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The Miniatures and Scale model appreciation thread


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1 hour ago, Butters said:

Great work @JoeK. I've got the Crimson Court to do, but not quite ready yet! Yours look brilliant.


Did you make the base on the one second from the left or does it come with that?

All included with the figures :)

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Welp, looks like I'm being pulled back into Warmachine. There's been a little renaissance with the release of the community made rules Brawl Machine that limited the points level and what models can to taken to avoid imbalance and jank. So pulled out some warjacks I part finished 5 years ago to get them done.




What hasn't changed is my photography skills continue to suck.

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I see Army Painter are bringing out their own Contrast competitor called speed paint.



That vid doesn't show it but watching some people who've got early hands on, the main thing over Contrast is that all the paints shown so far behave the same with in terms of opacity and application, so no more guessing or trial and error on if it'll be too opaque etc.


Going to see a lot more before I jump in to another paint line tho.

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Think I might be nearly done with this catboy as I’m getting a bit bored of millions of highlight layers. 
don’t know whether to try and push the pink a bit brighter but it’s already got some white in and don’t want to go too far. 



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