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RPL Town - Season 14

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Ireland you say?









Big Gus


Welcome to the new guys, I know Big Gus and Bleeders will add a lot of vocals which will be great. Not having Tobert around is going to be strange, his stamina stats will be in our hearts though.

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Good luck boys, you have got a strong line up and without me there is nothing stopping you taking the title this season!

...he says, before putting us fourth in the predictions thread. Will miss you, Dad.

Edit - oh wait it's second now

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Welcome Bleeders and Gus. And welcome back Petey and Billy, who walked through a revolving door for a couple of minutes before coming back in.

I propose a meet and greet tomorrow evening. I'll try and arrange another team to play if we can get enough on. What say you, y'all?

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Tobes says that there a sometimes a few of you knocking about on Tues nights.

Apparently practise may make United better again so we will always have a few on looking for a game from 10pm on Tuesdays if you want to make it a regular slot?

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We should practice, though.

Good trio of wins last night, lads. All quite comfortable apart from that shaky performance in the last one, where the win was gifted with that bizarre back pass own goal. Definitely an improvement after getting knocked about by City the other night.

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