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GTA:V Single-Player Thread - next-gen versions out now!


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Disgrace is a better word.



Single player DLC of similar size to GTAIV's liberty city stories episodes in the works according to Rockstar dev to French journalist.




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Can you guys help me?

I didn't like GTA3 or GTA chinatown wars they just didn't hold my interest and I've not tried a GTA game since.

I really liked Saints Row 3 and I thought Watch dogs was decent.

Would I like GTA 5? Is the gameplay significantly advanced from GTA3?

I'm impressed about all the 100+ hours played posts this game has. Is it really that rich and deep? Advice please.

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That's the one which seems to have expired. I tried to place an order and it said "this code had a limited number of uses and has now expired".

There's a post in the bargains section of the forum for a code for £10 off a £40 spend at Rakuten (play.com) if that's any good?

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