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Our War


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Watched this last night


Pretty harrowing stuff, a lot of film taken by guys on patrol who just left the camera running.

This episode follows a group of super young guys heading out to the farthest north point in Afghanistan where one of them is promptly shot dead on his first patrol. Really amazing footage of the patrol and aftermath then great interviews with the family and troop mates a few years after the indecent.

Moving stuff and eye opening in a kind of weirdly predictable way.

Particularly when the guys are under fire and just sort of milling around not knowing where to return fire too or exactly what is happening. Computer games it aint!

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I think if I changed the title of the program to something else it would probably make it hard for other people to find...

I expect they meant Our (as in the soldiers) War, getting their perspective not the view managed by the military machine through embedded journalists who cannot go to the actual front line. Of course the message will have been okayed to a certain extent by the 'donkeys' simply due to the film they release, however film from the actual engagement can only have a verisimilitude that reports of an action can never have.

I was not asking for anyone to morally defend the UK's military strategy.

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Not our war matey and i want no part it, it's the govements war, kids led to there death for nothing, google lions led by donkeys.

That's the point of the title, it's the war as seen from the the viewpoint of those particular soldiers. It's not trying to imply the viewer or soldiers featured are responsible or have ownership of it. Or in other words, what fragglerock said.

I wanted to watch this when I saw the trailer a while ago (looked a bit like a UK TV version of Restrepo, maybe) so I'll have a watch tonight. Thanks for the reminder fraggy!

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