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Two games, two draws

Fascinating encounters, frustration for the managers

107.gifpompey88 (2 - 2) JaminTastic 1.gif

Nasri 16, Walcott 45

Higuain 56, Kaka 90

Real Madrid CF - Arsenal FC
6 Shots 11
5 On target 7
47% Possession 53%
83% Shot accuracy 63%
84% Pass accuracy 75%

1.gifJaminTastic (1 - 1) pompey88 107.gif

Higuain 64

Bendtner 78

Arsenal FC - Real Madrid CF
9 Shots 1
3 On target 1
59% Possession 41%
33% Shot accuracy 100%
78% Pass accuracy 68%

Running stats

Top goal scorers

Bendtner - 16

Walcott - 15

Arshavin - 7

Nasri - 5

Diaby - 3


Cheers for the games pompey. Massive shame that our games are always sluggish, slow responding encounters in laggy-feeling surroundings. We just had to make do really and plough on. Disappointed to lose the 2-0 goal lead in the first, especially the 90th minute equaliser but the conditions didn't really help either of us play any nice stuff - crossing was always going to be the best route to goal. Pleased with the Nasri opener though from 25-yards!

Second one I was just glad to get the equaliser after having dominated but going behind to a well taken Higuain finish. Bendtner showing why I've been raising his profile with a lovely curler in off the post.

Hard to take much enjoyment from either of these, but in terms of the table it doesn't help either of us really. Hopefully things will become clearer in our 2 remaining fixtures!

All the best mate.

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Nice summary. I don't know how I managed to hold on to a point in either game as I couldn't get out my box let alone my half. Just horrendous conditions! I've actually played all my games now which is a bit of a relief to be honest as I haven't enjoyed the last few due to the lag. If I can't get it sorted before next season I'm afraid I'll have to drop out as it's not much fun for me or my opponent.

Well played though Jamin, good luck in your last games.

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cheers for the games this season guys.

i'm glad its all over to be honest as this game is really getting to me, just no fun to play at all and its almost a chore to get the games played.

Which is sad as the league used to be such fun...

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Lifeline for Milan

AC Milan go into their final games of the season with a lifeline after bouncing back from six straight losses last night. Facing the mighty Manchester United, an inspired Milan took four points from six, and now find themselves just two points away from escape. They will need results to go their way as well as getting at least two draws against Barcelona, but finally the fans have a tangible mission, together with the confidence given from coming out of two very tricky games with 4 points.

Timmo 0 - 4 Rocafella

Rocafella 3 - 1 Timmo

Timmo 1 - 1 LittleJoe

Littlejoe 0 - 1 Timmo

Good games ladz 4 real.

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Sean 1 - 4 Rocafella

Rocafella 2 - 2 Sean

First game, i did well for the majority of the game made a few openings against a strong defence and of course forgot my maths as i knew cross = goal and Drogba somehow scores headers from stupid chances. Hmm unjust result tbh as i thought i deserved at least a draw in fairness. Never mind maybe next game might be a bit smoother. Raced into 2 goal lead and the lag was horrendous for most parts of the first half. BUT then... we all see our teams become hopeless and just plain terrible but i don't think i have EVER seen my side on a fifa game become so retarded that i would rather have a bunch of wheelchairs scattered around the pitch than these men. Literally ever pass went wrong, every touch was that of a rapist. Just pretty much everything and anything was going against me and how i held out for a draw i'll never know. Rocafella deserved the points in the second game. Didn't get them. I probably deserved the points in the first if it weren't for my stupid attempts to play attacking football.

At least i now have Baring as my final games on this FIFA and im pretty sure another 8-7 is on the cards. For me this time. Let's get em played tonight Basil.

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Seriously Timmo your worse than Wincho for being a fucking nosey wanker.

Roca - your telling me you never lagged AT ALL in the entire two games apart from the spike at the beginning of the second half? If so then theres a problem. I had someone watching me play and say 'fuckin ell that's a laggy game' throughout the majority of the first game. Im merely stating it was laggy for me and in particular the second game was a shocker on my behalf. I suppose seeing as it's me posting it's like a light goes off in people's heads they must post about me.

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Roca - your telling me you never lagged AT ALL in the entire two games apart from the spike at the beginning of the second half? If so then theres a problem. I had someone watching me play and say 'fuckin ell that's a laggy game' throughout the majority of the first game. Im merely stating it was laggy for me and in particular the second game was a shocker on my behalf. I suppose seeing as it's me posting it's like a light goes off in people's heads they must post about me.

I'm saying it didn't lag, apart from that huge random spike in the second game. 'Horiffic lag for most of the first half' is exaggeration. I've played in terrible laggy games this season, just ask Baring. My games with you were fine (for me anyway). I had no issues when I played Jamin or Timmo recently either. It just seems you rarely lose graciously, there's always an issue. Either it's the connection, or the game, or the way people play. At the end of the day, most of us play in the league for fun, so why take everything so seriously? What's the point in posting a rant if a match doesn't go your way?

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It wasn't exactly a fierce rant aimed at your deviating a plan to suck the life out of me or anything just merely saying the game felt really bad for me in the second. Could you not tell by the fact that every pass going towards your half went wayward. Forget it man, good luck in your final games.

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Rocafella 4 - 0 Timmo

Timmo 1 - 3 Rocafella

Rocafella 2 -2 Sean

Sean 1 - 4 Rocafella

Rocafella 1 -1 Mackenie

Mackenie 2 - 2 Rocafella

Got through quite a few games this week. I played Timmo first and I went straight in to these games after having not touched Fifa for over two weeks and I ended up playing probably my best two matches of the season. Every thing seemed to go my way. My passing was decent and I was taking my chances, which is unlike me. They were two pretty open games with the play going end to end, but fortunately my defence was solid and managed to keep out Ibrahimovic and co. for the most part to give me six points and get me away from that relegation zone for good. Cftg mate. Looking like you'll need some good results against Tyler to stay up. Who knows what will happen.

Next up was Sean. In the first match I caught Sean napping and took the lead with my first attack of the match. After that there were a few half chances but for the most part our defences were keeping each other out. Then with literally the last kick of the first half, a cross swung in from deep found Bent on the edge of the 6 yard box to head home with a bullet. The second half was more of the same, with no real clear cut chances, before I took the lead with another Drogba goal. After this went in I think Sean went more attacking because spaces opened up and then Drogba put the match to bed with his trick after some nice footwork in the box one on one to beat the defender and smash home. Drogba still had time to put a late forth away, but by this time Sean had given up and was down to 10 men after a rash Kyle Walker challenge saw him dismissed.

In the second match it was the other way around. Sean caught me napping and before I knew it, I was 2-0 down after 10 minutes after some cool Bent finishing. After that though, I stepped my game up and it was pretty much one way traffic from then on. I was passing well, defending well and creating chances at will, but didn't have that clinical edge. I pulled one back with Drogba (?) before levelling things with a Torres goal. I kept pushing to try and get the win but more wasteful finishing and some incredible saves from Friedel kept me out, saving a powerful header from Torres and a one on one with Drogba the pick of the bunch. I almost got through one on one again after Collins misjudged a drop kick, which my striker got on to, but fortunately for Sean his attempt at clearing it managed to take me out too! I don't think I've been in a game I've dominated so much and failed to win, but I didn't put my chances away, so only have myself to blame. I guess it was just one of those days Sean, you were clearly frustrated by the way things weren't falling for you, but it doesn't change much in terms of where we'll finish in the league. Cftg.

Finally Mackenie. The first game there were chances galore for both sides, with me taking a 2-0 lead thanks to Drogba. Torres was notably off key in these games, missing any chance that came his way. The second half Mackenie began to create the better chances, before a failed offside trap from me lead to him slotting home to make it 2-1, before equalising after some calamity defending from John Terry, who took a swing and a miss at a clearance which led to a square ball for the Juve player, only for the shot to nutmeg Ashley Cole at his poor attempt at a block. There weren't any more clear chances in the match and it ended even.

The second game was a much tighter affair, again I took the lead towards the end of the first half with a Drogba header from close range. But yet again Mackenie fought back and after a scrappy second half where neither of us could create much, in the dying seconds of the match, a curling cross swung in from the left found the substitute Luca Toni to head home from close range and mean both games would end in a draw. Well played mate. Always find you to be one of my toughest opponents, I just can't seem to hold on to a lead against you! Like you said after the matches, that goal/point could be crucial, depending on how Timmo gets on against Tyler. Good luck in your Champions League final against Jamin.

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Cheers for the games Roca, no point in my giving a full match report, but heres a summary. First half of the first game i was outplayed, two crosses and i was also 2 down. Just before half time i beat the offside trap, and Iaquinta finished clamly, one of few chances for me so far. Felt better in the second half, and it was a decent move that saw Aquilani facing an open net. There a player stood infront of the goal, and the Juve striker managed to roll the ball right to Ashley Cole, who returned the favour by letting it go straight through his legs.

Second game was a lot tighter, and more even, with only one or two shots each at half time. One of those was a torres header from a little dinked cross. I failed all match to create anything, then, after what must of been 10 minutes of stoppage time, a Iaquinta inswinging cross found Toni who actually managed a decent header. Even after that dramatic equaliser, there was still time for Roca to wringle into our box, but we eventually took another point, which could prove to be crucial.

I would say i was deserving a point at most, but those two points takes me to the verge of safety. I have a feeling Timmo will need to beat Tyler twice to send me down, surely that me safe then :unsure:

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Baring 2 v 0 Mackenie

Mackenie 1 v 1 Baring

Played in the week. I remember Mackenie battering me for most of these games but his strikers just weren't on song. Gomes (Man of the season) Was making loads of saves and i managed to break the offside trap over the top for Defoe to finish in the first. Shortly after Bale scored a wonder volley from a cross for a harsh 2-0.

2nd game Macks passing with awesome and i couldnt get near him but again Gomes was making save after save and I managed to nick a goal. Mack got his deserved goal but it stayed at 1-1, again i felt lucky with a point.

Cheers for the games bud and good luck for your remaining games.

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Do just enough against Munich and Manchester

13.gifLittleJoe (1 - 1) JaminTastic 1.gif

Rooney 7

Walcott 55

Manchester United FC - Arsenal FC
2 Shots 5
2 On target 4
46% Possession 54%
00% Shot accuracy 80%
78% Pass accuracy 77%

1.gifJaminTastic (5 - 1) LittleJoe 13.gif

Bendtner 6, 72, 78

Bervatov 26

Arshavin 31, 45

Arsenal FC - Manchester United FC
10 Shots 2
8 On target 2
56% Possession 44%
80% Shot accuracy 100%
80% Pass accuracy 74%


43.gifLink (1 - 2) JaminTastic 1.gif

Gomez 4

Bendtner 32, 90

FC Bayern Munchen - Arsenal FC
4 Shots 8
4 On target 5
42% Possession 58%
00% Shot accuracy 62%
74% Pass accuracy 83%

1.gifJaminTastic (1 - 3) Link 43.gif

Robben 5

Fabregas 17

Muller 22

Gomez 38

Arsenal FC - FC Bayern Munchen
13 Shots 7
9 On target 4
54% Possession 46%
69% Shot accuracy 57%
88% Pass accuracy 78%

Running stats

Top goal scorers

Bendtner - 21

Walcott - 16

Arshavin - 9

Nasri - 5

Diaby - 3

Proper games reports later, but thanks to all for a cracking league season. Think FIFA 11 apathy cost us the usual hubbub of activity, but Arsenal have been a joy to play with and I can't think of a game which I didn't enjoy (yes Sean, even my double loss to you! :P). Cheers fellas and see you next term. :)

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Well played El Tastico, fully deserved. As those around you fell away you stayed the course. An impressive feat with the Gooners on this version. I know how hard it's been with Barca this time around. Surprised Link was so close, am I right that if he'd won the other against you he'd be champ? Crazy stuff, unlucky Link!

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Congratulations Jamin, by far the best player I've faced and I don't think anyone can deny that you're deserving.

I need to get psyched for my games with Tyler. Quite simply: 2 wins and I survive (something I've not managed all season), anything else and I'm down.

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Congrats Jamin, another two majors in the cabinet and maybe even a first treble for you to come.

I'll be totally honest i didn't think you would keep up the pace with Arsenal this season but what a feat you've achieved with the Gunners.

p.s. maybe you can beat me next season?

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Thanks chaps, kind words. Started off poorly, got some steam going mid-season and did just enough to pull through at the end despite some wobbly performances.

Y'know I think you were right tyler in that Link had to win both of our games today to take the title himself.. I knew I needed to get points myself so just tried to play normally and go for two wins. A sterling effort with Bayern, definitely be up there as a contender for next season. I think it's safe to say that the Prem is the highest standard it's ever been, there've been no easy fixtures.

It'll be interesting to see how everyone gets on with FIFA 12. There are always winners and losers with the new game.

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