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Feeling the same about the game - waiting for multiplayer. And maybe NPCs.

Although if I'm honest, I may have reached a point of just not giving that much of a fuck about it. It once seemed like a pretty relevant game but these days, I'm not so sure anymore. I hope I'm wrong because the concept still sounds fun.

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I really enjoyed this when it first came out, but trying to go back to play it now, so much has been added it kind of feels quite overwhelming. I also think it lost a bit of it's charm when they changed to the 3d player model.

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Zomboid was finally updated with fully functioning online multiplayer a few weeks ago and has enjoyed a bit of a surge in popularity on steam during the holidays. 



It's got a brand new 3D engine, animations, cars, a huge map expansion, new sound design and weather effects. I've yet to play online yet but have had great fun simply surviving solo. It's just all so very Robert Neville and for me is one of the few zombie games to capture the feel of Matheson's fantastic book 

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I bought this today. So far I’ve lasted a maximum of three in-game hours (about 5 real world minutes?). Essentially, as soon as I leave my starting location, I’ve got zombies on me and it becomes a chase until I eventually get overwhelmed. Can you even get away once you’re being chased? I find the controls very clunky at the moment so it’s tough. 

Any tips for a beginner? It seems punishingly difficult :lol:

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Put a building in between yourself and zombies. If they lose sight of you, they tend to lose interest. Try not to run as it creates noise and will invite local zombies to your position. Your average walk speed should be faster than their average walk speed so you can outpace them without running. Press C to creep round too, you can also 'run creep' if you need to move a bit faster. Good luck 

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I'm 77h in after like 3 weeks. Yikes. I think MP will be an utter blast. Just about managed to 'get it' and get a farm and generator up and running now and have survived 2 months on builder. My tips for newbies would be:


Use the mouse option for 'walk to' then speed up the time to get places 'fast' without using up cardiomana.

Only fight when you're well rested and fed, else powerwalk away.

Zombles use line of sight and amble to where they last seen you, then look around for you. They only 'look' for you at certain times within this (e.g. not when climbing? so i've noticed jumping fences a couple times in quick succession helps. Or getting out of sight behind a building and smashing a window, then running way - they all think you're in the building and swarm that instead of chasing you.

You can hit V in cars to bring up a context menu that lets you sleep in cars.

Get a car and use the horn (Q) to draw hordes away from your base.

Car keys can be on the ground around a car, or in the gloveboxes, or on the seats.

Shout to check if rooms / buildings are empty (Q) before opening doors.

Eating the same meals all the time gets you depressed.

You can 'forage' for sticks that let you make spears if you can't find a weapon I had to google how to use the search thing.

Only use guns as a last resort. Or to draw hordes away.


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