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The Valve Thread


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The number sequences on the background seem to be repeating - as far as I can make out there are (obviously) three different lines. Using the ones from the top and those from the bottom I get:


0285455647 (possibly 0285475647)


Although I'm not totally sure. Google brings up nothing interesting on those... Any further ideas?

If we factor in the skull motif, I'm going to say it's the projected death toll for the 25th when Half-Life 3 still hasn't been announced.

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You terrible bastards.

I still b3li3v3 but seriously, it will be fucking hats again or Dota or something won't it?

Or is it going to be Steambox with l4d3, Portal 3, Team Fortress 3 and Half Life 3? That's too many three's though

Which is obviously the only thing wrong with that train of thought.

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Hey, so there's an eclipse on November 3rd this year.

Some shit:

A Valve employee's twitter background ( https://twitter.com/gregcoomer ) reveals http://i.imgur.com/adetMMB.jpg once you play around with levels in photoshop. The image is revealed to be a graph of a particle's half-life http://arep.med.harvard.edu/rna_decay/curve_fit.html

It's happening dot gif

Aaaaaaaaaand the Valvearg IRC channel is rammed again :lol:

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One announcement. There will be a timer for each announcement, that's why the timer is under the first circle. I think.

Make really clear that the announcements are probably Steambox related, the first two will almost certainly be at any rate.

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Any better now? Let me know, I've got to go and get my sister in law from the hospital but can change it when I get back.

Someone come up with a better one :)

I'm so sorry everyone, that I lost faith along the way. Please forgive me.

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