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Congrats Jamin!

I feel I owe you for my (so far) successful season too, as I remember only really getting Napoli firing after a bunch of friendlies against you in pre-season.

Looking forward to seeing how FIFA'12 shakes things up on here next season :)

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Good season, y'all. The first match was in the balance after an early lead was taken by Tyler, but Pato salmon-diving his way into the path of an Ibrahimovic keeper-beating shot etched the writing onto the wall. The wall of relegation. Good games all. Except Joe, obviously.

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Baring 19.gif3 - 0 2.gif Seanfl9


Bale signs off from White Hart Lane in style as he scores a beauty.

Seanfl9 2.gif5 - 0 19.gif Baring


Young scores the only 'decent' goal at Villa Park

Well, the season is complete and a sixth position finish once again. Although i can claim 'joint fifth'. It's been a'right with Villa i guess. Not the greatest team to have in among the big guns but they did well. Looking forward to trying out a few teams next season as i already know my rating already. Again, congrats Jamin for the title and hopefully next FIFA i can challenge again.

Cheers for the games Baring, harsh to miss out on second in the final game but your players clearly but all their efforts into the first game. Happy to of finished the season on a winning note but im looking forward to FIFA12.

Good season everyone, see you all soon.

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Well played Sean 2 good games, yea the effort went in to the first it seemed lol Fifas weird like that. Happy with 3rd and got to a final with Spurs against such class sides, hopefully ill go one better in 12 and win summit decent :D

Good season everyone, well played.

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