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Cooking Rib Eye Steak


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I'd suggest medium rare to medium for rib-eye. That fat isn't going to render otherwise.


Most chefs will recommend what Craster says because in order to get the flavour out of the fat, you need to render it.

I cooked a ribeye in the summer to my usual sirloin/rump cooking times and I must say I was surprised how tough some of the fat was.

The best method for this is to get the pan very hot as you would any steak, sear it, and then turn the heat to low-medium, just enough to keep the fat bubbling. Cook the steak for approx 5-7 mins on this heat or until the fat is nicely rendered. You should be left with a medium-rare / medium steak in the middle depending on the thickness. Be careful doing this if you're cooking on a cooker that doesn't adjust the heat quickly (most electric hobs etc).

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