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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

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Returned to this after being busy for 5 months with everything else that´s come out for the 3DS.

This really is the best AC since the original. A great Christmas game and something I´ll be playing well into 2014.

I never played the original, but as good as the GC version (the first one I played) was, all that malarkey to visit other towns was a bloody nightmare. Even worse if, like me, you had a Freeloader 'cos you imported. So tedious.

Yet I still did it every day for months.

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The moneyspinner is perfect fruit. You can only grow perfect varieties of your native fruit though. You can sell your perfect native fruit at another town where it isn't native for massive damage bells.

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How do I make snowman, just asking.

Be careful at first with the snowball, as you can only make it bigger by walking behind it pushing it. As it gets bigger, you'll have better control over it as you roll it. It'll get smaller if you roll it over ground with no snow, BTW.

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First Snow(wo)man of the year! I've got skillz


Today I have smashed 5 7 (+one off a cliff)would be snowbodies and still havent finished a whole Snowperson. It does take some skill especially if you have tonnes of trees. Takes ages to find a new one but it doesnt matter cos everything looks amazin.

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