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The Premiership - Official Dressing Room


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This thread is for use by members of The Premiership.

It is to be used as a 'home point' for discussion with your fellow league members.

Managers / Current Table / Fixtures / Results

Check the Steering Group thread for any changes to the league format or rules.

Your admin is Scratch


Important Information


* The full rules can be found HERE. You must abide by these, so read them!

* You are responsible for arranging to play your home match.

* All match arrangements should be made via fixture notes on the website.

* If a match has not been played during the initial fixture week, it should be arranged and a note added to the fixture via the website to ensure the admin staff are aware of your arrangements. If a match passes the fixture week without being played and does not have a note attached it will be deemed a foul offence.

* You are free to play games early. Results added to the site will be automatically revealed on the fixture date. You should not post anything that might indicate the results before the fixture date (this includes match reports, hints etc). The rules lay out the repercussions for doing this.

* You should enter your results on the website. If you have issues with the website contact SaintM.

* You must use the latest squads for all rllmuk league games. Ensure you have correctly applied (as detailed below) any official squad update. Points may be deducted if you use an outdated or custom squad file.

Instructions on how to update your squads:

Assuming auto-save is turned ON.

1. From the main menu select MY FIFA 11>EDIT TEAMS>SQUADS>DOWNLOAD UPDATES

2. Then go to TEAM MANAGEMENT, click through to view the first team of any squad. Now back out.

3. You should see the saving-icon on the left of the screen pop up.

The squads are now saved for offline play and unranked online play (ie. rllmuk league games)

Any modifications including LIVE SEASON are not permitted. You can turn live season off in the game settings.

* If you have a question regarding the rules, or any other aspect of the league please contact your admin.

Most important of all, the main aim of this league is to have fun so lets keep it friendly and everyone will enjoy it!

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Welcome back Baring and mattie who will be sure to provide even stiffer competition to survive this season.

Welcome Link who pushed Baring all the way and i've heard he will definitely be able to hold his own this season. Looking forward to getting underway with my new side who i'm sure will be able to surprise a team or two this campaign.

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We are Premier League, say we are Premier League!

Sorry :D Hello, it's nice to be here. I expect very tough fixtures every week and no doubt I'll be bending over from time to time. At the moment I'm finding it hard to put a team list in order. After the first half dozen I don't think there's much between loads of teams.

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At first I didn't like them, but then I was like;


Welcome back Baring and Mattie (Thanks for the friendlies the other day mate, big help!) a warm welcome to Link who I have a feeling will be very good. Good luck everyone, here's to another close season.

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Not really surprised with pompey's choice in Madrid. Especially after having Juventus last season.

Will be really tight again this season i'm sure. Tyler will surely want revenge with Barca after what happened in season 22 ;)

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Welcome Link who pushed Baring all the way and i've heard he will definitely be able to hold his own this season.

Hope so, I've played Baring, humdrum and Steely before but everyone else will be new.

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Welcome back to the familiar faces! And the new boy Link who looks set to make an impact given his performance last season. Looking at my fiture list last night this league may just be the toughest I have ever cast my eyes over. :ph34r:


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Yeah Steel, i've just had a quick glance over the fixtures and this is definately going to be the strongest set of 12 players i have been involved with. For the first time i'm a little nervous about falling towards the bottom this season ;)

Baring and Steely last games of the season. Interesting...

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Afternoon guys, its good to be back in the top flight but looking at the players invloved this year its looking like a long hard season ahead.

Good luck everyone!

Just seen i've got Jamin first game of the season, nice easy game to start with to ease me back into the prem then... :facepalm:.

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Heya chaps, welcome back to the bigtime for mattie and Baring, and a big heylo to new boy Link. :)

I'm upset at my agent being unable to sort out my contract to allow me a return to Inter Milan after an enjoyable season last time, research into where I may be heading this seasons begins properly today! :ph34r:

P.S. Would agree on this being the hardest Prem ever, the fixture list is ridiculous. :facepalm:

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Crazy fixture list, Link, Pomps and Jamin first 3 games will determine my season. Me and Sean will be battling it out for 5th place come the end.

Good league though, looks solid. I better get the match practice in :)

Any of you chaps on later from 6? i've got all night as the missus is out.

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Baring! i haven't played you on 11 for quite sometime. Would be nice for me to get my team playing against other players in the league.

EDIT: Andy Gray is close to agreeing a deal with the Premiership to take up his predictions once more for the top flight.

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Team picks:

Pompey - Real Madrid

Tyler - Barcelona

Joe - Man Utd

Steely - Man City

Jamin - Arsenal

humdrum - Inter

Timmo - AC Milan

Rocafella - Chelsea

Mackenie - Juventus

Link - Bayern

Baring - Spurs

Sean - Aston Villa

Some interesting picks. I think the main thing to pick out is the number of players switching from powerhouse to finesse or vice-versa;

Tyler - Man City to Barcelona

Steely - Arsenal to Man City

Jamin - Inter to Arsenal

Timmo - Chelsea to AC Milan

Mackenie - Man Utd to Juventus (Borderline I guess)

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Predictions time then? Yay. Here's something to aid you sort the champs from the chumps:

Premiership Experience

pompey 322 168 52.17%
Joe 210 88 41.90%
tyler 198 113 57.07%
Baring 185 138 74.59%
Steely 172 85 49.42%
mackenie 150 52 34.66%
humdrum 126 44 34.92
Sean 88 50 56.81%
Jamin 66 45 68.18%
Timmo 44 14 31.81%
Roca 22 11 50.00%
Link 0 0 N/a

The win percentage is Premiership only this time around (last season I just took overall). Five previous champions in the mix aswell.

1 107.gifpompey - Potentially by a distance. Goals, goals, goals.


2 102.giftyler - Unfinished business. Pass, pass, pass.

3 1.gifJamin - Gone for style over brute force. Can the leagues two 'ickle teams fight with Madrid?

4 12.gifSteely - It's his season. No really, it might just be. I'm serious. Fine. Just wait and see.

5 19.gifBaring - Got some great attacking players to toy with. One-two, one-two, one-two.

6 7.gifRoca - Showed what he can do with the right tools last season and he's got another stellar set.

7 59.gifTimmo - Milan will be ideal to show off his latest shirts. High cross, high cross, high cross.

8 67.gifhumdrum - The Tinkerman. Expect Mattie to tactically eek his way to safety.

9 2.gifSean - Similar to Sevilla, crazy fast attack. Defence, not so much. Easily enough to finish higher. If he can be bothered.


10 13.gifLittleJoe - ROOOONEY! He'll cry. It may be true that I predict United to go down every season. Little Chump.

11 68.gifmackenie - Great team in Juve but the league is tougher than ever. Header, header, chump.

12 43.gifLink - Similar to Sean's team, don't fancy Bayern's defence much. The princess is in another castle. That's Zelda right?

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7 59.gifTimmo - Milan will be ideal to show off his latest shirts. High cross, high cross, high cross.

I specifically picked them because I absolutely can't rely on crosses with them! Ibra is reasonable, other than that there's nothing. They're a lovely team though and the attack is great fun to use. My biggest complaint with Chelsea was their tank-like attack. Milan have Ibra, Cassano, Pato, Robinho and Pirlo all very quick on the ball.

My predictions later.

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1. tyler - Revenge to be had.

2. pompey88 - Ronaldo will run messi close.

3. Sean - Confident

4. Jamin - Skill will shine through

5. Baring - As above.

6. Steely - Wow.

7. Rocafella - Will be tougher this time around

8. mattie - Inter are too strong

9. Timmo - Milan will see him safe.

10. LittleJoe - Uh-oh

11. Mack - Could well be further up

12. Link - ONLY because i've played against the others. Will probably go on to smash the league unbeaten.

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1. Pompey88 - Real and the tactician will run away with it (or should).

2. Steely - Poor Steel to miss out but will be strong.

3. Tyler - Another flump with Barca beckons :P

4. Jamin - Jamin, probably the best player overall. Just not strong enough side defensively.

5. Rocafella - Will survive comfortably and be up there.

6. Baring - My lowest ever prediction, the Prem lads are gunna give me a shock. Not much practice against tough players.

7. Sean - Villa are awesome attacking, poor and slow at the back. Will survive easily though.

8. Link - Link was class last season, i hope he's prepared for these lads though.

9. Timmo - Borerline to go down shows how strong the line up is this season.

10. Mack - Same as Timmo, id have Mack as surviving but only 9 can.

11. LittleJoe - Chump to join Ricky next season.

12. Mattie - A good player but JohnyArgos should be here, it will be a tough league.

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