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Challenge Anneka Week Six - Roll titles...

68.gifmackenie v Link 43.gif

Mackenie's been quiet of late. No matches since my last visit, so a similar precarious league position. Link has slain some demons this week with good points against a tough Villa team. It's difficult to read how his season may play out but at the moment he can still have his sights aimed relatively high. Bayern v Juventus should be a physical match up and I expect two close games.



Anneka's Verdict

Del Piero Boy - 3 points each


59.gifTimmo v humdrum 67.gif

Mattie's season is hard to assess so far. So I won't bother. Timmo! A whole paragraph dedicated to you then. Well, Timmo is tall, wears nice shirts and is often referred to as a prick. Even though, that's his word. He invented it. The irony. In the league, Timmo comes off the back of some impressive performances against Madrid and will be ordering a stuffed crust pizza here. Stuffed with points! Good one. The thing is, he can't even afford the internet, so these games will have to wait. Bye then.



Maybe if you guys had played more this would be interesting.

Anneka's Verdict

Thanks for the games, mate. - 3 points each


102.giftyler v JaminTastic 1.gif

Flip a coin. Have you done it? That's which Barcelona will turn up to this match. Well, why did you flip a commemorative coin? Get a proper one. Anything will do, just make sure it's British currency. Heads or tails? Taz, from the Looney Tunes cartoons? That's a Pog you idiot. Moving on to Arsenal, manager JaminFapstick has kept a low profile recently with no matches played. He's just loitered in the dressing room with a general pleasantness that is quite frankly, offensive. This game could go either way. Or, it could even go neither way.



Jamin has held tyler at arms reach in the past, occasionally allowing him a token kick to the balls.

Anneka's Verdict

In a Jam - 4 points Barca


2.gifSean_L_99 v pompey88 107.gif

Sean kept everyone entertained this week with a textbook outburst. The question now is, has he really thrown the towel in? Pompey recovered well from disappointing results in Milan to take maximum points from an in form Barcelona and will be aiming to keep the wins rolling in. If Sean can muster some form, who knows what could happen but Villa have a tough second half to the season.



Will Sean's good record go up in smoke this week?

Anneka's Verdict

Yeah. Emphatic wins for Real. - 6 points Madrid


19.gifbaring v LittleJoe 13.gif

Top v Bottom but it's The Artist Formally Known As The New Baring But Currently Looking To Rebrand™ who is at the right end of the table. Plain old boring Baring is just about creaking into gear after 4 points against Roca this week. Such is the pressure of winning at the top, Joe will likely need 6 points here to stay in the mix, whilst Baring will be looking to claw himself into the top half.



In recent seasons Joe's once stellar record against Baring has taken a hit.

Anneka's Verdict

Go find some more points, sad cunt. - 4 points Spurs



Anneka x

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68.gifmackenie (1 - 3) Link 43.gif


##' A Robben

##' D van Buyten

##' M Gomez


+ Luca Toni is injured after 7m.

+ Robben gives Bayern the lead on 31m.

+ Gomez makes it 2 after 57m.

+ Van Buyten heads the Germans into a comfortable position on 64m.

+ But Iaquinta hits back 3 minutes later.

+ Kitchen sink thrown but Bayern hold on.

Juventus FC - FC Bayern Munchen
9 Shots 7
7 On target 5
53% Possession 47%
77% Shot accuracy 71%
81% Pass accuracy 80%

43.gifLink (2 - 2) mackenie 68.gif


##' M Gomez

##' M Gomez


+ Luca Toni is injured after 15m.

+ Juve take the lead with a penalty on 31m. Converted by Aquilani.

+ Gomez levels the scores on 38m.

+ Aquilani again for Juve on 56m rocks Bayern.

+ Gomez is ready to hit back again though as the Italians lead for just 5m.

FC Bayern Munchen - Juventus FC
8 Shots 11
7 On target 11
47% Possession 53%
87% Shot accuracy 100%
77% Pass accuracy 81%

Running stats

Top goal scorers

M Gomez - 13

A Robben - 4

B Schweinsteiger - 2

T Muller - 2

D van Buyten - 1

CFTG Mackenie, thanks for playing earlier in the week. Details are brief as I forgot most of what happened :P I am away from this afternoon until 9th of July so will play Joe a bit late. Good luck with all your games :)

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pompey has taken 6 points from Villa!

two contrasting games but the points all went to Madrid.

Real Madrid 4 - 0 Villa

Villa 4 - 5 Real Madrid

p.s - i'm with you mattie, pompey is a total wanker.. cheating as always exploiting my shitty goalkeeper. Some ridiculous goals i conceded but the thought of Championship football next season is lovely.

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Yeah it really isn't any fun playing fifa anymore really but i hold huge hopes for FIFA 12.. Maybe i'll do what i did with this FIFA and take it by storm and do the double in the first season before everyone gets 100% to grip with it but this time i'll just quit after winning ;)

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Real momentum


Real come back from 4-3 to score twice in the last 10 minutes

107.gif pompey88 ( 4 - 0 ) Sean 2.gif

2.gif Sean ( 4 - 5 ) pompey88 107.gif

I always find it tough against Sean and this was the first time in our previous meetings that I've taken all the points. That Anneka is the new Lawro.

First game saw both defences on top, I managed to get my nose in front before half time with my only two attacks. Villa could only muster two shots themselves in a strangely tight game for Sean and I. In the second half Villa went all out attack to try and get back in the game and this enabled Real to punish on the counter-attack. In the end it looked quite comfortable but Villa had plently of chances in the second half and were unlucky not to get on score sheet.

Second game was more like normal. No defence and a brilliant game! Sean took the lead from kick off but I managed to reply 5 minutes later from a corner. Then another corner, another goal. Ramos heading in to put Real in front. It didn't last long though as Villa came back into as were soon level from a Bent cross. Both teams were at it and either side could have won this one, Villa going 4-3 up when the keeper was in no mans land from a corner. In the final 10 minutes of the game though Friedel had a nightmare when Ronaldo was through, it bobbled to Higuain who made no mistake, and in the last few minutes a Benzema header sent the away fans home happy.

Cheers for the game Sean, the second was great and you were very unlucky to lose it. Pretty happy to get all the points from both you and tyler, I need to keep this run going...

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It clearly needs a shake up.

How about, teams can only be used once in each league, a'la BAP and each league maintains it's own record? Oh, and players can't use the same team twice either.

We could call it FIFdoku.

I'm not quite sure how that'll stop the gulf in quality that exists, but it'll give everyone something else to be distracted by.

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Rllmuk Football League Season 25: Smoggies vs The Rest of the World


Timmo as The Enforcer.

Score multipliers for proper goals. FIFA goals earn point deductions.

Arbitrary punishment system.

The Little Joe Creative Writing Award.

Mid-game powerups featuring:

  • Sean's Subertfuge: Sinking without a trace? Power-up and bring on a variety of modded players to turn the tide! Choices include The Zaltan, Adriano from PES6 and many, many more!
  • Pompey's Ping: Cry 'LAG!' midgame to activate a 0.5x score modifier for 20 minutes!
  • Talkative Tyler: Flood your opponent's mic with innocuous pleasantries to conceal your relentless competitive streak and gain the killer edge!
  • Humdrum's Hump: Attrition the morale of your opponent by insisting the game you're playing isn't any good.

12th place banned from the league... FOREVER.

'Dynamic' fixture list - mid-season promotions and relegations!

Premiership titled reimagined as 'The Luca Toni Trophy'.

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Punctured Bicycle on a Hillside Desolate


Wheels fall off for United after mid-season holiday.

68.gifmackenie (3 - 1) LittleJoe 13.gif

13.gifLittleJoe (1 - 1) mackenie 68.gif

19.gifbaring (5 - 2) LittleJoe 13.gif

13.gifLittleJoe (0 - 1) baring 19.gif

Oooof, Was feeling a bit guilty leaving Mackenie and Baring hanging around for these so leapt into both fixtures without much consideration for my match-fitness. As I said to both, I'd not picked up a controller for a week, let alone played Fifa, so I was more than a little rusty in both. My season's been wobbling over the past few games, but it's probably fair to say those title hopes have been firmly trashed thanks to my Glastonbury hangover.

I didn't threaten to win either game, though. Berbatov powered a header home early in the first game against Mackenie and that would be the only time I took the lead or appeared in control of any of games. At best I was jostling for control and having speculative drives from the edge of the box blocked; whilst I was unfortunate to an extent, particularly against Baring, I had very few gilt-edged chances that could have swung any of the results.

Cheers for the games, guys. Sorry to keep you waiting and good luck with the reason of your seasons!

1-0 Berbatov vs Mackenie

Running stats

Rooney x 9

Berbatov x4

Scholes x3

Nani x2



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The real Joe is back, I was getting worried there. I've missed you.

[*]Talkative Tyler: Flood your opponent's mic with innocuous pleasantries to conceal your relentless competitive streak and gain the killer edge!

I really must credit this to Milly, he taught me everything I know.

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Joe's performances are inversely proportional to how good his posts are at the time.

I'm starting to come round to the idea that the league should be Smoggys versus Rest of the World. A league table of just two.

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A 20 man prem! Reverse picking order with the spuds going first and the 'big dawgs' going last, premierleague teams only.

Have a transfer window at the beginning of the league and one in the middle for players to buy, sell and trade with each other. It would be the stuff online league dreams would be made of!

Ps. Joe I am dissapoint. You have let Baring step away from relegation troubles :(

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Iaquinta catalyst for only second win of the season.

13.gif LittleJoe 1 - 1 Mackenie 68.gif

This was Joe's first game back after his holiday, and i hadn't been on 1v1 much. Still this probably gave me an advantage, but the first team to strike in the match were United, Berbatov heading in pretty much unapposed. There wasn't that much action in the first half, but a break found Krasic free, who ran in the box and put in a deft chip for Iaquinta, one one. There was not too much action in the second half, Juventus guilty not creating enough chances from good situations, with the woodwork denying Scholes a cracker. I don't think either of us deserved the win.

68.gif Mackenie 3 - 1 LittleJoe 13.gif

60th minute equaliser in the second.

This one started in the same manner, with United taking an early lead. Again the first half action was limited, with Juventus looking average, until Iaqunita decided to get created in the 60th minute. Weaving away in the defence, and in the end making it look easy. At 1-1 i felt like i needed to push on, but Juves second came from Uniteds goal kick, it was kicked long, but a Juve player headed forward and found Iaquinta, for some reason the CB's were nowhere to be found, Juve leading for the first time in 160 minutes of football. The third was a good strike from Aquilani, finding space which wasn't there before, likely from United chasing the equaliser.

Good games Joe, always unsure which way our games will go, but your little break probably helped me.

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Player trades could work, no problem. We could even have a money-based transfer system. Say each manager starts with £10m, and is free to bid on players as they choose. Sell someone for £6m; maybe £16m + two players will be enough to prise Ronaldo away.

Can all be handled easily in squads, and could also add more depth to the team-picking process in choosing a team that you can mould to your liking.

They only problem I could see at first glance is everyone wanting the same players, therefore barely anything happening.

At the end of the season all squads get reset, easily done in the menu. (Assuming FIFA 12 won't make all this impossible)

Edit - Actually, why not involve all the leagues?

Imagine a For Sale thread where you put up players you don't want.

Robinho isn't getting into my team this year, I could advertise him for a lower-league side to maybe snap up.

It could be a lot of fun.

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I was thinking with the all premierleague line up, say Jamin has Arsenal, I have Sunderland, I need a big man uptop! Jamin isnt using Chamakh, a cheeky bid and he is mine! I'm not going to waste my time going for his leading man Bentdner...

But yeah I think you make a valid point in that with everyone having the top top teams in the prem there would be a lot less movement as those teams wouldnt be as easily improved by another teams bench warmers. Though there certainly be some movement, Barce need a target man, Villa need more pace at the back, Arsenal need a goalkeeper, Chelsea some tricky dribblers, Inter could use some wingers... and so on.

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Isn't this what you've done before as a separate enterprise?

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but as interesting as the concept is, you do realise there is pretty much zero chance this would ever happen due to (a) the admin needed, and (b) the involvement from all the managers needed?

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Yeah, I remember talk of managers not having the inclination to do it, but it's really not much work from their point of view. Completely optional bidding for player swapping (which they are free to completely ignore if they wish)* then a two-minute switch in game to get the new player in. (A new thread by Steely, myself, or whoever with a step-by-step guide for the very easy swap could be made.)

Admin I'm not sure what you mean, are you on about all the reporting business on the website? Or do you mean keeping track of funds etc? I could run this, it wouldn't be much work.

*I guess the problem here could be an unfair advantage to managers who really put the work in transfer-wise, but I can't see it being overly significant.

Edit - I could start a thread to guage interest and share ideas if manager's involvement is the main issue. (Pretty boring day!)

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Yeah the Fanstay football league was similar, though it involved making your team from scratch, picking every player.

I was just knocking the idea about as a concept though (I think it has been mention a couple of times before) if it ever was to become more than that I dont think the admin work would a whole lot more to be honest, Im sure there would be people who would put themselves forward to announce transfers and what not and keep track of finances. And a manager could easily rule himself out of doing transfers as you wouldnt be forced to make changes to your team but the option would be there.

Like I say though it was just an idea to spice it up abit and maybe add another level to what is a great online league. Having a player you bought notch a match winner past the guy who sold him would make a victory all the more sweeter!

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Oh, I agree that the concept is appealing. I'd personally love to do it (transfers are pretty much the best part of being a BAP manager, so if it's as interesting to do the same in 1v1 then it's good), but I'm just not sure that it scales up from 6 to 60 teams very well.

I'd suggest that if you guys are serious about doing it that you put some work in fleshing out the details of how it could function and why it'll work, then proposing it to the admin team.

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Baring survives the league :)

Massive 10 points confirms survival just about.

Baring 1 v 1 Humdrum

Humdrum 2 v 5 Baring

Baring 1 v 0 LittleJoe

LittleJoe 2 v 5 Baring

Can't remember much but Joe summed it up nicely. The first game against Mattie was a stoppage time equaliser and a massive boost for the other matches.

I was lucky against Joe as i felt he dominated in the final third but failed to finish.

Cheers for the games lads and lets look forward to 12 :)

I think ill try plenty of gun-ho formations for my final 8 games.

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Re: Timmo/Steely, why not draw up a provisional plan and we can have a bash at it the end of the season?

This season ends August 13th, and FIFA 12 isn't out until 30th September (at the earliest) - plenty of time inbetween to give your ideas a proper bash!

I think spicing things up should be constantly looked at. Hence why myself (and Timmo?) suggested a 'reverse-picking order' season to happen for the last season of each FIFA incarnation. I'm not necessarily saying that should be the answer either, but the forum is certainly a lot less busy than it used to be, whether that's due to FIFA 11-rage or just general apathy I'm not sure.

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My sentiments exactly ,league one is like the living dead can't get anyone to have a bit of banter maybe this would encourage more people to write in the forums ,and not attack you for trying to have a little fun ( yawn) saint.

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