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Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive


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I thought it wasn't too bad, but the editing left a bit to be desired and as many have pointed out, it was never going to be as good as the original.

I like experiments like this though, it kinda legitimises the whole bootleg, remix culture by having a director greenlight it and provide the material to do the rescore properly. I wonder how much flack it'd be getting if someone other than Zane "Fuck Off" Lowe had been fronting it.

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This is on Amazon Prime, for free on the Video service. I'd never seen it and heard and remembered all of the praise for it, so jumped in and watched it the other night.

I can understand why people like it, but I thought overall it was pretty poor. A great start, then the weird interpersonal relationship with his neighbour and her son was just hamfisted. The long siliences and long pauses and looks were not conviencing at all. Then the violence just ramps up out of nowhere and goes way OOT.

I am not sure of the background of the film, but it felt to me like a film made by someone who loves videogames and Grand Theft Auto. However I don't think this made a great film. The actual backbone to the film and the gangster connection was tired old rubbish, played out so many times before it became predicatable.

Each to their own of course, and thats the beauty of taste. I thought certain elements of the soundtrack where excellent, apart from the "Real Human" song (was it called that?) which reminded me of the Chromatics (band). I had one of their albums once before selling it on, utterly wet music.

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There's a bunch of Chromatics stuff in the movie (not the song you mention oddly enough, I think that's College). It's the Chromatics that do that pulsating heist music section near the start, when he's a getaway driver. Great piece of music as well, fitted into the film perfectly.

Drive is one of those big screen movies I reckon, when you let it all wash over you. It's a sociopath's screwed up vision of what it means to be a hero. Don't really get your video game connotation though, if anything Drive is an anti-action movie at times, all languid and slow, the opposite of kinetic video game action.

I thought it was hilarious. That jacket. Those gloves. That 70's car. The mask. The lift scene. Albert Brooks. And that jacket, which is worth mentioning twice. I mean I can get why it rubs up people the wrong way because it's a movie that has very little relationship to reality, but that's kind of the point.
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