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Radiant Historia

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I'd imagine in both cases, just like (say) the Persona games on other consoles, it's Atlus that we can thank for the belated/lack of release in Europe, rather than Nintendo, what with them being a Japanese publisher with an American subsidiary but no European one who have historically been reliant on other publishers picking up the rights to their games for European distribution.

Much as I like to complain about Nintendo's policies myself, this isn't really on them.

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The three above where Nintendo produced in Japan so not quite the same situation with a third party licence/property.

In any case Nintendo does this a lot more now (publish 3rd party games localised) more out of necessity than incentive with Western 3rd parties drying up :P

I have this on my shelf, all this talk is pushing it up the to-play list :o

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Reviews for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology are out today as this game is released next Friday (16/02/18) -



Demo for this game is up on the 3DS eshop.

A free RH:PC theme is also available in the theme shop.


DLC will also be on the way -



February 13, 2018: Bathing in Mana $3.99 fan service event with an extra boss battle and characters showing up to swim.
February 13, 2018: Chibi Art Pack for $2.49 that makes character portraits look chibi.
February 13, 2018: Classic Art Pack for $2.49 that makes character portraits look like ones from the original Nintendo DS game.
February 13, 2018: Consumable Growth Ring for $1.99 to gain more EXP.
February 13, 2018: Consumable Mole Armlet for $1.99 to gain more money.
February 13, 2018: Deadly Near Death free difficulty level.
February 20, 2018: Rage of the Fallen $2.49 adventure where Stocke can rescue Aht and Marco in New Granorg.
February 20, 2018: Under the Moonlight $2.49 adventure where Stocke conducts a New Granorg investigation with Eruca and Rainey.
February 27, 2018: Hunting Corridor $2.49 dungeon with an item that boosts character parameters.
February 27, 2018: Meeting in the Chasm $2.49 adventure that focuses on Nemesia.
February 27, 2018: Settling the Score $2.49 adventure that has Stocke fighting seven bosses with Rosch and Gafka.


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My copy arrived from Amazon arrived today and like Etrian Odyssey V it comes with a nice little artbook which is better than nothing but not as good the US release which comes with a soundtrack CD and keychain was well. I've only played the start so far and I'd forgotten just how much I liked the art style and music of the game. I've started the game on Normal difficulty but if the battles start to bore in the late game like they did in the DS original I may switch to Friendy mode just so I can finally see the end of the story. 


If you see a copy it's definitely worth picking up, they seem to have printed barely any copies at all and it's out of stock everywhere already so like EOV physical copies for a reasonable price might be hard to come by in the future.

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This is £17.49 on the eShop until 25/07 which is cheaper than you'll ever find a physical copy for. I'm a few hours in playing the Perfect story mode on Friendly difficulty which really takes the tedium out of the repeated battles and  I played a lot of them in the DS release. Not a fan of the voice acting so I've turned it off but the game itself it still just as brilliant as I remember with one of the best soundtracks of any game on the system.

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I had been playing this intermittently on the DS and enjoyed a lot of what it was trying but battle fatigue definitely hit me six or seven hours in. I never even thought to turn the difficulty down so presuming it's in that version I'll try that later, ta!

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The Friendly mode is only in the 3DS version and means that when you walk around the map any enemy you encounter if you get the first strike it’s an automatic victory with all of the XP and money you’d get from beating them normally. It makes the game a lot nicer to play when you don’t have the patience to grind through battles anymore.


If you enjoyed it on the DS it’s worth the upgrade just for the improvements that make it a lot nicer to play.

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Well it took me half a year to test @ryodi's theory above but it turns out I agree! The 3DS version is down to about £8 for a day or two yet if anyone else is interested.


I'd put the original down after about 10 hours in the end and knew I'd be best off starting again after this time but couldn't quite face it. This shinier version has made that much more palatable - I've even kept the voiceovers on beyond the first hour which is unheard of.

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I've just played through this from start to finish over the past few days, I loved it. It's seems like a lot of RPGs released take inspiration from classic games, but never match them - I feel like Radiant Historia did though. It gave me the same feelings I had when playing Suikoden. All the characters were great, the music was really nice. The combat was fun, and most importantly for me, was quick and unbloated.


In summary: As said above, I really think this is the first JRPG I've played which is as good as the games that inspired it. 


Special mention goes to the sprite animation, it was lovely :wub:

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