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The Miniatures and Scale model appreciation thread

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5 hours ago, Nicky said:

ha thanks guys. I've been working on this on stream since 13th November last year, every saturday night for 3 hours. add a bunch of extra 3-4 hour streams along the way so somewhere in the region of 170 hours of streams cut down the waffle and you're looking at around 150ish hours i'd say. Finished it a year and a day after starting it. i need to pick up the pace, or charge more.

Whatever you're charging I guarantee it won't be enough.

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Trying to improve my edge highlights on the millions of cloaks I have to paint.


Well, I say edge highlights - I seem to have “developed” a process whereby I build up the initial colour in very thin coats, then I’ve been doing a dry brush to actually locate the raised areas. I then try and “properly” edge highlight these (with the side or tip of a brush), after which I’ve been sort of reverse highlighting - adding a dark wash in the recess, around the highlights. I find this easier than painting the raised areas, and it has the bonus effect that if I go over the highlights at all, it simply tidies them up. I dunno, seems to be working for me, and I’m building confidence thanks to the wash. Good old Drakenhof Nightshade. 


I was pleased with the shoulder! :lol:


Boring colour scheme though. I need to mix it up a bit.

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Not sure I showed off the finished Judiciar figure I did a couple of weeks (maybe longer? Time ebbs and flows very strangely in these troubled times!).




And for those who like filthy video, here's the Blood Angels in the round...



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Hard act to follow, but this is unfinished so it doesn't count. But sometimes this hobby is super rewarding when something goes exactly to plan. 


In this case I wanted a Hexwraith Flame wash to show through a thinned top coat of Incubi Darkness, and I couldn't be happier with the result:




It's not finished at all, but the overall effect is very pleasing. I also liked using Skeleton Horde contrast paint on the bones, not that there is much skill involved.


As an aside, I don't really understand why a "hero" character like this comes with such a boring base, especially when the Dreadblade Harrows, 2 very similar characters, come with detailed, sculpted bases. Still, I'm thinking it might be a good opportunity for me to try doing some kitbashing, rather than just sticking some skulls and tufts on it...



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Fair enough! I can see myself getting quite into basing. I've only dabbled with skulls, rocks, and tufts, but it seems like a fairly stress-free way to start getting creative with a bit of kit bashing. 


I've been really enjoying this guy's videos lately. Very softly spoken, so kind of works on a slight ASMR level for me, and comes from the perspective of a beginner, but he gets pretty cool results which I find quite inspiring:



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13 hours ago, Davros sock drawer said:

Fair enough! I can see myself getting quite into basing. I've only dabbled with skulls, rocks, and tufts, but it seems like a fairly stress-free way to start getting creative with a bit of kit bashing. 



Basing can be ahobby in and of itself, definitely. For me though when I get to the base I'm usually completely over the mini and want to get table ready ASAP, so I do the easiest, most straight forward approach possible. I'm a big fan of resin bases for this reason, but appreciate the skill to make a truly great base.


I did start to make my own on these two warjacks, but they came when I was finishing up playing Warmachine, and they're still in the same state years later. The one ont he left was going to be an upraised section of paving, with paving stones modelled from plumber's putty on top of insulation foam with some thick straws sticking out for broken pipes, the one ont he right was plumber's putty paving stones and bits of old MDF sprues for bricks.



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I think that's where I have an "advantage" in that I'm not painting these to play the game (yet), so I don't have any urgency about finishing my models. I say advantage, but it does mean I also lack a bit of focus. I keep putting away all my models save for a small handful, thinking to 100% finish those, but then getting them all out again to try some new technique or other! The base represents the "final" step so I think I quite enjoy it, especially when you finally do that sweet, sweet, base rim.


I had a bit of a proposal actually. Due to over-zealous eBay bidding, I have quite a few doubles of miniatures from these Mortal Realms mags (I kept buying individual back issues, but then a good deal came up for a job lot). 


Some of them I want to keep for practice, but I'd like to try some different types of models. Would anyone be interested in Swapsies? Perhaps you have some  excess Space Marines or whatever, but no Nighthaunts, and fancy painting a corpse. 


Is that something folk might be interested in? It sure beats the hassle of eBay, and it would be a sort of way of getting into new stuff we might otherwise not bother with.


I'll list what I have in a bit.

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Here's what I have spare:


Sprue of 3 x Stormcast Sequitors  (minus one base, which I have hacked up for another base)


5 x Nighthaunt Chain rasps, built but not primed or painted


Sprue of 4 x Nighthaunt Myrmourn Banshees


Sprue of 3 x Stormcast Castigators and 1 x Gryph Hound


4 x Nighthaunt Glaivewraith Stalkers, built, unpainted


Two Sprues each of 3 x Stormcast Sequitors and 2 x Castigators


Sprue of 1 x Nighthaunt Tomb Banshee


5 x Nighthaunt Dreadscythe Harridans, primed white (I started them, but realised I don't need or want 10 of these!)


Sprue of 1 x Stormcast Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger


Sprue of 4 x Stormcast Liberators and 1 x Prosecutor


Sprue of 3 x Stormcast Stormsire's Cursebreakers


Shit, that's quite a lot of spare plastic! :lol:


I'm not looking for anything in particular, but I think some Space Marines might be nice. I'll consider anything though - if you have a similar pile of shame and you fancy a swap, let me know!



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Foundry have a sale on as well:



This Black Friday weekend (Friday - Sunday) we are offering a FREE randomly selected monk with every £50 spent on our site! Put 'Free monk' in the comments box at checkout.


This offer is for a singular monk figure. Maximum 6 monks per customer. Postage not included in offer.


Season’s Greetings. Our sale is here! At checkout use code XMAS10 for 10% off orders over £50, XMAS20 for 20% off orders over £125 and XMAS25 for 25% off orders over £250. Our sale includes metal miniatures, books & box sets of models such as our Suitable for SAGA warbands & Foundry Collectable sets.



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I use one all the time now. It's just nice and convenient! Must get another couple of those little side pallet things which magnetise on the side of it though - they're great, but the one I've got has been abused terribly (I use it as a well for glues and other things)!

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I've actually got two of those palettes. I got a second one to give me the option of more room for paint mixing without having to always make room for the bigger version.* They are really nice. I have no idea if they're any better than all the other types of wet palette, but they are good.


@JoeK a great alternative to those little well palettes is to saw the bottom off a plastic Coke bottle and use that. It gives you five wells in a convenient circular layout, and I find that they are just the right size. You can also binge on a load of pop, chop the bottoms off all the bottles, and you have a stackable set of well palettes.


*It was only after I bought the second one that I realised that you get a second sponge in the set, and can use the lid as a second palette. :facepalm: Oh well, you live and learn.

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