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***PSN & SOE Compromised - Problems with Welcome Back? Help & FAQ - Post #1***

The Sarge

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Do I really need to change my password for god knows how many other services I use the same one for? I hate things that take effort.

That pisses me off. We fucked up, so go sort out everything else please.

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Jesus, they're slack as fuck. Shouldn't all this info be encrypted or something? I can't remember if the card linked to my account is my old one that was stopped due to fraud or my new one.

I would have preferred to hear this direct from Sony (by email or whatever) rather than Sarge though, no offence.

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That's a point. All this user info should be encrypted up the wazzoo. How has it managed to be stolen so easily and on such a scale? I hope we get some detailed info about this as some point. Currently it's smelling like Sony made every security mistake in the book. Presumably because they thought the console itself was impregnable.

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Frankly at this point I doubt it can get much worse for them. Raped console, raped online service, massive loss of user data, possible massive loss of user CC info. As far as GEDDONS go it's a fucking doozy.

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So, I have changed all my Internet banking log in. That's the only thing I used the same password for.

Do I need to do anything else?

I also have the same gamertag and password for Xbox live. Do I need to pay moon points to change that too?

Apart from keeping an eye on your outgoings for the foreseeable, nope...that's about it.

As for Live, changing the password should be more than enough. No need to change your GT.


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