then I'll be a happy man. :)

Thought some of you guys might be interested too.

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For those interested in a CSR, some updated shipping info went up on Thomas' Fanatec blog

This post will show the status of the shipments of the whole CSR product line.

CSR wheel

CSR Elite Pedals

CSR Shifter Set


Ship to arrive on Oct 4th. Custom clearance in EU usually only takes a few days


Ship has arrrived and goods are in customs clearance. We expect the goods to be ready to ship in week 40.

 CSR Elite Wheel

Production has not started yet. We expect production in November if final tests are succesful. We are still eliminating a few flaws.

CSR Pedals


Production will start in late October and shipments to arrive in early December (estimate)

The CSW will be made shortly after the CSR E and we have some special plans how to launch this product.


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Or for those that want to keep the GF extra happy and instead have something easily hidden when guests comes round, there's always this ...

I think the fact this is pretty much an uncut 10min demo of the wheel, WITHOUT any audio commentary, analysis or insight ... the silence there could be read as this actually not being very good.

But then without FFB, how could it ever be.

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I've got an MS Wheel on a Wheelstand Pro, but I don't really like it.

I've been trying to get a Fanatec GT2 or Turbo S off ebay forever, but they go for about 10% less than brand new! I really can't stretch to that kind of money.

Whatever I do replace the MS wheel with will have to be triple format though.

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this is my G25 set up.

this arrangement was originally meant to be a stop gap solution. but with a couple of cushions on the floor, leaning on the sofa (just out of shot) its actually very good.

and i can just chuck the pedals on the side and move it all relatively easily

i got it a few years ago, when the G27 had just come out, for a bargainous £100. :wub:

post-2590-040241700 1317488348_thumb.jpg

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Just the MS one. And you can thank MS for putting such a huge fee on using the FFB license for the scarcity.

It really isn't, the fee is not very big in the scheme of things.

It is the tiny market place for such a device that is the issue with companies making them, even MS can't turn a profit on a wheel but you can bet they will make bazzilions on the dildo thing as its a far more mass market friendly thing.

The only reason the PS3 has better wheel options is that it uses HID as an interface, PS3 games don't properly support the G25/G27 but they work fairly well with no work on the drivers being needed in game etc.

Doesn't make the wheel situation on the 360 any better of course but you can't blame Logitech for not bothering when it would probably not make them any money and push the price up on any wheel they already have.

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If it was to do with the limited market, then why are a horde of companies releasing new wheels at a time when the next gen is just around the corner? Surely they would have done it a few years ago.

Furthermore, the new Mad Catz FFB costs approx. £115 more than the non-FFB one, the only other differences being the gear stick, the metal faceplate construction and the new pedal shifters. I doubt that lot is worth £10, let alone £115...

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Why would they do that?

Surely the point of them doing what they did was so they could try and make money off their crappy wheels, which they couldn't do?

I bloody hate them for that. Its not doing SFA for the videogamer or simmer and i'm glad that failed to make profits on their gear.

The 360 is dead for anything like sim games. After Forza 4 that pretty much it for me apart from arcade racers.

But I honestly can't figure out any other reason as to why they made their FFB the way they did.

Its one of few things i did respect Sony for. And in doing so they got Logitech on board so you had a much better quality of low cost wheel that still last over 2 generations of machines.

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MS did it so you can't get idiots playing FPS games with a keyboard and mouse like you can on the PS3, HID is pc interface that the PS3 uses so it gets wheel support by default not because Sony were thinking about the gamers :rolleyes:

Fanatec are a niche company selling high end products, they don't sell a huge amount compared to your logitechs but have a high markup and a loyal fan base. I doubt they could make a £100 wheel and make money on it, hence they don't.

Remember that Fanatec wheels work on PC, PS3 & 360 - they work better on PS3 and better still on the PC so its not like they are a dedicated MS hardware supporter, they are of course getting a huge payment for the Forza support so stopped progress on some of their other products to do this job, remember the CSR is pretty much a GT2 with revised motor/belt setup and the CSR-e is based on the PC/PS3 only Clubsport so its not like they are dedicating all resources to the 360 - i also imagine MS will use the same interface on the next console so one can imagine the wheels will cross over to all new machines from MS & Sony.

That Madcatz wheel is nothing like the crappy one they sell now, its leagues ahead in construction and has twin motors, metal geared and initial reports are very positive - the one they sell now is $100 less with no motors or electronics to control them, of you think that can be done for $10 then you are hilariously mistaken!

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Only the GT2 and Turbo S work on all 3 platforms - as well as the new ones that aren't out yet.

Indeed, i meant that the 360 wheels work on the others (i have a GT2) Fanatecs market is PC first was more my point and until the CSR & CSR-e the 360 wheels were 'special editions'

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MS did it so you can't get idiots playing FPS games with a keyboard and mouse like you can on the PS3, HID is pc interface that the PS3 uses so it gets wheel support by default not because Sony were thinking about the gamers :rolleyes:

i'm not sure why sony would use it if it wasnt advantageous to them (and by default, us) automatically getting loads of peripherals working easily.

they could have easily used a specific system and made us all buy new stuff. its quite possible they were thinking about us.

either way, i'm very happy. ^_^

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I am not sure, actually - Shimmyhill could be the most qualified to answer that.

G25 pedals are rarer than rocking horse shit though (Logitech never sold them separately), so it's almost worth your while buying them in any case. If you don't end up using them for whatever reason you'll almost certainly get your money back if you sell them on.

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Curses!! There are no G25 pedals on ebay either, only the full wheel & pedal sets. Plus I'd need an adapter...

You get a free g25 adapter with the CSR, i asked them about this.

I use mine with the wireless wheel. Chop the pedal cable in half and solder a 9 pin female d-sub onto it, real easy to do but now i can't use the microsoft wheel pedals. (not that i'd want to)

post-1758-099701000 1317645553_thumb.jpg

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F1 2011 has split screen. I've a DTGT and my mate has bought one too. Does anyone know if F1 2011 will support split screen with both of us using a DTGT wheel each? Its the PS3 version of F1 2011 that I have so I'm assuming that the two USB slots would work fine one per wheel.

(This may be better for Ask The Forum but thought it might be more relevant in this thread).

Has anyone else tried the dual wheel setup before? And if so, any other good games supporting split screen/dual wheel come to mind? (Need to check if Gran Turismo 5 is split screen - reckon the karting would be great too).

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Just won an auction for a set of G25 pedals - £64 delivered. I reckon I've paid over the odds, but they'll be worth it in the long run. I won't be modding this for the 360 though. I fully plan on getting a CSR in the new year.

Nicely done mate!

If the pedals are standard, I'd highly recommend the Nixim mod for the brake and clutch:


My pedals have the old mod (brake threshold buffer only, no upgraded springs) and the brake feels amazing.

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Yeah, that Nixim mod really does enhance things. Don't worry though - the standard pedals are fine and a complete leap and bound from what you've been using in any case!

I'd say £64 is actually pretty good as they're still very popular pedals and I am pretty sure there'll be strong demand for them for a while yet.

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