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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

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Randomly got 2 balloon clocks by popping balloons in a space of 5 mins.

STILL haven't got any perfect apples and am starting to believe Centipedes don't exist as I have still not found any, no matter what rock I bash when or where!

Started to collect Astro furniture too but only to go with my new wallpaper I designed, that and I love the closet + chair :)

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I sold all of mine for 128b yesterday which was a reasonable profit on the 95b purchase price. I'm still keeping an eye on Re-tail in case there is a spike but in my town recently the only way is down for prices from Wednesday onwards.

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I have astro closet and floor, Donut. Can also bring that toilet cubicle to add to your fart room and I got given K.K bubblegum on sat night.

Think my Astro set it is complete now (including floor and wall), so you're welcome to catalogue it if you want. I'll take the toilet cubicle!

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