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You odd looking freek!


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So we all met up then and...

Simms: Top top bloke. exactly how i thought he would be. Dude' we'll have to go for a drink somtime.

Hitcher: Alot thiner that i thought and jesus man, where was your wellys?

Uxy: Not the fat jolly man everyone expected. Great bloke but forgot that he wasn't on live and slagged me to peaces :)

Outspaced: You are the man! We'll go for that drink soon... as it's hardly a treck

Keraig: Dude, you need help

Capp: Top geezer, sorry i didn't have as many games with you as i'd hoped.

Heavy Metal UK: Where you there? I saw your name on halo but didn't meet you.

Did i miss anyone out.

You'll all top!

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As mentioned many times before it was great to put faces to the voices and you guys are all tops as I expected.

I was going to go on LIVE when I got home I went to speak to my girlfriend and no sound came out of my mouth. I knackered out my voice box from all the shouting I was doing at the meet but I was tired anyway so I went to bed.

Elmo you slag its was your fault we lost that Topspin doubles match against bisuitpower and kerraig. What was with you and that net ? I wish you hit the net that much when I played against you online.

Outspaced you nutter, you where trying to dong everyone. :)

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Im starting to have problems. I have a list of names that I play against, I have a list of voices that I recognise that I play against, and now I have a list of faces I recognise. The only problem is matching all three up. It was going fine at the meet, but now time has passed and I keep forgetting who is who :)

Great meeting all you guys tho. That late night game on PGR2 Elmo, lacked energy for some reason...possibly too much drink and travelling back took it out of us ;)

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The meet was hilarious and what a top bunch of blokes! I'm still chuckling away to myself about maracas (piss off Capp with your lousy 1% !!), absent forumites' mugshots on the urinals and the Dong marathons. Elmo I can remember a woman on the tube looking at us like the bunch of pissed-up, gameboy-donging freaks we were! Hats off to Podger though, I think he truly should be crowned 'King Dong'.

I did turn my xbox on after I got in but the challenge of coordinating my eyes with anything remotely approaching my hands was apparently an insurmountable task. Oh well.....

See you all in Live! and at the next freak meet :unsure:

ps i may have lost a xbox mem card, halo profile within called 'Jez' but it may turn up in my room

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Ah but that 1% makes it all the more satisfying...I hope you suffer never ending torment that you were so close yet so far ;) I am concerned though that this morning when I woke up my forearms were aching. I cant decide if it is the Samba sessions or the dong play which has caused it :unsure:

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Joj you the man. Grinning inanely ALL day. Especially during top spin. And when i grow up I want hair like yours.

Heavy Metal was the guy wearing shorts and with a stupid faux samurai haircut.

*feels forgotten*

joj... you are too cool to be mentioned here...

I love you guys...


... Oh for fucks sake, where's the damn crying smiley?

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