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The Miniatures and Scale model appreciation thread


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1 minute ago, The Bag said:


very cool.  What are the rocks(?) made of?


Little balls of putty which I then squashed :D . For some reason I've never done it before, but it's such an easy way to make a base, I'll be doing it again!

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33 minutes ago, JoeK said:

Looks cool. I suspect I'd go with a little less damage myself (the 'less is more' approach), but it's a good effect nonetheless!

Yeah, I got a bit carried away but, hey, this is just a fun little project I’m throwing together in a few hours rather than my usual tens.  I left him undamaged to the rear, I thought that was appropriate for one of the emperor’s finest.





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10 hours ago, The Bag said:

Doing a very battle damaged marine for my wee diorama.  I want him to look like he’s been there for a long time with now respite.  Trying to make it look like a mix of bare metal & primer.




Looks like he lost a battle with a bottle of Simple Green.  




Also, finally got something done, and trying something new.  I'm trying some fast painting with grey scaling. I primed some minins and drybrushed them white before trying thing washes over the top. It's giving a dirty look which is hiding many of the imperfections so I don't have to stop and correct as much. Should get these done in quick time for me.



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16 hours ago, Mikes said:

Just finished watching the interview with Mike about Twilight with my middle son and now he wants to jump in and also write and model his own game.




Cool, it turns out the guy who runs my local gaming club (Viv, who also runs Knights of Dice), is a keen player and set up the Twilight webstore and facebook fan group.


Well, this project just got a lot more certain. I just have to wait for the covid thing to settle down so my job's a little more secure and I can get ordering.

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49 minutes ago, The Bag said:

Lovely.  Resin?  Clear or did you tint it? 


Just PVA at the moment. It was all I had going (my bottle of water effects is bloody rubbish, and my better tub of slightly more solid water/resin had gone rather more solid than it should have done :p ) . Cut a hole in the base itself and bunged some plasticard at the bottom, painted that a dark green and then added the glue. Couple of layers and then painted some vague fish-looking things and then added another layer of PVA. Currently doing yet another layer because it shrinks like a bugger (as you can see from the photo). It's very simple to do, but christ it's a long old process.


I have just bought a big old bottle of UV resin, which should work much better for this stuff...although never having used it before, we'll see :D


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Finally took the time to finish off my Gnome Jeweller bust, or get it to a point I’m happy to stop anyway :lol:  He’s a great bust to paint, comes with clear & non-clear lenses & jewels.  I decided to trying the clear ones, thought I’d tint the jewel with some magenta ink, think I got more on my fingers.  Perhaps I should have gone with green, but it’s done now.







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1 hour ago, Danno said:

Good lord. Do you have a pic of it unpainted? I'd love to see the comparison. 

Grabbed one from the sculptor’s website, there are more pics there: https://smoksculptures.weebly.com/store/p1/GnomeJaweler.html




Looking at the photos I attached the jewel upside down :doh:, I couldn’t work out how it should go and took my best guess.  Didn’t even occur to me to look up other pics :lol:

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I'm in awe. I have some chalky Dark Angels that glare at me whenever I make a cup of tea, despite being on their third coat of green.


You could have stuck his thumb in his mouth, ignoring the gem and his upper arm, noone would care with that paint job. Bravo

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