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Bargain buys for everyone.


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I'm posting on my iPod so apologies for lack of links etc.

A nice little game called Portobello Market with similarities to Ticket to Ride and Thurn & Taxis is available on Amazon for £4.99 including postage. It's got nice pieces and plays 2-4 people. Go check out the comments on BGG.

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Don't put people off Mr Burning.:)

As far as I'm aware all Queen games for europe come with instructions in english, italian, french etc. This has been my experience with all their games. The pieces have no text on them. The Amazon picture clearly shows a box with different country flags on them including the UK.

I think you could order with confidence and complain to Amazon in the unlikely event that it is in german.:)

edit:it appears some of the text on the box may be german but english rules are in there.

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Edit: Just to be upfront about this the website you are about to be sent to is not good. I'm guessing it's a home-coded job by someone who thinks they know what they're doing. However, I've ordered from their March Sale the last two years and scored some real bargains. Once you get things ordered their delivery is quick and the postal charges were ok. Anyway on with the bargains......

This is a big one. The Heron March Sale is on. The website tends to get games added through the month of March so it's worth checking back but there are already some good offers on there.

Heron Sale

Game of Thrones LCG Starter set £20

Chapter packs are mainly £5

Call of Cthulhu LCG Starter Set £20

Chapter packs are from £5

Catan card game £10

They also have the updated version of the card game

Rivals for Catan £12.50

Duel in the Dark £20

Fzzzt! £5

Gosu £17.50! I know I go on about this game but it's great - Get it!

Incan Gold £15 (also known as Diamante)

Inka £5 - nice little game from Queen

Mr Jack in New York £22.50

Pandemic £17.50

Ramparts £10

Quarto £5 - this is a great, classic 2 player game. Honest.

Ascension £20 - another fantasy deck building game.

Roll through the Ages £15

Tales of the Arabian Nights £30 - The classic story telling game. It's a pick your own adventure in a boardgame.

Thunderstone: Wrath of the Elements £20

Doomgate Legion £20

Villa Paletti £17.50 My favourite dexterity game

Have a look through. There may be other stuff you want.:) I'm sticking to small stuff myself this time.

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It's a rubbish system and it put me off the first time but the postage is calculated on weight and wasn't too bad. I ended up placing two orders the last two years. This year I'm being very restrained.:)

I'm just glad that the site isn't up to date or I'd be ordering far too much. This request thing is like a cooling off period.

oh and one year I got free shipping. :)

Which meant I'd spent over £100. :(

but then I got a free gift which was On the Underground. So I was :) again.

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I've "requested" the Cutthroat Caverns expansion Tombs and Tomes, a Dungeoneer set, two factions for War of Edadh and Le Boooom which went in the basket bcause it was a quid.

Motivator's basket looks good. Ascension gets great reviews and I love Gosu which is a brilliant card game of hand management and combos. Fzzzt is a nice little game combining auctions and deck building in one small deck. First time I played it was completely underwhelming but on your second go it all begins to make sense and it comes into it's own as a great filler. It's a bit like Mamma Mia in that respect:)

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I added a bunch of stuff to my basket then held back coz of this P&P thing.

I can sort of see why he can't give a price on the site, but it's still a sticking point for me

It's really just his old website that is the problem. The postage charges are very reasonable especially if ordering a bunch of stuff. When he sends you back the quote you're not committed anyway and can just let him know if you don't want it.

Oh. the P+P makes it a grand total of....£85:00. That's £7.50 for A Touch Of Evil, Ascension, the new Tannhauser rule book and Ticket To Ride. It'd be rude not to :D

Excellent. And last night you were getting all grumpy.:)

Dammit. Got my email back and Ascension has gone.

Um, I think I know who got your copy of Ascension. Gosu will make up for it. It's ace.:)

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I ordered

Cutthroat Caverns: Tombs & Tomes - £15.00

Dungeoneer: Realm of the Ice Witch - £5.00

Le Boomb! - £1.00

War for Edadh: Angueth Expansion Deck - £2.00

War for Edadh: Huaos-Dzaa Expansion Deck - £2.00

and the postage came to £5 which seems very reasonable to me.:)

And I only went to look at their sale to find bargains for you lot. I wasn't going to buy anything this year....at least that's what I told myself. :rolleyes:

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I'm sure he just goes from the Paypal details. Pretty sure anyway. I only ever order from them in March each year. I didn't bother emailing back but just paypaled him with order details, so he knew who I was, and delivery address in the instructions.

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