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A thread for PS3 owners here 2011

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Hmmm - I'd lose all the rock band songs on the hdd plus the disc inside though :(

You can eject the disc easily - http://www.officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk/2013/09/19/how-to-recover-a-disc-from-a-brokenps3/and transfer the songs via sony, it's a pretty painful phone call as any to Sony support are but you will get the songs transfered after a week or so (not kidding) - i have done this twice due to ps3 deaths in the past!

Edit, mine were singstar songs - rockband you just re download as it is tied to your PSN not machine

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To be honest, I would just try and get a slim from somewhere. In my experience, the repair ain't worth it.

The only one I knew you could drop it off while you wait was PS pros in London but they've gone now [emoji20]

There used to be a couple places in Chinatown. I don't know if they are still there

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really enjoyed watching this again with the commentaries from DF





Maybe I missed it, but they don't seem to talk about the work MS did with its LIVE ecosystem - I am thinking mainly of achievements as I cant remember all of the details going from OG to 360 but I am pretty sure these developments also helped MS a lot in those days as they were non-existent on the Playstation. Not unlike the situation today, where Sony is lagging far behind on the software side of things.

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Anyone still use the PS3 version of iPlayer? A message popped up when I launched it today that it will no longer be available after 8th October.


Still, it lasted longer than the Xbox 360 version did - that stopped being supported in March 2019: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-02-07-bbc-iplayer-for-xbox-360-shutdown-date-detailed


Bah, looks like I'll have to get a current-gen console, or a Chromecast/Roku, or a YouView box, or a smart TV. Or I could just sit at my PC or squint at my phone. First world problems! :hmm:

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5 minutes ago, Super Craig said:

It looks like you can't buy anything off the PlayStation Store now, but the purchase button is invisible. If you press X as soon as you go into something then it'll add it to your download list (if it's free) or your cart if it needs paid for.

I'm not by my home PC but can you still do it via the website?

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I'm considering picking up a PS3 as a dev/blu-ray player (as I've gone PS5 Digital, and giving PS4 to eldest) - is this a good idea, and is slim the model to get?


Obviously I don't want it JUST to play movies (we very rarely play a film from physical media) but an opportunity to tap in to all the arcade racing games that never made it to PS4, and all those Sega games I spent hours playing at the arcades. 


I had a launch Japanese PS3 for quite a long time, but never really used it - I was very much into PC gaming / WoW at the time, then moved to Xbox 360. 

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