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Austra - Feel It Break

Michael J Glocks

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I stumbled across these guys a few days ago whilst idly clicking around on Spotify and really liked what I heard, and a quick Google revealed that they released their debut album, Feel It Break, just over a week ago. And it's really good! Already one of my favourites of the year so far. It sounds a bit Fever Ray / Zola Jesus to my ears. You know, all your favourites.

The album's not up on Spotify yet but there's an EP and a couple of singles.

EDIT: Yes it is!

Here's the obligatory embedded youtube videos:



Anyone else a fan?

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Heyyy on the subject of Canadian electronic music with female vocals, I'm enjoying Halfaxa by Grimes on first listen.


Maybe this could be the moody electronic music with female vocals recommendations thread that rllmuk has been crying out for.

N.B. I'm not averse to a bit of "Witch House" but I'm looking for stuff that's not quite so murky or droning right now. Plus there's a thread for that already.

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