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Critically panned movies you just love


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Seriously, Shoot 'em Up is the balls. I'm gonna have to watch Gamer now if it's similar.

One that alllllmost worked was Wanted, it had all the traits of a stupid ridiculous action movie as in during the first 5 minutes a dude runs through a plate glass office window 30 stories up across a 100ft gap between buildings capping people by curving bullets as he goes only to then get his head blown off from 2 miles away by a sniper he's talking with on the phone.

Shit like that makes me smile, it is just so so so over the top. The story isn't brilliant (they never are) but to watch for the action scenes is entirely worth it. Everyone hated it, I enjoyed it for what it was. Stupid and violent.

Gamer has a good satirical dig at modern entertainment, such as online gaming and Second Life, but I don't think it's anywhere near as much fun as Shoot 'em Up. The action is much more grounded too, nowhere near as OTT as Shoot.

Totally agreed about Wanted though. It was an absurd concept executed wonderfully, as you say, mad shit like that just makes me grin. Whilst not critically panned (I don't think) The Transporter series fills the same niche.

Come to think of it, a film that most certainly was critically panned but I loved.. The One!

Kindergarten Cop.


Short Circuit 2.

Fifth Element.


All are amaze.

A hundred times YES. I don't know what it is, but that bit where he's getting smashed up and sends the RC planes to save him still gives me chills :lol: . Don't understand it, but it always gets to me.

2 Kurt Russell films:


3000 miles to graceland

Loved em both!

Never seen 3000 Miles To Graceland, but Soldier is a truly under appreciated film. It's a really understated film in many respects, but it delivers where it counts.

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Oh another I watched last night Bunraku, the wild west comic booky movie...

Went into it knowing nothing other than it got panned by critics (16% on Rotten Tomatoes) and from the opening story which was told entirely through string puppets (which is where the name comes from), pop up books and animation it was pretty fucking cool. The entire film is styled like a mixture of a pop up book mixed with a comic, it is all moody coloured lighting and shadow, buildings and scenery folding into the screen on certain shots.

It got panned because, well, I dunno, I really enjoyed the film. It is a really basic story of power and revenge and the taking back of a town in a western stylee. The twist comes in learning in the (gorgeous) intro that guns don't exist any more, effectively banned from the world nobody uses them instead relying on fists and blades. This leads to an awful lot of punchups between gangs and the main character has supposedly the quickest hands in the west and uses them often to put people down. There's one scene where he breaks into a prison to free someone and it is almost done in a videogame style like Kung Fu Master, him working top to bottom ruining guards as the camera pans downwards in one continuous shot complete with barely audible videogame sound effects. Visually it is brilliant, the fight scenes are entertaining and the badmans are bad, particularly killer 2 played by a Scottish fella.

I'd rate that shit like a 7.5/10, 8.5 if I'm being a whore for the look of it.

Go into it expecting nothing and you'll probably enjoy it assuming you're not someone who looks at buildings folding into view and thinks "that looks so faaaaake!", that's not really the point.

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'3000 Miles to Graceland' is a spectacuarly poor film that I watched intently from start to finish if only to see what stupid boring shit they'd present to you next. And the accents, oh the accents. It baffles me as to why this got made in the first place, but I'm really glad it did.

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Ok, I'm ready.



I've watched this about four times now, each time unplanned. The first was when it was my mum's turn to choose. Every time since? I've flicked through, seen it on, and been completely unable to switch over.

Not only is it as soppy as romantic comedies come, it's also not funny. So it's just a romantic... romance. And the romance? Completely and utterly morally uncomfortable and wrong. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale meet in a shop, fancy each other, have a couple of minutes of banter, then make some ridiculous pact that if they meet again further down the line they'll get together.

Fast forward years later and both are in long term relationships, Cusack about to get married. Of course, he keeps thinking of Beckinsale and, after a series of close shaves, they eventually meet up and get together. The end. So what are we forgetting? Their partners of course. Beckinsale's partner doesn't show her 100% attention all the time so he's painted as evil, but Cusack's? She's pretty much perfect. But the audience isn't expected to show her any empathy purely for the fact she isn't Kate Beckinsale. Two people left completely heartbroken due to their partners getting with each other. I always imagine that they split mere weeks after the climax of the film, after realising they don't get on.

And yet despite all that, I really like it. John Cusack makes almost any film watchable, and Kate Beckinsale looks impossibly beautiful. Maybe I'm just massively shallow. They amble through the film with zero self awareness or regard for others, and yet my heart stops when they get together. I'm a failure as a human.

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Bad Boys 2 is one of my favourite action films of the last5 - 10 years. It's one of Bays silliest films, it's over the top and when they just all of a sudden go to Cuba I was pissing myself laughing so hard I couldn't help but have a great time. Silly, silly film. I really want a bluray and a Bad Boys 3.


Also, Beerfest. A comedy film practically noone I know has seen and didn't review well at all but yet everytime I see it I laugh like a drain. Just one of those films I find really funny.

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Serendipity is an odd one in that you should hate Cusack's character, he's about to marry the gorgeous Bridget Moynahan, who you'd expect to be a dragon to him but she isn't, her only crime is not being Kate Beckinsale. Yet Cusack brings it around and you find yourself believing him in. Piven's great in it too. The kind of film if I see it on, I know I'm going to end up watching.

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Also, Beerfest. A comedy film practically noone I know has seen and didn't review well at all but yet everytime I see it I laugh like a drain. Just one of those films I find really funny.

The other Broken Lizard films I've seen (Club Dread and Super Troopers) aren't too bad either.

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Here's my list of shame:

The Lakehouse


Werid time travel love story, which should be shit (indeed most people seemed to think it was) but I completely bought into it. Lovely film.

Hotel for Dogs


I wont even try to justify this.

Does 'A Life Less Ordinary' count? Its certainly better than the critics would suggest.

And yeah, Chronicles of Riddick is a masterpiece that will be recogised as such in the next decade or so.

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Does 'A Life Less Ordinary' count? Its certainly better than the critics would suggest.

I loved it. Right up until the ending, which was a complete WTF moment.

Have to disagree with mr_woo though, the reasons you love Bad Boys 2 are the reasons I hate it. The Cuba bit was just one stupid thing too far.

Haven't seen Serendipity, but it sounds like Cusacks character in "Pushing Tin". He's an absolute arsehole, yet you are supposed to like him over the rival (played by Billy Bob Thornton). All the way through I'm thinking "no, I hate you."

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I'm going to go ahead and say that Will Smith can do NO wrong by me.

So it's with that that i'll have to say that Wild Wild West is one of my favourite movies out of the 90's. Firstly because of smith and secondly because of Kevin Kline(who I can always enjoy).

The scene where they both have to outrun sawblade's in a cornfield is extremely enjoyable.

Second on the list would be another vote for Last Action Hero and also for the Eddie Murphy version of the Nutty Professor. That last one wasn't panned but these days it is very much seen as the beginning of the end of Murphy's movie career.

Speaking of Eddie Murphy movies, I really liked Live as well.

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